Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Ways to make a trip comfortable

Part 1

We will depart for the royal capital, Valkyratos, in about two weeks, and are progressing with our preparations. However, this time it will be a long trip that will take 20 days in a normal carriage, or 10 days in a Demon Horse-drawn carriage. So I am making a carriage for a comfortable ride.
Fortunately, we have already hunted for Treants, so we can purchase enough Treant Wood for one carriage. I have Elder Treant Wood on hand, but it would be too wasteful to use it for a carriage and it would cost too much, so I’ll use it sparingly.

「Sophia, we’ll be going to the royal capital on a Demon Horse-drawn carriage, but if that’s the case, I’d rather make a more comfortable carriage. So I’ll be making a one, but would a two-horse carriage be good?」

There’s 4 of us including Kaede. The luggage will be kept in magic bag I gave to Sophia, and I have the Item Box as well, so it’s fine to not take the luggage into consideration.

「…… let’s see. It is likely that Margrave Volton and the Papeck Company will use two horses at the very least. Therefore, it would be difficult for us to follow if we are the only one with a single horse carriage.」
「Thanks. I’ll design a two-horse carriage then.」
「Takumi-sama, there is one more method.」

When I decided to design a two horse carriage at Sophia’s advice, Maria said she had a good idea.

「One more method?」
「Yes, we are in Volton, the town of adventurers. Why is it called the town of adventurers? That is because, in the vicinity of Volton, there are a variety of monsters that inhabit it. And among those, I hear there are monsters even faster and stronger than the Demon Horse.」
「By any chance, are they the Unicorn and Bicorn?」
「As for the rare ones, Dragon Horse[1] and Griffins are able to pull carriages as well.」

Maria just said something outrageous. Even I know Gryphons[2]. That’s if the Griffin in this world is the same as the imaginary creature that I know.

「I don’t know the Dragon Horse, but Griffin is likely impossible. You probably don’t even know where they were previously at.」
「Ehehehe, it is as you say.」
「That’s right, we do not have enough time right now, and even if we find a Unicorn or a Bicorn, it’s uncertain if we can tame it.」

When Sophia said that, Maria became disheartened. Aaa, she just wanted to be helpful, even if only a little. Thinking that, I just couldn’t leave her alone.

「We still have time so why don’t we gather information at the guild and search for 2-3 days?」
「Fufu, you are right.」

When I said that, Sophia did an “it can’t be helped” gesture and looked at Maria for agreement. Despite saying one thing or another, Sophia loves Maria like a little sister.

「Truly? To the guild then!」

Maria who was disheartened till just a while ago immediately livened up. Looking at Sophia, she involuntarily smiled and laughed.
Maria has already been showing a variety of expressions. She has been obedient to me from the start, but recently, I feel a bond between master and slave, or am I just misunderstanding it?

Rushed by Maria, we left for the Adventurers Guild to look up information on the monsters in the vicinity of Volton.

In the reference room of the Adventurers Guild, the three of us split up to investigate monsters.

「There is a sufficient amount of sightings of Unicorns and Bicorns.」
「Dragon Horses as well. Despite being called a Dragon Horse, it’s not a species of dragon though.」

A Dragon Horses has a long tail and mane and has a silhouette close to a horse, but what decisively differentiates it from a horse is its rhinoceros-like horn jutting out, and the dragon-like scales that cover their body. Its physique is also larger and stronger.

「I wonder if we should aim for a Dragon Horse.」
「Its taming difficulty will be high, however, it is not much different from Unicorns and Bicorns.」

According to Sophia, its speed, robustness, and stamina, all far surpass the Demon Horse, but it’s taming difficulty is higher.

「Well we won’t lose anything by trying, and let’s just go with the mindset that if we do tame one then, lucky.」
「I agree.」

We will search, aiming for a Dragon Horse, but have Unicorn and Bicorn as runner ups. Luckily we are in Volton, a remote land. It is close to the monster den 【Forest of Death】, vast grasslands, volcano area, and the like that satisfy the living conditions for various types of monsters. Apparently it was a miracle that there were no powerful monsters inhabiting the area surrounding Bohd Village.

We prepared our equipment, rented a carriage from the Adventurers Guild, and headed in the direction of the grasslands.

「Amazing. The vast grasslands really is what they say it is.」

I gazed at the scenery in front of me, grasslands stretching as far as the eye can see.

「This grassland is inhabited by a rich diversity of monsters such as Bush Wolves, Green Lizards, Army Ants, and the like.」

Sophia informed me of the details of her search at the Guild.

「The Unicorns and Bicorns are included there as well, aren’t they?」
「Yes, Horse type and Cattle type monsters find it difficult to move in wetlands and forests, after all.」
「Kaede’s threads will catch!」

Kaede is getting awfully into it.

「Surely Kaede-chan wants a companion familiar.」
「Yeaaah! Kaede wants juniors!」

Understanding the reason for Kaede’s eagerness, we set up a simple barrier around the carriage and walked in the grasslands.

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  1. Dragon Horse is the literal translation of Ryuuma / 竜馬. There is also a mythical creature known as “Longma” but I think I’ll go with the english name to keep with the theme.[↩]
  2. Raw said Griffin in the previous one, but says Gryphon now. Maybe it’s to differentiate between the mythical creatures on earth and the ones actually existing in Mildgard.[↩]

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  1. Well, this story has a lot of horse like monsters, and tamable ones it seems. But who knows, maybe they will tame another monster. Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! May god bless you, take care, and stay healthy!

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