Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 80

First Party Conference

Returning from Margrave Volton’s estate, I called Sophia and the girls to the living room to discuss what we’ll be doing from now on.

「ーーso that’s how it is. I’ll be strengthening the defenses of this house as well, but I want to hear everyone’s opinions.」

I said that it would be dangerous staying with me.
Releasing them from their slavery contracts and leaving is one way to protect them.
It seems Margrave Volton and Barack-san will back me up, so I proposed this while keeping that in mind.

「I have been Takumi-sama’s guard from the beginning. If there is danger approaching, then it is all the more reason I can not leave your side. Furthermore, my heart and body already belong to Takumi-sama. In life and in death, I will be with you.」declared Sophia, in a very compelling tone.

「My future is being together with Takumi-sama as well. Even if I am freed, I have nowhere to go. I don’t want to leave.」said Maria, teary-eyed as she stared at me.

「It has only been several months since I was purchased by Takumi-sama, however my family is not starving because of Takumi-sama. In addition, I’ve only just started my studied. I want to create more and more new things with you, Takumi-sama.」

Laeva said she doesn’t want this to stop.

「Thank you, everyone. Then, let’s get stronger so we can get through anything that may happen. Let’s do everything that we can.」

Having confirmed everyone’s intentions, I decided to make preparations so I can respond to unexpected situations.

「(Haa, I’ve finally got my hands on a lot of cheese and milk, and yet I don’t have the time to challenge cooking with it.)」

「So then, what will we do, specifically?」
「Un, we are being trained together by Barack-san, but Knight Leader Dorn-san will take over our sword and spear training.」
「That is very much appreciated. Mock battles between ourselves is fine, but experiencing the Knights’ swordsmanship and spear handling will be very educational as well.」
「Maria and Laeva will receive training from the people in the Magic Division.」
「I will do my best at both magic and the spear!」
「I will continue to study alchemy for magic and staff arts.」

Maria and Laeva are brimming with determination.

「Our equipment, both the weapons and armor, are all good. There is probably no adventurer party with better equipment than us in this continent. Also, this is a precaution for the house, but I plan on improving the barrier magic device used in camp so that it would prevent unregistered individuals from trespassing.」

This time, it just so happened that Kaede noticed the intruders and eliminated them, but it might not be possible for Kaede to deal with it as simply as this time if a large number of people attacked.
If it was in a life or death situation, Kaede would likely be alright against a lot of people though.

「And I believe that our party, 『Wings of Norn』 should immediately search for an attacker or tank.」
「Sophia, you think so too? Barack-san and the others gave the same advice.」
「But for me, a man is no good.」
「Likewise, I wouldn’t know what to do if there were men aside from Takumi in this house.」

Does Maria and Laeva hate men? I’m currently surrounded by women, I was thinking it would be nice to have a guy friend as well if possible, but if the girls don’t like it then there’s nothing I can do about it.

「I, as well, do not want to live under the same roof with men other than Takumi-sama.」
「I got it. Then I’ll try my best to come up with something in that way.」

Sophia, Maria, and Laeva are all in agreement, so let’s focus searching for a female.
To search for a slave, or search for a solo adventurer. I even consulted with Barack-san about increasing our personnel to strengthen our war potential and repel the zealot units.

After the discussion, Maria seems to have gone to the workshop with Kaede to weave and sew. Apparently it’s to make battle clothing for Laeva.

「So then, Sophia, a slave really is our first choice, huh.」
「There are adventurers who work alone, however, they do not immediately want for strength of bonds.」
「Oh riiight. We can’t build a relationship of trust immediately?」
「Yes, we are Takumi-sama’s party members and mistresses, after all. I imagine others can’t immediately become familiar with us.」

I was at a loss when Sophia called herself a mistress.

「Sophia, wouldn’t it be better to release you and get married?」
「………… that makes me very happy, but I believe we shouldn’t while we are still in this situation. If we, 『Wings of Norn』, become well known in this continent, then no one can object.」

Is that Sophia’s only reason?

「Okay, I’ll do my best.」

If possible, rather than as an adventurer, I would like to establish my status as an artisan though.


Name: Laeva
Race: Foxkin Tribe
Age: 24 years old
Job: Mage Lv32, Priest Lv16
( Warrior Lv18, Alchemist Lv12 )
Level: 33
Condition: Healthy ( Slavery: Takumi )

Vitality: 225
Magic Power: 255
Strength: 125
Agility: 145
Stamina: 145
Dexterity: 125
Intelligence: 210

Unique Skills

Passive Skills

Active Skills
Staff Arts Lv5 ( Up )
Enemy Search Lv3 ( Up )
Presence Detection Lv3 ( Up )
Stealth Lv3 ( Up)

Magic Perception Lv4 ( Up )
Magic Power Manipulation Lv3 ( Up )
Light Attribute Magic Lv3 ( Up )
Dark Attribute Magic Lv3 ( Up )
Fire Attribute Magic Lv4 ( Up )
Alchemy Lv3 ( Up )
Sewing Lv3
Cooking Lv3

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  1. I really need to reread this.

    Like I’m caught up. BUT i can’t remember WHY he’s alone and the others were summoned 3 years later. Plus I’m a little vague on why the other girls were slaves.

    • Then you really do need to re-read it if you don’t remember that the goddess made it as such by putting him 3 years before those guys and the first two being slaves because of “I have my secrets and I don’t want someone to go away and spread it” with the third one being the same of “I would like to keep my production methods a secret” and now the fourth one being “A slave would be bound and trust could build up, while an adventurer tank/vanguard could possibly leave before we get along (since they’d be a fourth wheel in a harem situation?)”

  2. So, the next harem member is on the way. I still wonder about Tsubaki and Kaede, and when will they evolve. This is getting good, now there is a more clear danger, and reason for upgrades.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. So.. MC wants to establish himself as an artisan, but insists on keeping his identity and role in the creation of all these amazing things hidden. You can’t get a reputation if nobody knows your name because you hide it….


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