Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Evening at the Royal Capital

Entering the royal capital, Papeck-san’s group arranged for us to stay with them at a high-class inn close to the noble district. Margrave Volton, of course, has his own mansion in the royal capital, so he separated from us in front of the inn.

They said my meeting with the King will be in 5 days. The schedule had some leeway in case our travel to the royal capital was delayed. It was explained to me that the meeting wasn’t an audience, but rather that the King wanted to meet me privately. I think an audience would be more mentally straining than a meeting, but it will be mentally straining either way.

「This is the『Lakeside Hotel』.」

At Papeck-san’s guidance, we entered the tall, dignified, quiet-looking building.
Kaede and Tsubaki were resting inside the Subspace and the carriage was stored in the Item Box.

「Please wait for a moment. I will proceed with the check-in.」

Papeck-san headed to the front desk, and we examined the furnishing of the building.

「Thank you for waiting. Takumi-sama, your room is at 305.」

Papeck-san gave me the key.

「Let us have a briefing session at dinner.」
「I understand. We will see you later then.」

We went up to the third floor, unlocked the door of room 305 with the key given and entered. It had a spacious living room, two bedrooms, a large bathroom, and a Toilet Cleaner DM. It’s a so-called suite.

「Takumi-sama! It’s a large bed!」

Maria who peeked into the main bedroom was in high spirits.

「This sofa is very comfortable too, right?」
「Yes, its comfort is similar to the sofa that Takumi-sama made.」
「The carpet is soft too!」

In her cheerful mood, Maria sat on the sofa vigorously.

「Starting tomorrow until the day we meet with the king, do you two have anything you want to do?」
「Hmm, let’s see. May we take a quick look at a slave company?」

An unexpected answer came from Sophia.

「For the time being, can I ask for your reason?」
「Yes, I serve as your guard, Takumi-sama. Maria manages your everyday necessities as well as a rear guard. If it is possible, I would like a worker who can help with your artisanal work.」
「I am in agreement as well. I am only able to help with sewing.」

Sure, there are plenty of times when I seclude myself in the confines of my workshop, but much of my artisanal type work is because of Norn-sama’s powers.

「Also, as an adventurer party, I think 3 people is too little. If it is possible, I would like 1 or 2 more people. Takumi-sama will surely aim to dive into dungeons to collect materials and magic items in the future, won’t he?」
「That’s right. For example, if you’re planning on mining ores like Orichalcum, the likelihood of finding it in dungeons is high.」
「However, if possible, a female slave please.」

Sophia agrees with Maria’s request.

「Let’s be careful when recruiting people. I doubt that there are that many people like you two here in the royal capital, Sophia, Maria.」

Certainly, the capital has a larger population than Volton, so it likely has plenty of slavery companies and slaves. But I believe it’s a mixture of the good and the bad. I can judge things like abilities, but I can’t say I have the ability to judge someone’s character just by looking. Meeting Sophia and Maria at the Moulin Slavery Company was amazing. I was just blessed with good fortune.

「I think it would be good to consult with Papeck-sama as well.」
「Yeah, let’s try during dinner.」

As Sophia said so, we spent the time relaxing until it was time for dinner.

「Now then Takumi-sama, since we will prepare silk cloth and thread immediately, I would like for you to make different sizes in addition to the ones for Madam Rose.」

We’re drinking tea leisurely after dinner and Papeck-san promptly talked about underwear.

「I think it would only be possible for ordinary silk to have one enchantment.」

Sophia and Maria’s underwear have the 『Automatic Size Adjustment』 『Automatic Temperature Regulation』 『Anti-fouling Resistance』 effects bestowed. I think the best I can do with silk as a material will be bestowing one effect, 『Automatic Size Adjustment』. I explained as such.

「Let’s see. About that, for our company’s production, we can only cope by making different sizes of underwear. If the underwear makes use of Bestowal magic like Takumi-sama’s, the unit price would rise sharply.」

In the discussion with Papeck-san, we’ll create 3 bust sizes, for large busted women, normal, and small, then the rest will be handled by the Papeck Company.

「Following, Margrave Volton’s carriage. I will prepare the Mithril ore, adamantite ore, Treant Wood so it will be ready by tomorrow. I will also arrange for a workshop.」
「I understand. As long as the I have materials, I don’t think it will take very long since it’s the second time I’ll make it.」

Papeck-san also wants a carriage like ours, but unlike Margrave Volton, he said he doesn’t have the courage to spend 200 white gold on a carriage without batting an eye. Is it so like or unlike Margrave Volton?? I think 200 gold coins is expensive if you provide your own materials.

「Also, this is a different topic, but I’m thinking of increasing the members of our party. If possible, I want someone who can be both an adventurer party member and an artisan who can help me with my work.」
「Let’s see. There certainly are several slavery companies in the royal capital, and I am acquainted with them. If it is done, then I also welcome Takumi’s helper and disciple. May I have some time [to search]?」
「Yes, thank you.」

Receiving a favorable reply from Papeck-san, I’m free to roam around the royal capital tomorrow, and I’ll manufacture the carriage the day after that, and then work on the underwear as well until my meeting with the King.

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  1. So Papeck-san found out quite fast about the undies, and now he also wants to sell those. I guess, there will also be some chapters about swimwear, and maybe some fan service by the beach. Well, let’s see who the next companion or companions will be.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

  2. Not a female here, but remembering that Takumi was able to enchant objects with storage space.
    I ended up wondering what someone would think of storage space to certain female hygiene products.
    From what little I know, you don’t need any absorbent materials and as far as i’m concerned it sounds great in theory.

    • The point of storage is to store, so, if they do make female hygienic products with storage enchantment, at some point it will still have to be cleaned out. Wouldn’t it be better if they just make a product with a timed purification enchantment? It would use an absorbent material, yes, but it will clean itself so it’s a multi-use item.

  3. One thing that’s been bugging me is Takumi’s status board, in particular his “Giant Killing” title. If it refers to the Goblin leader that he killed 1v1, then you should change the title to “Giant Slayer” instead. As is, it sounds like a merchant prodigy making a giant profit. Calling it Giant Killer, would make it sound as if Takumi was a giant, and a killer/criminal. Giant Slayer, is then the only appropriate title for what he did.

    • I did consider changing it but the kana says ジャイアントキリング and giant killing is an actual term, an upset where the underdog defeats a much stronger adversary. Though I do think that it sounds better to say giant killer or slayer or stuff like that, I don’t want to deviate much from original.


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