Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Equipment Enhancement

With the completion of the adamantite alloy spear, we decided to remake our armors.

「Since I want to strengthen our armor now as well, if you have some requests, I’d like it if you don’t hold back and tell me.」

When I said so, Sophia and Maria pondered over it.
Right now we are using the Armored Boar Leather Armor and Spider Silk underarmor. I think that among those, leaving the Spider Silk underarmor as is will be okay. The fitted underarmor made with elastic threads that Sophia and Maria are wearing are exceptional items. No complaints even on its functionality. For the new armor and poise, I might change the style and color though.

「Takumi-sama, are you considering mithril for the armor?」
「Hmm, wouldn’t you agree that silver colored armor suit Sophia and Maria? Especially since Sophia is a knight.」

At Sophia’s question, I ended up answering obliquely.


Sophia left, astounded.

Regarding Sophia and Maria’s armor, I have a little idea.

Right now, the material used for our leather armor is the Huge Armored Boar’s hard carapace. This material is highly popular among adventurers. It is relatively light and very hard, so even veteran adventurers want this material. But that doesn’t mean it has no issues. Whether it is because the monster rank of the Huge Armored Boar itself is not that high, or the material itself not having any special effects, the number of bestowals that could be done on it is not a lot. Among the materials of dragon species and other high ranking monster, the materials that naturally have special effects are not few. Furthermore, for some reason, the number of times you can bestow items made of high ranking monster materials is plenty.
Therefore, with mithril alloy, the material itself has high resistance to magic attacks. It even has physical resistance that surpasses steel, and circulating magic power to it strengthens magic attack resistance and physical attack resistance. In addition, maybe due to mithril being a rare metal, the number you can bestow is plenty. In comparison to the heavy adamantite alloy, it is clearly a material suited for armor.

「Let’s make mithril alloy breastplate, bracers, and greaves.」

This is already a decided matter.

Their previous armor, instead of tassets, had a Spider Silk-made miniskirt with slits worn on top of the armor.
This time, it will be a mini dress.
Of course, it wouldn’t be your run of the mill one piece dress. Naturally, it will use Spider Silk, and mithril alloy will be processed to be fine and thready, then it will be intertwined with Spider Silk and woven together. It will be incomparable to the Spider Silk-made cloth used until now in both physical and magic resistance.
The body-fit elastic underarmor, knee length leggings for bottoms and long sleeved body-fit shirt, will be remade.
It will be enchanted with 『Automatic Size Adjustment』, 『Automatic Temperature Regulation』, 『Enhanced Physical Resistance』, and 『Enhanced Agility』.

Without delay, I processed the mithril alloy thinly.
This is also quite difficult. It’s metal so I can use Earth Magic, but making uniformly fine threads is more difficult than I had imagined.
Since I’m including the portion for Kaede’s clothes and mine, I had to make portions for 4 people, so I kept working silently as my nerves wore down. I’m glad working this way is my specialty.

Sophia and Maria’s one piece are colored white, and Kaede’s is white as well. My shirt had been dyed grey, and my cargo pants, dark grey.

The process of making thread surprisingly took time and I had gotten stuck solely processing mithril alloy for several days, but the fabric I found acceptable had been completed.
I made Sophia and Maria’s one piece according to their figure. This was a three-man operation since Maria and Kaede have sewing skills, so we were able to do it quickly even when Kaede’s and my shirts were included.

The truth is, I wanted new boots as well, but because of the materials, I had to put it off for now.

Now, I’ll grant attributes to the mithril alloy itself. Sophia and Maria’s shared attribute is Water, so it should be fine to make the same armor with the Water attribute. But considering Sophia’s fighting style, I’ve determined that Wind attribute and materials with Enhanced Agility effect would be better. I hope to give Earth attribute and Enhanced Defense for Maria.

I prepared two slightly larger magic stones, and charged them Wind attribute and Earth attribute magic power respectively. When I loaded it with magic power until it overflowed, the Wind attribute magic stone turned green and the Earth attribute magic stone, orange.

As it was clearly different from the magic stones I’ve loaded with attributes, I appraised it.

・Wind attribute Magic Crystal
A magic crystal containing strong Wind magic power.

・Earth attribute Magic Crystal
A magic crystal containing strong Earth magic power.

They mutated into magic crystals.
Magic crystals are said to be highly compatible magic stones made by processing magic stones.

I refined each magic stone with mithril alloy. As a result, the mithril alloy refined with the Wind attribute magic crystal was a silvery-white mass tinged light green, and the mithril alloy refined with Earth attribute magic crystal was a silvery-white tinged light orange.

「I feel like I’ve made terrifying things.」

・Mithril Alloy (Wind Attribute)
Mithril alloy made from Mithril + Magic Iron and synthesized with Wind attribute Magic Crystal through alchemy.
( Wind Magic Resistance ・ Enhanced Wind Attribute Magic ・ Enhanced Agility)

・Mithril Alloy ( Earth Attribute)
Mithril alloy made from Mithril + Magic Iron and synthesized with Earth attribute Magic Crystal through alchemy.
( Earth Magic Resistance ・ Enhanced Earth Attribute Magic ・ Enhanced Defense)

「They really are terrifying things. They have 3 effects in their material stage.

The Divine Silver Ring that I made for myself had effects with relevance to magic such as Magic Power Manipulation and Magic Formula Control before the enchantments, but that was probably affected by my Magic Power Manipulation at that time when I was altering it into mithril.[1]

「Puhaa~! Yeaaah, this is disgusting!」

I drank up a mana potion and troubled over what I should do with my own armor.
So, I took out 2 magic stones on a whim, and loaded one with Lighting attribute and the other with Wind attribute magic power. A vibrant yellow Lightning magic crystal and a green Wind magic crystal were made.

「Would that be possible from here………」

I synthesized the two magic crystals I made into one. The completed magic crystal is a vibrant emerald green.

・Lightning Wind Attribute Magic Crystal
A magic crystal containing strong Wind and Lightning attribute magic power.

「Oooh, I did it. But the combination is important.」

I think it was fine because Wind and Lightning attribute are highly compatible. But it would be impossible with Fire and Water.
I think,

Fire + Wind = Enhanced Attack + Enhanced Agility
Fire + Earth = Enhanced Attack + Enhanced Defense
Wind + Water = Enhanced Agility + Enhanced Magic Power
Water + Earth = Enhanced Magic Power[2]+ Enhanced Defense

It’s probably something like this.
I refined the synthesized Lightning Wind attribute Magic Crystal and Mithril.

・Mithril Alloy ( Lightning Wind Attribute )
Mithril alloy made from Mithril + Magic Iron and synthesized with Lightning Wind attribute Magic Crystal through alchemy.
( Lightning Wind Magic Resistance ・Extra Large Enhanced Agility )

Yup, I’ve definitely made a terrifying thing.

I found out that combined attribute materials were possible, that’s why I will combine the mithril alloys for Sophia and Maria. I will synthesize Sophia’s existing Wind attribute with Water attribute. And Maria’s existing Earth Attribute with Fire attribute.

・Mithril Alloy ( Water Wind Attribute )
Mithril alloy made from Mithril + Magic Iron and synthesized with Water Wind attribute Magic Crystal through alchemy.
( Water Wind Magic Resistance ・ Enhanced Agility・ Enhanced Magic Power)

・Mithril Alloy ( Fire Earth Attribute )
Mithril alloy made from Mithril + Magic Iron and synthesized with Fire Earth attribute Magic Crystal through alchemy.
( Earth Magic Resistance ・ Enhanced Earth Magic ・ Enhanced Attack ・ Enhanced Defense )

Sophia’s green mithril alloy changed to a silvery-white tinged aquamarine, while Maria’s orange mithril alloy turned into a silvery-white tinged deep crimson.

With this, I’ve finished my preliminary preparations, so now I’ll make the breastplates, bracers, and greaves.

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  1. He was talking about the process and his actions when he tried making mithril out of silver. This is in chapter 36.[↩]
  2. Author Typo, it said agility in WN raw, but in the line before this it was magic power for water.[↩]

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