Greatest Alchemist? Idle Talk 2

Idle Talk: Hero Summoning

Three years after Goddess Norn interfered with the time axis and sent Iruma Takumi into Mildgard, three individuals landed in the summoning circle of the Divine Empire of Sydnia.

The three individuals were walking around town when, all of a sudden, they were wrapped in a blinding light, and by the time they realized it, they were already standing in a wide hall enclosed by stone walls.
On the summoning circle that will never again activate for having provoked Goddess Norn’s wrath, stood three youths that could not understand their situation.

Jinguji Akira, 18 years old.
This young man had only just enrolled into university has a very strong sense of justice that is rare in present days.
Having good grades at sports as well, he is a young man who has both brains and brawns.

Taiga Yamato, 18 years old.
A large man, childhood friends with Akira. Despite being wild, he gets along well with Akira and have known each other for a long time.
He made full use of the large physique he’s had since childhood in Judo, and he is always a favorite in national competitions.

Misato Akane, 18 years old.
Akira and Yamato’s friend since senior high school.
She was born with long black hair, clear eyes, and the beauty of an idol, and has a figure that would put a gravure idol to shame.
Akira likes Akane and has assertively pursued her many times over, but has been rejected entirely. Akane thought that Akira had a straightforward personality but his self-righteousness told her that they could be friends but he will never be her lover.
「…………Hey Akira, what do you think?」
「……Is this, that? That thing called an otherworld transfer?」

At that moment, the only door to the room enclosed in a stone walls, opened. Knights in western style armors and helmets, old men that looked to be mages, a man in the prime of his life wearing high class clothing, led by a French-doll looking woman with long blonde hair, had entered the room.

「Welcome Brave Heroes, I am the imperial princess of the Divine Empire of Sydnia, Elizabeth. Heroes, I beseech you, save this world.」

The three each had their own reaction the instant the beautiful woman in the lead said that.

「(Ooouh, what a beauty! I’m a hero?! A hero that would save the world?!」
「(Things just became interesting.)」
「(It will be bad if we don’t somehow escape from here.)」

The moment Akane looked at Elizabeth’s eyes, her intuition told her that she couldn’t trust this woman. Staying in this country would be dangerous.
At that time, there was an announcement in Akane’s head.

〈The Unique Skill 「Divine Oracle」 has been obtained〉

At that instant, Akane understood the details of her Divine Oracle Skill.

Divine Oracle: A blessing from Goddess Norn
Follow your instinct and you will naturally reach the right answer.

Akane entrusted herself to the Divine Oracle.

「(I will endure for now. I’m confident a chance will definitely come. So this is Divine Oracle………… )」

「Please, Heroes. You will require an array of explanations, would you not? Rooms have been prepared for you. Preceding that, an audience with father.」

Prompted by Elizabeth, the location was moved from the stone-walled room to a different room.
They realized before long that they were underneath a castle-like place. In an area on the upper stratum of the castle, Akira and his friends had an audience with the Pope of the Divine Empire of Sydnia, Warvaal.

「The Pope of Divine Empire of Sydnia, Pope Warvaal-sama!」

The man beside the throne announced loudly.
The three were prompted by a soldier to kneel.

「I must firstly apologize to the heroes. It was wrong for us to have summoned you for the circumstances of our world. However, I wish for your understanding in our plight.
This world is overflowing with monsters, subhumans and demonic beings that bring misfortune to this continent. May we ask that you save this country, this world?」

Akane’s bad feeling had come true and she frowned internally.
He says there are subhumans and demons, but she just couldn’t trust him. They say they wished for this country to be saved, but during the audience, the pope, imperial princess, and people who seemed to be nobles had on extravagantly luxurious attires.
When Akane thought she needed to discuss escaping from this country with Akira and Yamato no matter what, Akira began acting rashly.
This country is said to be a religious country whose main deity is the Goddess Anat, the spirit of Light. However, Akane’s unique skill 【Divine Oracle】 was granted by Goddess Norn. Akane instinctively chose Norn. And she believed she had to hide her unique skill.

「I understand, Pope-sama! We will be your strength if you will have us!」
「(Wha!! Are you an idiot?!)」

Unaware of Akane’s sentiments, Akira looked at Elizabeth with a glittering smile.

「If I can rampage as much as I like, then I have no complaints.」

When even Yamato started spouting incomprehensible things, Akane, who had been the only one who was determined to escape from this country, froze.

「Heroes, please touch this appraisal magic device with your hand.」

An aged man that looked to be a mage was holding out an A4-sized metallic plate.
Starting from Akira, they touched the metallic plate with their hand.

「Oooh, how magnificent! To have this status at Level 1. Moreover, for two to have an aptitude for Light attribute magic, this must be the favor of Goddess Anat.」

The aged mage was overly pleased.
It seems this aged man is the head imperial mage.
This unnatural behavior leads Akane to understand this country.

Name: Akira Jinguji
Race: Human
Age: 18 years old
Job: Hero Lv1
Level: 1
Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 200
Magic Power: 200
Strength: 100
Agility: 100
Stamina: 100
Dexterity: 100
Intelligence: 100

Unique Skills

Passive Skills

Active Skills
Swordplay Lv1
Light Attribute Magic Lv1
Wind Attribute Magic Lv1



Name: Yamato Taiga
Race: Human
Age: 18 years old
Job: Warrior Lv1
Level: 1
Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 250
Magic Power: 100
Strength: 150
Agility: 80
Stamina: 150
Dexterity: 70
Intelligence: 80

Unique Skills

Passive Skills

Active Skills
Taijutsu Lv4
Fire Attribute Magic Lv1



Name: Akane Misato
Race: Human
Age: 18 years old
Job: Priest Lv1
Level: 1
Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 150
Magic Power: 250
Strength: 70
Agility: 80
Stamina: 80
Dexterity: 80
Intelligence: 150

Unique Skills
Divine Oracle (Concealed)

Passive Skills
Cooking[1] Lv5

Active Skills
Light Attribute Magic Lv1
Water Attribute Magic Lv1
Wind Attribute Magic Lv1


「Oooh, my job has Hero!」

Even though the excited Akira saw Akane looking at him icily, but he didn’t realize it.

「Heroes, thank you. Your rooms have been prepared, please be at ease and rest well.」

At Elizabeth’s statement, Akira and his friends were guided to their respective extravagant rooms by maids.

Once Akira and his friends left the audience, Pope Warvaal, Prime Minister Musudan, Head Magcian Homer, the Sydnia Holy Knight Order’s Leader Packard, and Imperial Princess Elizabeth had a secret discussion.

「So, what do you think?」
「Despite being Level 1, those stats are definitely those of a hero’s. However, there is one worrisome matter.」

Warvaal inquired about Homer’s answer.

「Worrisome matter?」
「Yes, all three heroes possess the unique skill Appraisal. We will not be able to trick them into using a slavery collar.」

Homer’s report had Warvaal grimacing.

「That could not be helped, could it? Fortunately, that male hero looks easy to deceive, so I believe it can be done in one way or another.」
Fumu, it is up to you, Elizabeth.」
「Yes, father. Please leave it to me.」
「Well then, the reigns of the heroes shall be entrusted to the princess, and the training and level raising of the heroes shall be entrusted to Homer and Packard.」

Prime minister Musudan eyed Homer and Packard.

「「Please leave it to us.」」

Large numbers are advantageous in war, and that fact does not change whether it is in Earth or in Mildgard. However, in this world where skills and levels exist, some strong people can lead to mayhem.
The Divine Empire of Sydnia have summoned nuclear weapons called heroes.

However, Warvaal and his companions were not aware.
They did not realize till the end that their appraisal magic device can not appraise information such as divine protection. and that the original heroes summoned are not blessed divine protection by the Goddess like they should have.
And without the said goddess’ blessing, even if the qualities and initial status after having been summoned are superior, the growth rate of each person does not change.

Above all, they were not aware of the being that the goddess had sent an entity three years into the past of Mildgard known as Takumi.

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  1. Cooking was placed in passive skills, but iirc it’s in active skills for Takumi.[↩]
  2. Picture: from left to right, Yamato, Akari, and Akane.

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  1. new harem member? annnnd thank you for new chapter (but really this “specialy traslated chapter(mtl)” is a hell to eyes)

    • How many chapters will it take to cover the 3 years, but it feels to me like they will face off and she switch sides.

      • Unfortunately the WN is at alphapolis, which auto-deletes WN chapters when the LN catches up with it – even if the chapters are significantly different. So all that can be said with certainty is that 1) 5 volumes (probably 6 volumes, if they delete them as soon as they start being converting to the next volume) cover the first 241 WN chapters, 2) that WN c242 – 694 still exist online, but 3) the story at the end of LN vol6 and the story continuing at WN c242 may or may not have any similarity with each other.

        Given that the online chapters (when viewed without google translate, as it seems to have a block against such – leaving a blank page if viewed with GT, at least while javascript is active) are not much shorter than the chapters we are seeing translated here (when their contents are copy / pasted into GT), there must be an incredible amount cut / changed between the WN and the LN. To put it another way, if c1-c241 cover the first 6 volumes, then there are about 40 WN per volume. Since there are only 16 chapters per LN volume, then each LN chapter is about 2.5 WN chapters – and yet are not much longer than a WN chapter. So at least half of the WN content is being cut when compressing / editing the WN chapters into LN chapters.

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        Anyway, returning to your question, none of the chapter titles visible make any reference to whether he has met any of the other summoned people. On the other hand we know that at least a year has passed during chapters 242 – 694 due to mention of a certain event at chapters 358 – 375 (effectively its own arc) and other events that must have occurred a few seasons later at c507 and c550. But how much time passed before these – and whether or not the new girl was involved in either – is unknown (at least from the chapter titles).

  2. Just curious, don’t this country know the existence of the man, takumi?
    It should be obvious to look out for this dude when he is the one who created tons of “new” items

    • It shouldn’t be. Takumi’s identity as the creator of such items is kept hidden by Papeck Company at his request. The only ones to know are P.Co., and the feudal lord, and his retainers.

  3. @Sphyrism If that country DOESN’T have spies within Papeck Company I’d be very surprised, if we were talking about real life anyways. (WN/LN spy agency leaders tend to be very stupid/shortsighted for some reason, I mean till the digital age ALL major companies would’ve had foreign spies in them to try and get their designs and recipes. now of course you just gotta hire some hackers and BAM you have everything sigh)

    • While that may be true in real life, this is fiction where the plot favors the MC. We consider Papeck Company to be a huge company because of our perspective in the novel, but then, looking at it from a nationwide perspective, this is still only just a company in a border territory. Though, I do think that Syndria should have at least noticed a decline in the hiring of priests for purification purposes once the toilets / timed purifying devices have become more widespread than just to Volton. Or they just don’t care as much for menial work.

      But regarding Takumi’s identity, he appears as a resident of this world, rather than a summoned individual, because of the body given to him by Norn and he has been in the world 3 years prior to the summoning. The only thing that would really give him away would be his name, and only those that would recognize it would be the other japanese people summoned, or so I believe.

    • Dont forget that the “divine” country is a bunch of megalomaniac human supremacists who see everyone else as far below them. Brain power is obviously not in great abundance among the church and nobles. They’re the standard of thinking everyone is stupider than them when, in fact, it’s the opposity.


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