Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Living improvements

A little while after I made underwear to my preference, I kept doing combat training everyday as I challenged myself to not think of making things.

「These days, I have been indulging myself in Sophia and Maria too much. It’s difficult to cast away these indulgent days, but I will return to developing magic devices again starting today!」
「Takumi-sama, please do not announce that so strongly.」
「That’s right, isn’t it embarrassing?」

Were Sophia and Maria self-conscious about the several days of indulgence? They were protesting but their faces were red.

「I’ve become able to use Ice attribute magic, so I plan on raising its skill level by making magic devices.」

While the two were still abashed, I declared today’s plan.

「But Takumi-sama, you just receive gold as a reward from the feudal lord, and the royalties from the Papeck Company have been quite favorable, haven’t they? Will it be another new magic device?」

It is as Sophia says. I have quite the allowance on the monetary front. The Guild Master of the Adventurers Guild, Barrack-san, also mentioned that a small number of basic potions is fine so he asked if I could sell him some. When I asked 「Will that be alright with the Pharmacist Guild?」, he said he will be able to do something if it’s a small amount. It’s hard to refuse with that being the case.

「I will be quite busy with the development of the magic devices, so Sophia and Maria, please make the preliminary arrangements for the basic potions in your free time.」

On a silver plate, I used enough mixture of powdered magic stones and drew 「Dehydration」「Extraction」「Synthesis」「Pulverization」「Decomposition」 alchemy circles. If this is used, Sophia and Maria can use them just by pouring magic power into it.

「I understand.」
「Yes, I will do my best.」

「Hey, hey, how about Kaede~?」
「Hmmm, how about a nap for Kaede?」
「Yaaay~, Kaede will nap~!」

That’s good enough.

Now then, I do have long term objectives.
That would be to increase the skill level of Time-Space attribute magic to the point I can use Short Warp, Warp, and Gate. so I thought that maybe I could reproduce transfer magic circles that seem like they came out of a novel or a game.
There’s one more thing about Time-Space attribute magic, although I already have an item box because of my cheat, I was thinking “couldn’t I make item boxes for Sophia and Maria?”. Since I can already to use Subspace, if I am able to use Storage magic, wouldn’t I also be able to bestow space expansion on a bag? was the idea I had.

However, increasing the skill level of Time-Space attribute magic is difficult.
Like when its skill level was 1, the only things I could use were Secure Coordinates and Coordinates Recognition. Now I can get experience by opening and closing Subspace though.

「The thing I’m building now is because of something from before.」

What I am building now is a refrigerator that was requested by Maria.
There are refrigerators in this world. However, its mechanics are that a Mage that uses Ice Attribute Magic has to periodically supply ice, and that ice chills it. This is the same mechanism of a refrigerator when there was no electricity. I plan on making a refrigerator that cools its inside by just replacing the magic stones.

The mechanism of this is that a cooling magic circle will be drawn on a metal plate, magic power would then flow from the magic stone to continuously invoke cooling magic.

「Well, I’ll think about that after I build it.」

I took out iron, chromium, and nickel from the Item Box.
I synthesized the iron, chromium, and nickel.

「It’s stainless steel.」

Once the stainless steel was made with alchemy, I shaped it into a box with Smithing magic. I inscribed a boundary magic circle in the gap between the two layers of the box. This is so the cold air does not escape, and so the outside temperature doesn’t interfere with it.

「The door needs a rubber gasket. For now, should I make do with synthetic rubber using vegetable oil and sulfur?」

I synthesized the synthetic rubber to the ideal elasticity, I formed it with Earth magic then set it on the door and the main unit.

「Hooray for the Alchemy skill.」

Opening and closing the door to test it, and checking the magic power consumption of the Boundary magic and Cooling magic, I inspected the refrigerator if it was good enough to be the final product.

「Its magic power consumption isn’t much. If that’s the case then a trash magic stone would be enough, but a slightly better magic stone would pretty much be better.」

I examined the finished product from all angles.

「The stainless steel exterior nice, but having some color variation would also be good.」

I will make 3 more of the tentatively completed refrigerator.
For it to hold onto the dyes, I synthesized the synthetic rubber to change its blend, and those 3 colors which were white, light blue, and light green were painted on the refrigerators.
「Sophia, Maria, which color is good?」

I called the two to consult the final product with them, and had them choose which would be used for our house.

「This is?」
「Maria, you mentioned wanting something that could store ingredients, didn’t you? This is a refrigerator, it is a magic device that cools its contents and makes the food less susceptible to spoilage.」
「Thank you very much, Takumi-sama.」

Maria looked cheerful.
Right now I am storing all the ingredients in my item box so we’re all good, but she has to ask me to take out the ingredients she needs each time she cooks.

「So which color should we use for the house? I intend to sell the remaining ones to Papeck-san though.」
「I think this pale blue is nice.」
「I feel the same as Sophia-san. This pale blue is refreshingly pleasant.」

Since the two agree, I installed the light blue refrigerator in the kitchen and stored the remaining in my Item Box.

Afterwards, I completed 100 of each Basic Heal Potion, Basic Stamina Potion, and Basic Mana potion that Sophia and Maria had prepared.
This time, the potion bottles that I used were bought from the Papeck Company. The quality of the potion bottles I made were better, but when I told Papeck-san that I make my own potion bottles, he was shocked. That is why I am buying potion bottles this time. Perhaps when it’s for an advanced potion, it would be necessary to bestow an enchantment on the bottle itself so it maintains its current state, but I currently do not have a single clue as to the recipe for advanced potions so I probably don’t have to worry about it for now.

Tonight’s dinner was made by Maria who was all fired up because she was pleased with the refrigerator.
After that, the three of us happily bathed, and naturally the three of us went to bed.

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  1. So, he’s no longer alternating nights between the girls, and just going three way every night? I wonder about contraception.
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