Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 67


So, I lost track of the days lol Oops >w<‘ My brain must have gotten an error from all the sneezes I’ve had this past week! Insert more absurd reasoning here. Anyway, I shan’t keep you. Enjoy the chapter, if you can find it! Read carefully but don’t think about it too much, it’s really simple.

What to do for the bot test. It doesn’t work anymore, so here’s a link to the chapter. This is also a link but it might be wrong. And this link is wrong for sure. One actually has a few funny non-cannon lines but it’s a headache to search for those two/three lines, so I recommend you don’t find it. 🙂

If you happen upon a chapter written in very bad order, then you are in the bot bait chapter. Please read my post properly or look at TOC so you will be lead to the REAL chapter.

Old bot distraction links will eventually disappear, not that they were ever interesting.. unless of course you like headache inducing chapters, then I’m sorry xD lol So, if you’re reading this far from when I had initially posted and see a lot of dead links, please just don’t mind them and just keep following the instructions. (r^^’) I don’t think I’ll come back to these to fix the links.

1 thought on “Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 67”

  1. Ouch, bot problem getting too big. Frankly there are no sure ways of dealing with bots, at least I don’t know any. I can only recommend that you find some fun in this, since bots are great to mess with(at least, they don’t get angry, try to find where you live, then come for revenge, I think, or I hope).


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