Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Welcome?

In the room provided at the Rockford Mansion, the three of us removed our equipment and changed into casual wear.

Kon, kon.


「It is time for supper, I shall be your guide.」

A maid arrived to call us, and we were guided to the Rockford Mansion’s large dining room.

「Takumi-sama, I’m getting nervous.」

「Maria, me too.」

It’s the first time I’ll have the opportunity to eat at the same table as a noble. Even I’m nervous, but for Maria and Sophia, who are slaves, to sit at the same table as well, it shows that Lord Rockford[1] isn’t very noble-like.

There are few in this country, but apparently there are many in other countries that would complain if a slave ate at the same table as them. Valkyra Kingdom and Lomaria Kingdom have firmly established slave rights, but there are still a few that would do so.

「Sophia is really composed like always.」

「Yeah, as expected of a noble-born.」

「It is not like that. Even I become nerve-racked meeting high ranking nobles.」

As we were chatting discreetly, Lord Volton, Knight Leader Dorn, Xervus-san, and Papeck-san took their seats. Then Earl Rockford, Madam Rose, Rod-kun, and Emilia-chan followed soon after.

The extravagant dinner party started with a toast by Earl Rockford.

「You are Iruma-dono, who assisted in the great advancement in the Margrave Volton’s domain, are you not? I have heard many a story from Lord Godwin. I would very much like for you to have a base in my domain.」

「Hey hey, Leud-dono, stop the headhunting, will you?」

After the dinner, Lord Rockford brought up a topic with me while we were having after-meal tea.

「The Toilet Cleaner MD that the Papeck Company had marketed has begun expanding to even my domain.」

「Yes! It is a magnificent item!」

The moment Lord Rockford brought up the topic regarding the toilet, Madam Rose spoke enthusiastically.

「And that Purifier MD! Thanks to that, the stench in town has reduced! I found that stench to be highly unpleasant, and I often told my husband to do something to improve on it. So the one who resolved that was you!」

Madam Rose’s energy level is quite amazing.

Ever since I was in Bohd Village, I had been using purifying magic for myself, but I learned in Volton that the toilet and sewage situation in this world are bad. Every woman must have had to endured it.

「This time, your meeting with His Majesty, it is because His Majesty was very pleased with the Purifier MD that he wants to have a word with you, Iruma-dono, thusly summoning you to the royal capital.」

「Mhmm, I welcome it greatly. After all, the prosperity of Margrave Volton’s domain leads to the flourishing of Earl Rockford’s Domain as well.」

For the Papeck Company to sell their merchandise in the royal capital, they will always pass through the Rockford territory, spending money in its towns and villages. Conversely, the Rockford territory is located in the middle of the trading route of companies in the royal capital purchasing merchandise from the Papeck Company at the town of Volton, which stimulates Rockford’s economy without them lifting a finger.

「Yeah. This time as well, the Papeck Company is bringing a large quantity of Toilet Cleaner MD, but these will most likely be sold out immediately.」

On this occasion, the Papeck Company is heading to the royal capital with 2 carriages, and with a number of Magic Bags that they brought, they’ve succeeded in transporting a large amount of merchandise.

Originally, only a few Magic Bags, which are found in dungeons and ruins, appear on the market as extremely expensive items, but a number of these Magic Bags were made and supplied by me.

「Let us set aside this gentleman’s talk. Ladies, Sophia-san and Maria-san, was it not?」

「Madam, we are Takumi-sama’s slaves. Please address us without honorifics.」

It seems Madam Rose has something to talk about with Sophia and Maria.

「By no means do you ladies look like slaves. Those clothes, they are simple but were tailored with awfully lovely cloth. Yes, they look much better than my dress.」

The clothes Sophia and Maria are wearing were, of course, made from cloth woven from Kaede’s Spider Silk.

Today, Sophia is wearing a green one-piece dress, and Maria, a red one.

「Moreover, …… the form of your large bosoms are awfully beautiful, and I’m awfully curious about it. But is there a secret to it? If there is, I would by all means like for you to tell me.」

After the clothes, it seems the beautiful forms of Sophia and Maria’s large bosoms caught Madam Rose’s eye.

In this world, which is similar to the middle ages in Earth, there is no custom for women to wear corsets. Before this, corsets did not exist in this world.

Their underwear are trunks which are not at all different from what men wear, and their bosoms are held in place by sarashi-like items.

And so, I made brassieres and panties for Sophia and Maria…………… no, I made it for me. I believe it is only natural to make it for them, especially for the beautiful forms of their breasts.

「Madam, we are wearing underwear made by Takumi-sama, therefore I believe it is because of that.」

The moment Sophia answered so, it felt like Madam Rose’s eyes glinted.

「Could you explain that matter in more detail?」

Madam Rose stared at me right in the face.

Her gaze is really strong and scary.

「Even if you say in detail, since Sophia and Maria’s underwear were either too much or too little for them, I just thought I should I should make something appropriate.」

「Those underwear, would it not be possible to see them?」

I exchanged glances with Sophia and Maria.

Sophia and Maria nodded, so it resulted in them showing Madam Rose their spare underwear.

「Well then, we shall use a separate room. Sophia-san, Maria-san, let’s go!」

Madam Rose left with Sophia and Maria in tow.

「…………Iruma-dono, sorry.」

Lord Rockford lowered his head apologetically.

「…………No, that was something powerful.」

「You understand, huh.」

A short time afterwards, the door of the dining room suddenly burst open and slammed loudly.

「Iruma-dono! Those underwear! Those underwear, I too!」

Barging in from the opened door was Madam Rose.

She exclaimed loudly, drawing closer to me.

「Rose! What’s wrong!? You’re being discourteous!」

「Dear, be quiet!!」

「…………yes, dear.」

It seems it is the women of the Rockford house that hold the power.

「Iruma-dono, please propagate underwear such as that to the world. In fact, I’ll even invest in it!」

「Umm, I think a complete replica will be difficult, but if it’s something similar then it might be possible even if it isn’t done by me.」

「An identical one is impossible?」

「Yes, Sophia and Maria’s are made of Spider Silk, therefore it would be impossible in large quantities.」

「I-if that’s the case then just my portiーー」「Madam! That is unfair!」

When Madam Rose insisted that she at least wanted a share for herself, the maids in the Rockford household interjected.

Thereafter, the women in the Earl Rockford’s household gathered excitedly. Even the husband, Earl Rockford, could not stop Madam Rose and the maids.

「Iruma-dono, can’t you do something? I beg you! It’s as you see!」


An earl was lowering his head and pleading to the petit bourgeois me, there’s no way I could refuse.

In the end, only after promising that Madam Rose and the maids would be measured by Sophia and Maria, and promising to deliver it immediately after completion did Madam Rose and the maids become obedient.

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  1. It says Volton but I’m not sure that’s correct. I think it should be Rockford, since they’re the hosts.[↩]

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  1. “their seats.Then Earl” -> {their seats. Then Earl} ~ missing space after full stop

    Um, I should say that Takumi is winning over the noble ladies (and their maids) with… underwear… not even his intention. I wonder, but at the same time don’t really want an answer, if the normal underwear is giving them rashes, or hard to wash, else why would they want to replace them so badly. Anyway, the noble dude might have wanted to talk about some magic items, but was overwhelmed.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

  2. Using a sarashi-like bandeau to wrap around their chest kinda flattens the breasts.
    What caught the Madam’s attention were beautiful form of perky breasts (lift up or push up cleavage).
    Cheers, thank you for the chapter!!


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