Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Going by Preference

Returning from the feudal lord’s castle, everyone relaxed on the sofa, resting our fatigued bodies.
No matter how friendly he was, I, who have never associated with high-ranking nobles, am dead tired.

「So tired~」
「He is a good lord, but being too familiar is also a problem.」
「I was nervous~」

It’s still daytime but I don’t want to move.
Well, I wouldn’t be moving if I work while sitting in the confines of my workshop though.

「Alright! I’ll make clothes such as underwear today.」

Sophia and Maria’s faces turned red.

The underwear of this world is extremely unreliable.
Sophia and Maria were surprised when they saw my handmade underwear. Their underwear are a Sarashi[1]-like thing where it just wraps around their chest, and their panties are tied by a string because there are no elastic bands, however it wasn’t the g-string I know, but rather the old-man-type trunks that are tied with a drawstring by the waist.
To be blunt, Sophia and Maria have huge breasts so they have to restrain it with a sarashi, but for people who don’t, it seems it’s normal to just go bra-less. It’s outrageous.

So I decided to make bras and panties for Sophia and Maria.

For me……………….

「Okay! Kaede, some elastic threads please!」
「Got it! Kaede will do best!」

In the workshop. Kaede spun her threads into the loom to make cloth to use for the underwear.
I asked that Sophia and Maria not enter the workshop.

「I guess I should make a mannequin of Sophia.」

When it comes to making underwear, using a half-hearted pattern paper is unjustifiable, so I’ll build a mannequin of Sophia using Earth magic to challenge myself in three-dimensional sewing.
Once I finish Sophia’s mannequin, I’ll make Maria’s.

Is making the mannequins based on the images burned into my memory alone a bit disgusting?

Now then, if I had to say why I asked Kaede to make elastic threads, that’s because I was thinking of making sports bras. Since adventurers move around intensely, I thought that normal bras wouldn’t be any good. I’m a guy so I wouldn’t know, but if I remember right, I heard that athletes wear them?

Sports bras and panties for adventuring, and sexy underwear for spending nights with me. In any case, the time, place, and occasion are important.

After that, I had Kaede produce various kinds of threads.
Like thin, transparent threads, gufu, I shouldn’t, my delusions would run wild.
Then I dyed the threads into different colors.
Black, red, blue, green, yellow. The variation in color is essential.

Often revising the pattern paper as I made various types of bras and panties, I gave it my all.

When I thought about afterwards, there was an Automatic Size Adjustment enchantment, so it wasn’t necessary to expressly make Sophia and Maria’s mannequins. Well, I told myself that it wasn’t pointless even then and made underwear.

All the underwear were enchanted with:

Automatic Size Adjustment, Anti-fouling, Automatic Temperature Regulation

With the creation of this series of underwear, my Sewing skill went up from 3 to 6. This pulled me in a bit.

It has been 3 days since I secluded myself in the workshop.

「Alright, it’s finally done.」
「Takumi-sama, you made underwear, didn’t you?」
「Yeah, that’s right.」
「You look somewhat exhausted.」
「Are you well, Takumi-sama?」

When I told Sophia and Maria that the underwear had been finished, I made them worry over me who was a bit tired.


I showed Sophia and Maria the variety of underwear I created. Those designs also have g-strings, t-backs, and sheer, and I think I did my best.

「Umm, Takumi-sama, it is very pretty but…………」

Sophia was dumbfounded, and Maria was bright red from embarrassment.

「Why don’t you try them out right now?」

The two were abashed, but they tried it out in my room.

「……This is pretty and makes me feel good.」
「…… I understand that somewhat, as well.」

Lustful red that suit Sophia’s white skin, and sexy black that beautiful girls wear on Maria.
Both of their breasts protrude and seem like it would overflow.

「Takumi-sama, these are underwear to please you at night, aren’t they.」
「Sorry, you figured it out as expected.」
「I would wear anything if it pleases Takumi-sama.」
「…………… c, I can’t hold back!!」

It’s good to have a big bed.
At noon the next day, we ate a late breakfast, and I gave Sophia and Maria the sports bra and panties.

「I think that these are better for when we’re out doing adventurer stuff.」
「I think we should try these out first.」
「These are easy to move in」

In the end, the three of us kept at what we started yesterday.
I consider having leveled the sewing skill quite a bit to have been a good thing.
Afterwards, I went to Papeck-san with a sample and the pattern paper, and he got extremely into it.

A while later, numerous underwear that the Papeck Company started selling had, in a flash, spread to the wealthy people and the ladies who work at the evening establishments in Valkyra Kingdom.

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  1. Sarashi looks like this.[↩].


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      • Erm…I’m PRETTY SURE that he’s already done this, what with him having Kaede make the transparent threads and all that. Plus, the girls clearly mentioned that he must’ve made those for them to wear at night, to which he was like: “Yup. So?” XD

        That said…I don’t think he made some of the…lewder…lingerie, heh. We’ll see in time if he ever does that, though I dunno that he will. =x


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