Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 66

Chapter 66: To the Royal Capital

Due to Countess Rockford running amok, the dinner party concluded.

Haa, Madam Rose was …amazing, wasn’t she.」

We took a break in the room provided to us.

「Although, I think it can’t be helped because it makes sense.」

Saying so, Sophia surmised that there was a reason Madam Rose went on a frenzy over the underwear.

The greatest task of those marrying into noble households is to bear successors. The Rockford household is fortunate that it has an heir, but one son is too few for the nobility in this world. Apparently, even 4-5 is not a lot for an Earl household.
And women’s underwear in this world are terrible. Then she noticed Sophia and Maria’s bust lines. Seeing those underwear, she might have had this thought. “If I had that underwear, our marital relations would be harmonious”, so it might have been inevitable that Madam Rose became assertive.
Moreover, it might be unusual for an Earl, but Lord Rockford said he currently has only one wife. Apparently, there was a second wife, but she passed on early due to an illness, so Madam Rose is the only one.

「Well, certainly, the underwear I made for Sophia and Maria is the embodiment of my desires. It might be Lord Rockford’s hustle too.」

Sophia and Maria’s faces turned bright red.
In our residence in Volton, Sophia and Maria alternate each night at sharing my bed, but we sleep together while we’re traveling. I might turn into a monkey sooner or later.
There’s no doubt that the underwear I made for them added flair to nights.

「If that’s the case, you will want help, yes?」
「Yes, Rose-sama in particular likes sexy underwear. Examining our underwear, we got detailed requests such as which designs she liked, wanting plentiful laces on the fabric, and which colors are good.」

It’s becoming apparent that Madam Rose is desperate.
Between men’s trunks and sexy underwear, men would choose the latter. It’s a bit reassuring to know it’s the same even in this world.
The next morning, Earl Rockford’s family and maids saw us off at our departure to the royal capital.

Needless to say, Madam Rose and the maids emphasized to please do it as soon as possible at that time.

「Takumi-sama, what did Rose-sama and the maids ask of you?!」
「Well, it isn’t much.」
「There is no way that is the case! The eyes of Rose-sama and the maids were sparkling unnaturally.」
Haa, oh well.」

While we were camping, Papeck-san persistently “What did Madam Rose want?”, but, as expected, I’m reluctant to show Sophia and Maria’s underwear to Papeck-san, a man, so I promised to show him a set once I’ve made the ones for Madam Rose and the maids.

Papeck-san said that, in the future, Papeck Company plans to start up a sewing factory and market silken underwear aimed at nobility. My royalties will be paid once their profits increase, but my assets are already vast. Any more than this, would I still be able to use all of it up?
Well, Papeck Company profiting benefits the town of Volton, so I just thought “Well, i guess it’s fine”.

Looking down from the top of a small hill, the royal capital, Valkyratos, came into view.

The royal capital, Valkyratos, had a wondrous view

「………… amazing.」
「……Yes, what a beautiful city.」
「Wonderful. The castle is floating in water.」

Sophia, Maria, and I exclaimed in admiration of the wonderous appearance of Valkyratos.

The royal capital, as Maria had said, looked like it’s floating on water.
The city of Valkyratos has a lake in its center, and a white walled castle towered in the heart of that lake.
The area around the lake is encircled by forests, and outside of that are the noble district, commercial district, residential district, and the industrial district positioned in a circular form. And ramparts stretch the outermost circumference of the royal capital.

Outside of those ramparts spanned vast fields of wheat. It was clear that monsters in the outskirts of the royal capital are being exterminated.

「It’s amazing. There are no fences around the fields to defend against monsters.」
「No, look closely, Maria. There are low wooden fences. Perhaps it’s a fence that defend against monsters to the degree of horned rabbits.」

There are no monster-inhabited areas surrounding area of the royal capital. Conversely, it could be said that it’s because it is far from monster inhabited areas that the royal capital was built here.

「I heard that because that dangerous monsters were seldom, there are areas outside the walls of the royal capital that raise livestock.」
「That is unimaginable in Volton.」

In the early days of Valkyratos, the city was apparently also enclosed in impressive walls. Then, as the country developed, monsters were exterminated, the walls were removed as the city expanded and the current 3 meter tall ramparts were completed.

As we were going down the path to the royal capital, we saw that there were areas outside the walls where tents and worn out huts gathered.

「There are slums.」
「Yes. There are places that are quite similar to slums even in the town of Volton, but it was inside.」

Volton has a few poor areas you can almost call slums. For the royal capital whose population is incomparable to Volton’s, having these dark sections grow large might be an inevitable matter.

Our train of carriages was able to line up at the gate of the royal capital.
What the…… it seems this line is exclusively for nobles. Certainly, in a place a little farther from us, there is a line longer than than the one we are at.
As expected, it’s only the royal capital is would have many nobles coming in and out.

In the end, we were able to enter the royal capital in about an hour.

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  1. And I though that underwear for noble women was of poor quality, or maybe rash inducing, but to think that the lady was hungry for some action, and just wanted some weapons of mass excitation… I mean, something to encourage her husband to work more in making for the next generation. Anyway, there should be quite a large market for that kind of lingerie.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

    P.S. Wait a moment, why did the maids want too? The second wife is mentioned, but no concubine/mistress, so maybe…

    • simple, they want the bra that make their breasts look bigger
      not to mention the fabric is so good even one that doesn’t want their breasts to look bigger want it because it’s comfortable


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