Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 54

Chapter 54: What will the Artisan who wants strong weapons do?

When I trained to get used to the newly made armor, I had to postpone making the two other spears. But now I can continue.

The handle of the Ice Spear 【Ice Bringer】 that I made some time ago is made from Elder Treant Wood, but I wrapped it in a thin layer of mithril alloy and carved an arabesque pattern on it so it doesn’t slip.

・Ice Spear【Ice Bringer】
An adamantite alloy-made spear created by an excellent magic blacksmithing alchemist. Endowed with the Ice attribute. By passing magic power through it, the spearhead will be clad in Ice attribute magic.
『Enhanced Ice Attribute』 『Ice Attribute Resistance』 『Strong Slash』『Self Repair』 『Strong Thrust』
Rarity: National Treasure

「Sophia, Maria, what attribute do you want to bestow your spears?」

For Sophia and Maria who don’t possess the Ice attribute, even if they use the ice spear, they will not benefit from the attribute enhancement. That’s why I asked the two what attribute I should bestow on their spears.

「As expected, shouldn’t it be the Wind attribute for me?」
「You’re right. If it’s Wind, it might release slashes of wind when you stab or swipe.」

Sophia chose the Wind attribute.

「Hmmm, would the Fire attribute be good for me?」
「Let’s see, it is more specialized in offense compared to the Water and Earth attributes, so I think it’s okay.」
「If that is the case, then I am all right with the Fire attribute.」

After that, I forged the two spear siblings of Ice Bringer. The adamantite alloy spearheads became the black spearhead tinged with green, Tempest, and the black spearhead tinged with red, Explode.

・Wind Spear 【Tempest】
An adamantite alloy-made spear created by an excellent magic blacksmithing alchemist. Endowed with the Wind attribute. By passing magic power through it, the spearhead will be clad in Wind attribute magic.
『Wind attribute Resistance』 『Enhanced Wind attribute』 『Strong Slash』 『Self Repair』 『Strong Thrust』
Rarity: National Treasure

・Flame Spear 【Explode】
An adamantite alloy-made spear created by an excellent magic blacksmithing alchemist. Endowed with the Fire attribute. By passing magic power through it, the spearhead will be clad in Fire attribute magic.
『Fire attribute Resistance』 『Enhanced Fire attribute』 『Strong Slash』 『Self Repair』 『Strong Thrust』
Rarity: National Treasure

The completed Tempest was wielded by Sophia and a gale twined around the spearhead.
Learning from Sophia, Maria also used it and the spearhead of Explode sketched the air with traces of fire.

「Amazing, this is amazing, Takumi-sama. It reinforces slashes, and the spearhead is clad in gale as soon as I had imagined it.」

Sophia is somewhat excited as she shows off Tempest.


Maria unleashed a dragon breath-like flame from the spearhead of Explode. Fireballs continuously shot out from the spearhead of Explode, hitting the tungsten-made target in the garden.

「Kyahahaha! Amazing, oh so amazing!」

Maria is in ridiculously high spirits, not letting go of Explode.

Once Maria had settled down, Sophia had a request.

「Takumi-sama, my foremost task is to be your guard. Therefore, should something happen, I have resolved to protect Takumi-sama even if it means throwing my life away.」
「Nope, value your life, Sophia.」

Should things go wrong and Sophia gets injured protecting me and ends up dying, I don’t think I’ll be able to recover.

「No, this is my wish, after all. Due to that, I was wondering if I may have a strong shield.」

Sophia’s readiness seemed unwavering. That being the case, I’ll make a shield so that Sophia will not get hurt.

「I got it. Sophia, tell me the size or style of the shield you wish for.」
「Yes, the style will be a round shield, its size at around 50-60cm, and I’d be glad if it has magic resistance as well, if that is possible.」

What are the features that Sophia want for the shield she requested?
Physical Resistance is a matter of course, and the Magic Resistance that she had requested. ………… what’s complicated will be the weight of the shield.

「Some heft will be needed, right?」
「That is correct, as it relates to the power of shield bash.」

But it would be better to not wield a heavy shield in one hand.

「Then how about charging magic power when you shield bashing, and producing a shockwave with Wind attribute magic? Sophia, your level is high and so are your status values, so you might be fine with a heavy shield, but the weight might hold you back if a fight draws out.」
「Yes, I will leave the decision to you.」

I immediately headed into my workshop.

「I will prepare our meal then.」
「Then I will clean the mansion and bathroom.」

Maria and Sophia headed for the mansion.

「Now then, if it’s light then it has to be mithril alloy.」

I think it would be good to have monster materials, but that would be asking for too much. According to the rumors, things like dragon scales which are high in magic resistance and physical resistance are durable materials, but those rarely ever appear in the market.

「Well yeah, someone would have had to have subjugated a dragon for materials to show up in the market, after all.」

In the end, I will make a round shield 50 cm in diameter. The material will be the same mithril alloy that was used in Sophia’s armor, endowed with a combination of the Wind and Water attributes.

The face of the round shield is engraved with the 「Air Bomb」 magic circle. It is possible to switch between strengthening magic power, or activating Air Bomb voluntarily.

・Fuuma’s Round Shield ( Water Wind attribute )
Round shield made from mithril alloy that carried Water and Wind attributes, crafted by an excellent magic blacksmithing alchemist.
(Wind Magic Resistance ・ Enhanced Wind Magic ・ Enhanced Agility ・ Enhanced Magic Power)『Enhanced Magic Resistance』『Enhanced Physical Resistance』『Equipment Weight Reduction』『Self Repair』

I’d like to think that the round shield and Ranma’s Light armor completed Sophia’s equipment set.

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Hello~ Thank you very much for reading~ The raws had quite a few typos but I won’t add them to the footnotes anymore. Both because I’m lazy and it’s not really important. Sorry this was late, had a bunch of stuff to do over the weekend.

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