Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Quite the summoning

With the complete renewal of our mithril and adamantite equipment, we spent our days leisurely, making potions or accepting requests at the Adventurers Guild, and taking proper breaks.

On one such day, Papeck-san visited my home for the first time in a while. It’s usually the head clerk, Thomas-san, who brings my rights-related remuneration, but if it is the ever-busy Papeck-san that coming to my house, wouldn’t that mean that he has some sort of troublesome favor to ask? I kept vigilant as I ushered Papeck-san to the living room.

「My apologies for neglecting to contact you in a while. For the hand pump, purifying magic devices, and refrigerator that Takumi-sama had created one after the other, I am grateful.」

Papeck-san smiled as he gave his greetings, but that smile is a bit frightening.

「It has been a while, Papeck-san.」

I reciprocated with an acceptable greeting.

「Takumi-sama, truthfully, I have a request I wish to ask of you today.」

Ah. I knew it. It’s fine if it’s production related, but I don’t want to if it’s adventure related.

「A request?」

It hasn’t yet been decided that it’s troublesome. Yep, I wouldn’t know until I ask for the details, right?

「Yes, with magic circle that Takumi-sama provided, it is now possible for toilets attached with purifying magic devices to be manufactured wholly in the Papeck Company workshops. Owing to that, the number of toilets manufactured is increasing drastically, spreading to even the royal capital.」

So that’s how it is. Until just a while ago, I made the part with the magic device, but now that I’ve provided the magic circle for the purifying magic device to the Papeck Company, I just receive the royalties.

「Is there a problem with the magic circle?」
「No, since analysis of the magic circle is impossible for us, we can only copy the magic circle that we have received from you, Takumi-sama.」

The magic circle makes use of ancient magic letters and symbols, and to further complicate it, ancient elven magic letters were mixed in. Furthermore, dummy magic characters that will not interfere with the magic circle were added to make deciphering it difficult. Moreover, I had the idea to insert a dummy magic circle into it.

「As a matter of fact, Margrave Volton presented the hand pump, the toilet with purifying magic device, and the refrigerator to His Majesty the King. Given that even His Majesty was extremely pleased, a concentration of inquiries from nobles of the royal capital and wealthy merchants had come, and as a result, we will be supplying a massive amount of merchandise to the royal capital.」
「I seeee, my congratulations to you.」

That said, that isn’t the end of the conversation. Rather, there’s an issue because that happened.
Probably understanding what I was thinking, Papeck-san nodded.

「That is right. As it had become quite the topic in the royal capital, someone with the audacity to pick a fight, or should I say, talk absurdly had come.」
Haaa~. It’s the Divine Empire of Sydnia, isn’t it?」

The religious country that declared that the Light attribute magic that was given to them by God is sacred magic. The primary cause of why I was dragged into this world. The headquarters of the Light God Faith that only performs recovery magic at an exorbitant price.

「Yes, the Light attribute magic was something that was given to the Light God Church by God. They came, saying to immediately offer the magic circle and the rights to the patent of the purification. As one would expect, His Majesty scoffed and rejected. Telling them, “If that is so, it would be best if you make your own purification magic circle”.」

Apparently, the Divine Empire of Syndnia’s Light God Church dismantled the purifying magic device to try to decipher the magic circle, but, be it the ancient magic characters or the ancient elven letters, they were not able to decipher a single one. It would seem that since there is no other way to create it aside from copying it fully, letter by letter, other domestic companies paid the patent fee for the method and have begun imitating the Papeck Company, but the pride of Divine Empire of Sydnia would not allow it. Above all, Light attribute magic is sacred to the Divine Empire of Syndia. They’ve taken the stance that attaching it onto a toilet is unacceptable.
Still, even though I already knew about it from Norn-sama, the Divine Empire of Sydnia really is hopeless.

「An even more absurd demand by the Divine Empire of Sydnia, they said to present the person who brought about the purifying magic device to them. Otherwise, they will pull out the priests of the Light God Church. His Majesty said they are very much welcome to pull them out.」

I feel that His Majesty the King’s response is reassuring, but is this really alright? In this world, priests replace doctors with their recovery magic, after all.

「Takumi-sama, there is no problem. You are from a rural area so you might not know this, but aside from the Light God Church, this country has the Genesis Church whose deity is Goddess Norn-sama.」
「Huh? the Light God Church’s deity is not Norn-sama?」
「Yes, if I am not mistaken, it is one called Anat. Valkyra Kingdom guarantees the freedom of faith, but nearly all are originally believers of the ancient Genesis Church. Therefore, even if the Light God Church pulls out their priests, it will not have an effect.」

According to Papeck-san, the Light God Church’s priests will not perform recovery magic if the offerings are not expensive. By no means can ordinary people pay that amount of money. On the other hand, the Genesis Church’s priests perform recovery magic with mere offerings of gratitude, but the overall number of priests are few as the Light God Church consists of those priests.
Meanwhile, it is said that the priests of the Genesis Faith solicited offerings and donations from all people, and the church brews alcohol at the same time to guarantee funds for orphanages or feeding programs.
Even more recently, Papeck Company sells the small amount of basic potions that I periodically make to the church of the Genesis Faith cheaply. Papeck-san said that that is another reason for the limited effects of the Light God Church’s priests withdrawing.

「Come to think of it, I have never gone to church since coming to this town. Does this town also have a church?」
「Yes, there is the church of the Genesis Faith. The church of the Light God Faith is only at the royal capital and the large towns surrounding it. It is likely they won’t make money in smaller villages and towns in remote regions similar to Volton.」

It’s complete hogwash.

「So in the end, what is this conversation about?」
「Yes, His Majesty has frankly taken an interest in you, Takumi-sama, and has ordered Margrave Volton and myself to take you there once.」
Haaa, why things turned out this way, I don’t know, but is this something I absolutely can’t object going to?」

I was already nervous meeting Margrave Volton.

「I believe that His Majesty will not get mad if you refuse, however, my company and you yourself have received His Majesty’s protection on this occasion, so as a merchant I really do not want to be ungrateful, but what about Takumi-sama?」

Papeck-san says it’s alright to refuse, but I would like to answer to His Majesty’s favor.

「It is as you say, I have been protected as well.………… I understand. I leave the decision up to you, Papeck-san, and to Margrave Volton.」
「Thank you very much. Really~, this is a weight off my shoulders. Well then, we will depart for the royal capital soon, but because of the supply of merchandise as well as organization of a sales unit, I believe it will be within two weeks, at most. At that time, Margrave Volton will go to the capital as well. Takumi-sama, to conceal your relation to the purifying magic device, I must have you accompany the sales unit as its guard.」
「Thank you for your consideration.」

By the way, there are 7 days even in this world, and there are 5 weeks in one month, and there are 360 days in a year.
The 7 days are Light Day, Fire Day, Water Day, Wind Day, Earth Day, Time Day, and Dark Day.

So as to not find myself in Sydnia’s line of fire, it seems that Papeck-san is worrying over how I would be as inconspicuous as possible.
There I realized that I’ve been involved since a while back. That’s right, the Divine Empire of Sydnia is the name of a country that I heard from Norn-sama’s own mouth. If I had to say exactly, as a result of the forbidden technique, the hero summoning, that took place in that country, I was dragged into it.
Huh? Still, I wonder what happened to the three summoned heroes.
Even so, this is not a topic I can ask Papeck-san. It reeks of danger.

「Till the royal capital, Valkyratos, it will take 10 days even for a carriage pulled by a Demon Horse, and twice as long with a normal carriage, so please be prepared.」
「I understand.」

After that, we had a bit of a chat then Papeck-san left.

Haaaa~, the royal capital, huh.」
「It’s the royal capital, I’m looking forward to it.」
「Me too, it will be my first time at the royal capital.」

Grumbling as I flumped into the sofa, Sophia and Maria seemed to look forward to going to the royal capital.
It seems it isn’t rare for a regular person in this world to not leave their birthplace for their whole lifetime, so for Maria who has been in Moulin Slavery Company since she was young, now being with me, who has been going here and there, is fun. And Sophia said that, as an elf, traveling freely to foreign countries was difficult. Though there’s the matter of her being a lesser noble’s daughter, she’s also a knight, but I think that the Sophia’s exceedingly beautiful appearance is the number one problem.

「Let’s split up tomorrow to prepare for the trip to the royal capital, shall we?」

Haaa, this is too depressing.

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