Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Uncontrollable?

Having completed the mithril alloys, I immediately got to work making Sophia and Maria’s armors.

I partitioned the necessary amounts.
With the armor Sophia had been using until now as reference, I charged the mithril alloy with magic power and shaped it, and there was a remarkable difference in how much magic power magic iron could bear compared to this.

「It’s impossible to not level this up.」

I can’t evade being ridiculed as a pervert since I made elaborate mannequins of Sophia and Maria’s physiques when I made underwear, but I have confidence that I can make things without the need for the Automatic Size Adjustment enchantment.

Taking into calculation the sports bra holding everything in, I shaped the curve of the chest portion. I didn’t use mithril alloy on the sides near the back of breastplate. I thought that it wouldn’t obstruct the movements of her back when using a bow.
I chose to use the Blade Deer’s soft leather for the lining of the mithril breastplate.
For Sophia’s gauntlet, I aimed for her right piece to have a shape that would not be a hindrance when she holds arrows. The greaves’ shape is simple so that was easy.

It took two days and a belly filled with mana potions to shape mithril alloy for three people.

・Ranma’s Light Armor( Water Wind Attribute)
Light armor made from mithril alloy that carried Wind and Water attributes, crafted by an extraordinary Alchemist and Magic Blacksmith.
( Wind Magic Resistance ・ Water Magic Resistance ・ Enhanced Water Magic ・ Enhanced Wind Magic ・ Enhanced Agility ・ Enhanced Magic Power ) 『Automatic Size Adjustment』『Automatic Temperature Regulation』 『Equipment Weight Reduction』 『Self Repair』

・Endo’s Light Armor ( Fire Earth Attribute)
Light armor made from mithril alloy that carried Fire and Earth attributes, crafted by an excellent magic blacksmithing alchemist.
( Fire Magic Resistance ・ Earth Magic Resistance ・ Enhanced Fire Magic ・ Enhanced Earth Magic ・ Enhanced Attack ・ Enhanced Defense ) 『Automatic Size Adjustment』『Automatic Temperature Regulation』 『Equipment Weight Reduction』 『Self Repair』

・Jinrai’s [Thunderclap] Light Armor ( Lightning Wind Attribute )
Light armor made from mithril alloy that carried Wind and Lightning attributes, crafted by an excellent magic blacksmithing alchemist.
( Wind Magic Resistance ・ Lightning Magic Resistance ・ Enhanced Lightning Magic ・ Enhanced Wind Magic ・ Enhanced Agility [Extra-Large] ) 『Automatic Size Adjustment』『Automatic Temperature Regulation』 『Equipment Weight Reduction』 『Self Repair』

「…………I am speechless.」
「It’s beautiful, very beautiful.」

Sophia’s blue tinged silvery-white armor, Maria’s red tinged silvery-white armor, and my green tinged silvery-white armor. It seems that their appearances have high evaluations.

「Could I have you two try it on along with the underarmor that had mithril threads interwoven with it? 」

Sophia and Maria took their respective armor and clothes with them.
They hurriedly went to their rooms.

Left alone, I tried on my new equipment. Because thick and sturdy threads used, I believe its defense is higher than the armors sold in town. I put on the long sleeved shirt, and equipped the breastplate above that, then the gauntlets, boots, and greaves. Lastly, I put on my belt, and affixed the 【Sword of the Absorber】 to the sword belt.

「Takumi-sama, how does it look?」
「Does it suit us?」

Having finished changing, Sophia and Maria came back.
The bright blonde, tall Sophia and the reddish blonde haired Maria. The beauty and pretty girl the likes I’ve never seen in my previous world wearing white one piece dresses and black leggings, with bluish and reddish mithril armors that wrap around their figures exuded godliness.

「……excellent, both of you are really excellent!」
「「Thank you very much.」」

My voice unintentionally got louder, but I was engrossed in too much beauty.

「Takumi-sama looking gallant and dreamy as well.」
「Yes, very handsome.」
「Thank you, I feel a bit embarrassed being praised by you two. Moving on, these armors are completely different from our previous armors, so let’s all go to the garden to check them out.」

My armor has Enhanced Agility ( Extra-Large ). I needed to confirm to what degree that extra large effect has.

Are there any defects on the armor?
Does it inhibit movement?
How are the bestowed effects?

Sophia and Maria moved their bodies to check.

「The Enhanced Agility effect, let’s see, I feel like I can move 20% faster.」

Sophia’s armor has been bestowed with Enhanced Agility. It seems that some training is needed to get used to it.

「My armor does not feel different.」

Maria’s armor has been bestowed with Enhanced Attack, but it seems that with ordinary boots, she couldn’t see any difference just by moving her body.

「The issue is with mine.」

My armor has been bestowed with Enhanced Agility ( Extra Large ). I tried out how much of an effect that extra large has.




My speed overtook my senses and I fell over magnificently. Crap, this might take some time getting used to.

「Takumi-sama! Are you alright?!」
「Are you injured?!」

Sophia and Maria came running. I took no damage, but I was filled with embarrassment.

「Yeah, I’m fine. I took no damage.」

It felt like 50% increase.
If you suddenly speed up by 50%, it’s inevitable that your senses would be overtaken. More importantly, I’m worried if my muscles and kinetic vision can get used to this sensation.

「Sorry, I need to train to get used to my armor for now, so you two are free to do what you want.」
「Then, the two of us will train.」

Since Sophia and Maria separated from me, I continued to practice getting used to it by changing speeds little by little.
Making slight bodily movements with the help of the 『Body Control』 skill, I quickly became able to control my body.

〈The 『Body Control』 Skill has leveled up〉

The moment the skill level rose, my senses immediately caught up with the speed.

〈The 『High-speed Thought Process』 skill has been obtained〉

The moment I obtained the 『High-speed Thought Process』 skill, the gap separating my body and senses disappeared, and I’ve become able to use the functionality of the armor perfectly.

「Fuu~~, Since my muscles and bones take the burden, it’s necessary to use Enhance Physical Abilities skill simultaneously.」

The burden on my body will likely be resolved by cladding myself with magic power and using Enhance Physical Abilities.

Alright, let’s improve the weapons next.

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  1. I changed the skill Enhanced Strength to Enhanced Physical Abilities, showed in ch32 first. Sorry xD

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