Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 3

Chapter 3 : I Haven’t Managed To Arrive at a Village

While walking with the spear in one hand, I appraised everything.

Hirukuku Grass
An herb used as an ingredient for Heal Potion.
Recovers a little bit of Vitality if eaten as is.

Kurupopo Grass
An herb used as an ingredient for Stamina Potion.

Maryl Grass
It’s blue flower is used as an ingredient for Mana Potion.

York Grass
The leaves and roots contain poison.
Used as an ingredient for poison and antidote.

Mamani Mushroom
Causes paralysis if eaten.
Used as an ingredient for paralysis poison.

As it is a place people rarely come by, I was able to pick up a variety of raw materials. I stored everything in my item box.

〈Harvesting Skill acquired〉

Upon acquiring the Harvesting Skill, I felt the the picking speed and the quality have both improved.

Around an hour has passed since I started walking but I don’t feel tired yet. If I were my past self, I would already be exhausted by travelling on a hard to walk path that isn’t path-like, so I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been rejuvenated into a 15 years old or some other factor. Also, I’m heading for the river right now but, although it’s a bit late, I thought it was strange that even though it wasn’t that large, I saw it quite well from a distance.

As I was nearing the river, a gasa could be heard from a thicket. I hurriedly readied by spear.

What came out was a rabbit around the size of a medium-sized dog. But this rabbit with a horn growing from it’s forehead and fangs I wouldn’t have expected from a rabbit, bared it fangs and rushed at me.

「The rabbits in this world are carnivores?!」

I thrust the spear forward.


By some coincidence, the spear I thrust pierced the neck of the horned rabbit that lunged at me.
The sensation of stabbing an animal was unpleasant but I understood that that thrust was fatal to the horned rabbit.

〈Spearmanship Skill acquired〉

Horned Rabbit Lv 5
It’s horn is used as an ingredient for cold medicine.
It’s meat is preferably eaten.

Using Appraisal, it seems it’s name is Horned Rabbit.

I thought it would be better if I dismantled it but I threw it into the item box for the time being and headed towards the river.

「I’ve finally reached the river.」

As I drew nearer to the river to wash my face, I was at a loss for words.

「This is my face?」

My face that was being reflected on the water’s surface was that of a completely different from when I was Japanese.
I’m not sure if it’s white or silver but I’m certain that it’s not black hair. Save for some traces of my old face, it’s now that of a westerner’s. My eyes don’t seem to be black either.

「It looks more handsome than my previous one so, oh well.」

I gave up thinking about it.
It’s not like I can do anything about it now.

I washed my face and dried it off with a towel, took out the water bag from my satchel and replenished it.

Sitting on the large rock by the riverside, I gnawed at the dried meat as I took a break.

「Now then, I should hurry up.」

Moving along the riverside, I walked downstream.

I earnestly searched for any village in the vicinity as I headed downstream, The sun gradually going down was getting me flustered so I quickened my pace.

Around the time it was getting dark, I spotted what seems to be a village.
I sprinted halfway to the village.
Finally, I reached it. I was delighted for a moment, but it was a short-lived as the subsequent moment ended it.

「…… a deserted village, huh.」

It was an abandoned small village.
The buildings were crumbling away. The fences encircling the village were already broken.
There were no signs of monsters inside the village but I readied my spear as I investigated the perimeter of the village.

〈Enemy Search Skill acquired〉
〈Presence Detection Skill acquired〉

As soon as I gained Enemy Search Skill and Presence Detection Skill, I, intriguingly, was able to grasp the situation around me.

「I wonder, would the range extend as the skill levels up?」

In the end, having detected no signs of monsters in the deserted village, I came across a house less derelict compared to the other houses so I decided I would sleep here for tonight.

「I’ll have to endure with dried meat for today.」

Once I finished eating my dinner of dried meat and water, I took out the mantle from the satchel and proceeded to sleep with it wrapped around me.

I slept lightly and woke up repeatedly until morning dawned.

「U, uuuun」

I stretched to loosen up then searched for any presence of monsters in the village. Once I confirmed that there were no response, I looked at my status.

Name : Takumi Iruma
Race : Human
Age : 15 years old
Job :
Level : 1
Condition : Healthy

Vitality : 100
Magic Power : 100
Strength : 50
Agility : 30
Stamina : 50
Dexterity : 50
Intelligence : 70

Unique Skills :
Appraisal EX
Item Box EX (Concealed)

Passive Skills :

Active Skills : 
Spearmanship Lv 1
Enemy Search Lv 1
Presence Detection Lv 1
Magic Perception Lv 1
Light Attribute Magic Lv 1
Fire Attribute Magic Lv 1
Water Attribute Magic Lv 1
Wind Attribute Magic Lv 1
Earth Attribute Magic Lv 1
Time-Space Attribute Magic Lv 1
Alchemy Lv 1
Smithing Lv 1
Harvesting Lv 1
Woodworking Lv 1

Divine Protection of Goddess Norn (Concealed)

「Un, the skills have increased but there were no changes.」

Upon storing the mantle, I gnawed the dried meat as I began walking downstream.

I have a feeling that, even at the worst, I’d manage to get to a village before today is over.
The reason that deserted village was abandoned was because of the damage done by wild animals and monsters. That’s what I assessed it when I saw how the houses and fence surrounding the village were broken.
I believe that village was their initial village.

With the information about this world that Goddess Norn has given me, I speculate that it’s a far walk of 2-3 days. There should be a town or village that’s close to a day’s worth of walking.

「Sleeping outside, I don’t wanna~」

Making free use of the physical prowess that have definitely improved since my time in Japan, I earnestly quickened my walking pace.

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  2. Thanks for the Chapter.

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  4. I think the Goddess obviously change his new self instead of the usual Japanese-kin stereotype. Since it matched up his new life in there being part off instead from those summoned Heroes that would appear 3 years from now. As you know he was reincarnated in that world 3 years ago before the summoned heroes arrival.
    Well I like this kind of new part since if your’e gonna reborn in another world. It doesn’t always follow-up your appearance from whence you came from.
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