Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Shall we prepare little by little?

Having decided to go to the royal capital, we’re making a list of the necessary items and will continue with our preparations.

「How about some new overcoats?」

I suggested brand new overcoats for everyone.

「I believe our previous overcoats are still fine though?」
「Yes, the previous overcoats look like that but its quality is still good.」

I have a reason for wanting new overcoats.

「The truth is, I got a hold of a Dark attribute magic stone from Papeck-san.」
「Dark attribute?」

I can’t use the Dark attribute, but I can draw magic circles for Dark attribute magic. I talked about how I can bestow some useful Dark attribute magic on the overcoats.

「I want to apply the 『Inhibit Perception』 enchantment on the overcoats.」
「Inhibit Perception?」
「”Inhibit perception”, is that to erase presence?」
「It’s a bit different. It’s where you’re in front of someone but it’s hard for them to notice you. There’s magic to conceal presence as well, but I’m still considering what I should do about that.」

As she is now, Sophia, a peerless beauty and rare elf, will catch everyone’s attention, and will probably leave a profound memory in those people. Inhibit Perception will prevent that.
Presence Concealment is a similar to the Stealth skill. By erasing presence itself, the being is completely imperceptible.

「Sophia, you have the Stealth skill, so I think it would be possible to supplement that by turning 『Presence Concealment[1]』 on and off as well.」
「It seems usable even in battle.」

As a bit of a battle junkie, Sophia immediately related it to fighting.

「Well, I believe it would be a way to give temporary peace of mind being safe from an enemy sensitive to presences. Also, this would prevent Sophia and Maria getting dragged into things.」

If I bring Sophia and Maria along, I’m sure we’ll be picked on.

「Kaede wants overcoat too~!」

Kaede raised both her arms and demanded so.

「You’re right Kaede, we always receive thread from Kaede, so we should have a matching one for Kaede too.」

Kaede jumped at me, clinging onto me with her 8 legs and 2 hands.
Certainly, Kaede is also has an assassin type battle style so it would be just perfect.

「Master~! Kaede will take out threads so lets go workshop!」
「I got it, I got it. Sophia and Maria, please buy a larger than normal quantity of foodstuff. And seasonings as well, if possible.」

「Hey hey master, strong fat thread riiight?」
「That’s right, it’s an overcoat so it needs to be durable.」

Kaede spun the threads directly into the loom as she produced them.
We’re already used to this operation, and there’s also the effects of the Sewing skill, so even weaving everyone’s portion of cloth didn’t take that much time to complete,

「Master, black overcoat?」
「I’ll use grey for the lining but the exterior will be black.」

The outer layer is a black cloth woven from thick durable thread, and the lining is made of soft cloth in consideration of the feel of wearing it. Furthermore, it was interwoven with thin thready mithril, increasing its magic resistance.

「Now then, what to do with the enchantments.『Inhibit Perception』 is already decided on, and I think two more will be alright.」

It has solely spider silk made by Kaede, a rare material that can be granted 3 effects with Bestowal magic. At the time she evolved from a Killer Spider and turned into an Arachne, the performance of Kaede’s threads have definitely increased compared to before. It might even be possible to grant 4 effects.
Bestowal magic isn’t the same for every enchantment.. The greater the effect, the larger capacity it would require. 『Inhibit Perception』, 『Enhanced Stealth』, 『Enhanced Physical Resistance』, and 『Automatic Temperature Regulation』, if it’s these 4, then it might be alright on the capacity.
So the result is, I completed it.

・Overcoat of Existence Concealment
An overcoat made from cloth woven from threads of an Arachne Unique Species and threadlike Mithril.
『Inhibit Perception』 『Enhanced Stealth』 『Enhanced Physical Resistance』 『Automatic Temperature Regulation』

Overcoats for 4 people, Kaede’s included, have been prepared. With this, even if the crowd of people notice Sophia and Maria, we probably won’t get caught up in any trouble.

Sophia and Maria gather attention even by simply standing because they are a beauty and pretty girl. And they’re also wearing mithril light armor so I think it’s only natural that I take measures.

「Sophia-san, let’s buy plenty of meat.」

Out shopping, Maria called Sophia to the front of a meatshop.

「Maria, we can’t have only meat. Well, there’s Black Buffalo meat here right now so I think it’s alright to take some home though.」

With the mass migration of Black Buffalo now over, the meat that adventurers hunted around Volton are now lining the fronts of meat shops for a limited time.

「Takumi-sama had mentioned that he wanted to eat Black Buffalo meat too.」
「Then there’s no helping it.」

Even though Sophia said that, she also wanted to eat Black Buffalo meat, so they planned to buy a large amount.

「Excuse me, please give me 100 kilos of various cuts of the Black Buffalo meat.」
「…………100 kilos you say, you sure are buying quite a lot, Oneechan.」

Although her face can’t be seen under the hood of the overcoat, Sophia’s eyes still charmed the meat shop’s proprietor who was shocked by her large order.

「We have a Magic Bag so it will be alright.」
「……No, that’s not what I meant but, well I have enough if you’re buying that much.」
「I see, then 200 kilos please!」

Maria inadvertently doubled the order.

「Oneechan, black buffalo is expensive. If 200 kilos, let’s see, these are good cuts so that’ll be 20 gold coins.」
「I understand. 20 gold coins it is.」

Sophia and Maria are buying 2 million Japanese Yen’s worth of beef without batting an eye.
The proprietor of the meat shop also has a magic bag, so he’s not worried about the money.
This Magic Bag is naturally a bag that Takumi made. It has been bestowed with the Time-Space attribute, has a storage capacity approximately the size of a gymnasium, and stops the passage of time. This time-stopping magic bag is something that Takumi had recently created.

Aside from this, Sophia and Maria also bought chicken meat, orc meat, vegetables, and seasonings.

Although it can be said that Takumi asked them to do this, it looks like they’re spending money like it’s water. But knowing how much money Takumi has been earning recently, even spending 2 million yen on groceries wouldn’t make a dent on Takumi’s fortune.

「Sophia-san, for instance, if Takumi-sama set you free from being a slave, what would you do?」

On their way home, Maria asked Sophia what was on her mind.

「………… I am a war slave. Setting me free isn’t that simple. However, it would probably be simple if it’s Takumi-sama. Still, I am Takumi-sama’s guard. Until Takumi-sama returns to Goddess Norn-sama, I intend to serve him as his retainer.」
「It would have been nice to have a contract like the one Kaede-chan has though.」

For Sophia and Maria, they feel a little bit jealous that Kaede is connected to Takumi by a path of magic power.

「Moreover, I am an elf. Living in a human country, I would probably involved in less trouble as Takumi-sama’s slave.」

Hearing that, Maria nodded.
Justifiably, it would be a crime to harm another’s slave. Conversely, there might be those that would come out and harm Takumi to obtain Sophia.

「However, Takumi-sama undervalues himself too much, doesn’t he?」
「Yep, he has pretty silver hair and well put appearance that wouldn’t lose to an elf. Furthermore, he has talents and abilities as an artisan. And above all, his disposition.」
「Yeah~ Leaving Takumi-sama is unconceivable~」

Sophia and Maria’s girl talk, which would leave Takumi blushing if he heard, continued until they were in front of the house.

「Is this it? The church of the Genesis faith.」

I arrived at the church in Volton.
The impetus for my arrival at this world might have been because of the forbidden technique of the Divine Empire of Sydnia, but I shudder at the thought of what would happened if I was not picked up by Goddess Norn-sama.

Inside the church, there are a reasonable amount of people praying. Joining those people, I went in front of Goddess Norn’s statue, genuflected, and prayed.

「(Goddess Norn-sama, thank you very much for your accommodation in many ways. I am able to have fun living because of you.)」
「Yeah, I’m relieved you’re doing well.」

Suddenly, hearing a voice, I opened my eyes and saw Norn-sama standing in front of me.

「Umm, did I die?」

Just like I had experienced when I first descended into this world, I had come to a pure white room again.

「You didn’t die. Jeez, Takumi-kun, it’s because you didn’t come to the church at all. Now that you’ve finally come, I brought your spirit to my sanctuary.」

Hearing that relieved me.

「Ah, there’s something I would like to ask you, Norn-sama. I came to Mildgard because I was dragged into the hero summoning, right? What happened to the heroes summoned by the Divine Empire of Sydnia? Maybe because I’m at the border, I haven’t heard of any rumors.」
「Ah, about that. Actually, I sent you 3 years into the past by interfering with the time axis , Takumi-kun.」
「Eh? So that means, there’s still a little over 2 years before then? 」
「Right, you catch on fast. Ah, it’s time. Visit the church again, okay? We might be able to talk if the time is right.」

Norn-sama’s voice sounded far, and before I knew it, I was back at the church.

「Two years later, huh. Well, it doesn’t concern me.」

At that time, I thought that the heroes and I were unrelated.

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  3. Presence Concealment vs Inhibit Perception.

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