Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Takumi Alone in the Land


When my consciousness returned, I felt the sensation of solid ground on my back.

「U, ugh, that was terrible.」」

My body felt out of place immediately after I sat up.

「Did my stomach get smaller?」

I stood up at once so I could confirm it.
Un, my stomach clearly got smaller.
Feeling delighted that my body that was overweight from having a lazy lifestyle in addition to being 40 years old has been refreshed, I did not realize a much bigger change at this time.
Looking around, I realized I was on a hill in a meadow.

「A forest behind me and meadows in front of me, I wonder if there’s a river beyond that. A steep-looking mountain to my right, and to my left is a meadow all the way, huh………… I guess I have no choice but to head towards the river.」

Before I set out, I inspected myself.
My attire was a stiff, unbleached shirt and light brown pants, a pair of sturdy-looking leather short boots, a short sword on my left hip, and there was a leather shoulder bag by my feet.

「Is there something inside this bag?」

When I checked inside the bag

Harvest Knife
Dried meat
Water bag
Hand towel
A small bag with money
( 1 Gold coin, 10 silver coins, 10 copper coins)

The types of money and approximate value of the Asgard continent-wide coins are

1 White Gold coin = 100 gold coins = 10,000,000 yen.
1 Gold coin = 100 silver coins = 100,000 yen
1 Silver coin = 10 copper coins = 1,000 yen
1 Copper coin = 10 iron = 100 yen
1 Iron = 10 yen

「Thanks for the money.
Oh yeah, I should confirm my status.」


Name : Takumi Iruma
Race : Human
Age : 15 years old
Job :
Level : 1
Condition : Healthy

Vitality : 100
Magic Power : 100
Strength : 50
Agility : 30
Stamina : 50
Dexterity : 50
Intelligence : 70

Unique Skills :
Appraisal EX
Item Box EX

Passive Skills :


Active Skills : 
Light Attribute Magic Lv 1
Fire Attribute Magic Lv 1
Water Attribute Magic Lv 1
Wind Attribute Magic Lv 1
Earth Attribute Magic Lv 1
Time-Space Attribute Magic Lv 1
Alchemy Lv 1
Smithing Lv 1

Divine Protection of Goddess Norn


「So that goddess-sama was called Norn.
Rather, I have a lot of magic attributes.」

Since I thought there was no helping it, I looked for other strange things and noticed the Divine Protection of Norn. When I looked closely, Appraisal worked and the details were displayed.

Divine Protection of Goddess Norn
Large growth correction for everything ・ Growth limit break
Right now only Takumi has my divine protection, be grateful, okay?

「………… I know I’m gonna get dragged into something troublesome like this.
Because it’s no use thinking about it, I’ll inspect magic next.」

I have magic in my status but I don’t know how to use it.

I’ve made up my mind to use something as a test.
Since conflagration with fire attribute magic is scary, I’ll try using water attribute magic.

「Let’s see, Water Ball!」

After I extended my right hand and chanted, there was a feeling of something coming out from my body, then a lump of water projected forward.

I guess what came from my body just now was magic power. The moment I sensed it, a message was transmitted in my head.

〈Magic Perception skill acquired〉

As soon as I obtained the Magic Perception skill, I was able to sense that there was something similar to magic power (?) within me and in nature.
After that, with a clearer image of the result, I tried out Water Ball again.


Compared to the first one, it’s clear that there was force in this waterball when it flew.

「It’s the “The image is important” template, isn’t it? 」

Afterwards, I changed attributes multiple times to verify my magic.
Lv 1 magic of any attribute probably consumes 5 magic power each time.

「Alright, that’s it for that.
All that’s left is to check the item box.」

When I thought about the item box, a black hole immediately appeared from air I gingerly put my hand in and placed a stone that I picked up.

「Un, can I turn it into a list in my head to check? Being able to confirm thet contents is convenient.」

I reviewed the details of my item box.

Item Box EX
A time-space attribute magic different from storage magic. A unique skill that the Goddess Norn created. Opening and closing the space, and putting in or taking out items does not require magic power.
Infinite storage capacity ・ Time stop ・ Storing living things is not allowed

「Ooh, this leaking out would be bad.」

The moment I said my soliloquey, a message was transmitted into my head.

〈Item Box has become Item Box EX (Concealed), Divine Protection of Goddess Norn has become Divine Protection of Goddess Norn (Concealed)〉

「Thanks Norn-sama」

For the time being. I picked up medium sized stones and placed them in the item box.
This is for stone throwing.
Although I can’t sense any dangerous monsters around right now, there’s no way I can use a short sword right off the bat. My reasoning is that if it’s stone throwing then I might be able to manage somehow.

Afterwards, I searched for a handy pole in the thick forest of trees behind me.
As a way to defend myself, I think that rather than a sword, a spear would be better for a beginner. With that reasoning, I used Appraisal and the one handed short sword as I searched for hard wood.

Without entering the forest, I searched the outer perimiter and a fallen tree I noticed caught my eye.
Following my instinct, I used Appraisal.

Treant Wood
High grade wood obtained from a Treant, a tree monster.
Excellent for magic power conductivity, it is used for magician’s canes and magic tools.

「Oooh, is this my great fortune?」

I took out my knife and cut out the appropriate size.

「I can’t use this as it is. Can I do this with the Smithing Skill?」

Smithing Lv 1
Correction to Smith working.
Smithing Magic ( Modeling ・ Shaving ・ Heating ・ Cooling ) are usable.

Un, it seems I’ll be able to manage somehow.
I held the Treant Wood in my hands, imagined a spear handle, poured in magic power, and invoked the Smithing Magic Modeling.
Whether it was because the Treant Wood had high affinity for magic or because the form of the spear was simple, the spearhandle was completed with the image I had.
Next, I peeled bark from the fallen Treant and made rope.

〈Wood Working Skill acquired〉

「I can get skills from this?」

Although I was puzzled by how I got the Wood Working Skill so simply, my work became much easier.

I inserted the knife I dismantled into the notch I previously made on the Treant handle and fastened it with the rope.

「Un, I wonder if this is good enough.」

I took a stance and tried thrusting and swiping the spear I made.

「Alright, I guess I should head in the river’s direction first.」

A few hours have gone unnoticed since I was sent here by Goddess Norn. Wanting to avoid sleeping outdoors, I started walking in the direction of the river. I believe that if I moved down the riverside, I would reach a settlement where humans live.

I bid farewell to the forest and started walking towards what seemed to be a river far past the meadow.

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