Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Finally Arrived at a Village

Around the time sun was gradually sinking on the day I had set out from the deserted village, I caught a glimpse of a small village enclosed in a fence.

I picked up materials as I kept walking, and just when my anxiety was at its peak, I found the small village not much different in scale from the deserted one.

「Alright, I’ve finally reached a village.」


Name: Takumi Iruma
Race: Human
Age: 15 years old
Job: Warrior Lv 3, Mage Lv 1
Level : 2
Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 120
Magic Power: 120
Strength: 55
Agility: 35
Stamina: 55
Dexterity: 55
Intelligence: 75

Unique Skills:
Appraisal EX
Item Box EX (Concealed)

Passive Skills:

Active Skills:
Spear Handling Lv 2
Enemy Search Lv 1
Presence Detection Lv 1

Magic Perception Lv 1
Light Attribute Magic Lv 1
Fire Attribute Magic Lv 1
Water Attribute Magic Lv 1
Wind Attribute Magic Lv 1
Earth Attribute Magic Lv 1
Time-Space Attribute Magic Lv 1
Alchemy Lv 1
Smithing Lv 1
Woodworking Lv 1
Foraging Lv 2

Divine Protection of Goddess Norn (Concealed)

On the way here, I was able to hunt two Horned Rabbits. I realized I leveled up at that time due to the strength that welled up from my body, but I didn’t notice the jobs that appeared.
I am aiming for a production job…………… if possible, as an Alchemist.

By the way, the maximum skill level is 10 and, depending on the skill, it could awaken to a superior skill.
This “skill” thing is indeed a game-like system. It was evident as my handling and defense with the spear was much smoother the instant the Spear Handling Skill leveled up from 1 to 2.
The maximum Job Level is 100, but while lower rank type of Jobs such as Warrior and Mage are easy to level up, the highest rank Jobs such as Master Swordsman of the Knight and Swordsman series are exceedingly difficult to raise.

Looking at the village closely, it’s really a small village with around 10 houses.
It is surrounded by a crude fence, and there is no one at the gate.

「No gatekeeper…… is that how it is?」
Un? Niichan, need something from this village?」

As I was talking to myself, a man in the prime of his life wearing a fur vest started talking to me.

「Yes, I left my hometown after I came of age, and I’m collecting raw materials as I travel. Also, my name is Takumi.」

「I see. Takumi, is it? That’s amazing for someone still so young. I am a hunter in this village, Vanga[1]. Even so, collecting raw materials huh, this area is abundant in raw materials used as ingredients for medicine. Additionally, there is an ore vein near here so this is a paradise for those with production Jobs. Well, being so far in the out still has its flaws at times though.」

If there are a lot of materials here, then staying for a little while to practice the skills of the production jobs I’m aiming for would be good.

「Would it be possible for me to stay in this village?」

「Sure, you’re welcome to. Well, there’s no inn in this village, but you can build the house you’ll stay in.」

Vanga-san says that I can use the stockpiled timber for the house I’ll build, then cut down trees to replenish the stock afterwards.
As it was a godsend for me, I accepted his kind offer.

The name of this village is Bohd Village.
It seems that the deserted village I stopped at was abandoned because of a monster stampede 5 years ago. This current village is located at the western end of Valkyra[3] Kingdom and on the north-west of the Asgard Continent.

As I was talking to Vanga-san, the villagers gathered in a bustle.

「Yo! This guy is Takumi ! He said he was collecting herbs as he travels! He wants to stay in the village for a while so one house will be built!」


「Oniichan is a handsome guy, isn’t he?」
「You can stay for as long as you like.」

There are no more than 40 people in the village. It seems almost everyone in the village is here, including a few small children too.

「I am called Takumi. For the short while I’ll be here, please treat me well!」

The villagers were, surprisingly, very warm and welcoming to me.
It might be because it is necessary to help each other in an environment that’s harsh to live in.

I ended up staying at Vanga-san’s house that day.
Vanga-san lives with his wife, Martha-san, and his son, Ganbo-san. It seems he has another son, but that son left the village when he became an adult.

The next morning, Vanga-san guided me towards the edge of the village.

「Sorry, but this is the only vacant lot you can build a house on right now. It’s great that it’s pretty close to the where the timber is being stored though, right?」

Vanga-san said so apologetically.
Certainly, it’s a vacant lot a bit distant from the other houses. I believe it was inevitable in this small village.

「No, I will only be staying for a short while, and I am grateful for being permitted to stay.」
「O-okay, then let’s get to building quickly?」
「Yes, please.」

The villagers, not just Vanga-san, helped, so carrying the timber finished before long.

「I will be flattening the ground.」

I then flattened the ground in the area my house would be built on with Earth Attribute Magic.

〈Earth Attribute Magic has leveled up〉
〈Magic Power Manipulation Skill obtained〉


Fuuu, it took a bit more magic power than I had imagined.」

Enduring the slight dizziness of having my magic power almost run dry, I supported myself, and looked at Vanga-san and the others. Everyone’s mouths were agape.

「Ta-takumi, you are a Mage? Well, that aside, to use earth magic that way……」
「Umm, was it something unskillful? I don’t know any other Mages.」
「N-no, it’s fine. Then, everyone! Let’s divide the work and build this quickly.」
「O, oh, that’s right.」
「「Wooow! Oniichan!」」

The children seemed to be delighted, but it seems that how I used Earth Magic to build a house was sort of unconventional. I should be careful.

As for the dimensions of the house, the plan a 6-jou[3] cabin that has 2 rooms on a dirt floor and with a hearth.
It’s a small cabin so, with the villagers all helping, the exterior was almost completed by dusk.

〈Carpentry Skill obtained〉
〈Carpentry Skill has leveled up〉

Until the hearth is ready, Martha-san will take care of my meals.
I will be making my furniture little by little; Tomorrow I’ll make a bed, and chop down trees to replace the amount of timber I’ve used.

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  1. Vanga is read as Van-Ga.[↩]
  2. Got a better way to write ボード (I used Boud) and バーキラ (Balkyra) in english? Board and Bakira don’t sound very nice to me BrassKnight gave a bunch of suggestions. Changed to Valkyra and Bohd. Thanks
  3. 1 Jou (Tatami mat) is equivalent to 1.53 m2 so it’s 9.18 m2.[↩]

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