Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Stone Golem

We’re in a desolate place covered in rocks.

「So there really are stray golems.」
「It is said that they escape from dungeons.」
「So, to defeat them we must aim for the cores, right?」
「Yes, it is similar to the magic core of Living Armors. The destruction of the core equals the death of the golem. But when it’s a golem of that size, the supply of magic power from the magic stones it has can only keep powering the core, therefore if you take or destroy those magic stones , the golem will no longer be able to move.

We were hiding behind a rock, observing a stone golem over 3 meters tall.
As Sophia explained, there were 5 magic stones arranged in a cross-like formation on the Stone Golem’s chest. The core is supposed to be in the middle of those, but it wasn’t on the surface.

To find out whether we can tame a golem or not, we went to this location. At first we were planning on trying it on the Iron Golem in the dungeon, but everyone had commented that a Stone Golem might be more susceptible to influence.
For Sophia, this golem is a win. If we’re talking normal Stone Golems, it is powerful in strength but its movements are dull, however, the golem in our sights doesn’t worry about its size and looks to be quite agile.

「I estimate that the core of that Stone Golem is a vastly superior item. Supposing that Takumi is able to tame it, I’m certain it will be a great addition to our battle potential.」

According to Sophia, the class of that Golem is called Ancient Ruin Guardian class.
Upon closer look, the golem feels like it has intelligence, which, excluding myself who is clueless about normal golems, surprised Sophia and Maria.

The stone golem in front of us has an appearance similar to a marshmallow man with two long arms and basketball sized fists. If hit by those fists, it wouldn’t end with just an apology. I pondered on how I would go about taming it.

「But that golem, it was likely a genuine guardian protecting ruins somewhere. It has magic stones and patterns engraved in parts of its body.」
「I think that’s a possibility. There are ancient ruins whose State Preservation magic was broken and have since decayed, so it might be a guardian that has lost an ancient ruin to protect.」

When ruins decay, their guardians usually crumble as well, but once in a while, there are irregular beings such as this one that become stray monsters, or so said Sophia’s grandmother.

「Takumi-sama, I think you should destroy its limbs using magic first. After that, destroy its face.」

When Sophia said that, I looked at the Stone Golem’s head. I don’t know those eyes had sensors, but it had two eyes.

「Those eyes are likely dangerous.」
「You’re right, I have a feeling those are bad, somehow.」

I think that there’s no way that the guardian has only the physical attacks of Stone Golems. Maybe lasers?

「What’s the information from the Adventurers Guild?」
「Hans-dono explained that, previously, there was a subjugation request for it, however, it always ended in failure. Not long after, because there wasn’t any reports of damage in this area, the request was rescinded.」

True, this area is a land rarely visited even by adventurers.

『Beep boop beep beep beep』

Suddenly, we heard sounds coming from the Stone Golem and it started approaching us.


I hurriedly stopped the girls from attacking.

「It’s probably alright.」

Although I was feeling jittery over the 3 meter tall intimidating Stone Golem slowly approaching, I was, for some reason, convinced it was alright.

「…… Is taming it possible?」
「…… not yet. It’s faint but I have a feeling that a path connects.」

The super heavyweight Stone Golem stopped in front of me. And its ping pong-sized blue jewel-like eyes stared at me.

「(Ah, I think I understand something. This Stone Golem is probably a guardian that protected an ancient ruin that is related to Goddess Norn-sama. It’s responding to the divine protection I got from the Goddess.)」

For some reason, I was convinced of that. Thereupon a thick path of magic power connected the Stone Golem and myself, and I realized that this Stone Golem was tamed of its own accord.

「…………I tamed it.」

Sophia and the girls froze in front of the Stone Golem. They wouldn’t respond to me even when I tried talking to them, just white eyed with mouths agape.

Thus, I named this Stone Golem 『Titan』.
And then I checked Titan’s status.
However, it’s current status is that of a Stone Golem’s. I knew we were connected through taming, but Titan’s real form is its core. The properties of its body doesn’t necessarily have to be stone. Be it iron, mithril, or wood. it doesn’t matter. And so, its status values change according to the materials and size of its body.

Titan conveyed its will, desiring a body that’s average sized if it could.

And so Titan’s body crumbled, and from within the magic stones on its chest, it transformed into a 120 cm mini Titan.

「You’ll follow us in that size, right?」

Afterwards, the girls, who’ve returned to themselves, and I returned to Volton with Titan.
When we return home, I have to go to my workshop and analyze Titan’s core. If I can use it as a slight reference, then I think I’ll be able to upgrade the golems currently protecting our house.


Name: Titan ( Takumi Iruma’s Familiar )
Race: Guardian Golem
Age: 23,120
Level: 120
Condition: ???

Vitality: 800
Magic Power: 300
Strength: 650
Agility: 280
Stamina: 650
Dexterity: 150
Intelligence: 200

Unique Skills
Reformation Lv8
Light of Judgment Lv3

Passive Skills
Superhuman Strength Lv8
Physical Resistance Lv10
Magic Resistance Lv5

Active Skills
Taijutsu Lv7
Bludgeon Technique Lv6
Presence Detection Lv5
Magic Perception Lv5
Earth Attribute Magic Lv8

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  1. Quite an interesting golem. First of all, that age, ancient being indeed. Second, that light of judgement unique skill, feels like the purpose of it’s eyes, and the reformation should be the ability to change the body, accept new parts, and so forth. I wonder if it’s able to evolve, or just upgrade with newer parts. Still, more interesting bits for the story.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Well, that’s anticlimactic… I was hoping for a few battles before we come across the ultimate plot armour, but nope… Straight up walking into the place and immediately finding a 23 thousand year old golem with every basic passive/active skill being at least level 5 from the get go and two unique skills…

  3. That’s somewhat disappointing… I was looking forward to seeing a golem (even if it was a special one) get tamed and warm up to them, then evolve and grow with them.
    Well, thank you for the chapters. I’m glad you’re translating them and putting them here for us to read.

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