Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Three People and One Creature

We returned to the mansion in Papeck-san’s carriage.

The three of us entered the mansion and relaxed in the living room.

「For starters, there are 3 vacant rooms on the second floor, Sophia-san and Maria-san please choose from those.」
「Master, please address me simply as Sophia.」
「That is right, Master. Master, you will be looked down upon if you treat slaves in such a manner.」

As soon as we returned home, I had suddenly been given advice by Sophia-san and Maria-san. It seems that the Master – Slave relationship must properly be upheld.
I don’t think of it as a “Master and Slave”, but Sophia and Maria, …… this is awkward.

「Also, one room per person is too luxurious for a slave.」
「No, there are many rooms so use them. Ah! I forgot to introduce you.
Kaede, come out.」

Kaede came out of the Subspace, and got on my lap as I sat on the sofa.

「…………u, umm, M, master, th, that is」

Sophia and Maria were pale faced and staring at Kaede.

「This one’s name is Kaede. It’s my familiar, so do get along.」
「Familiar……, Master, that, is a Killer spider is it not?」
「Oooh, as expected of an elf, you know it well.」
「No, the incredible one is Master. An escort is unnecessary if Kaede is around, I’m losing confidence.」

Afterwards, I toured them around the mansion, and explained how to use the toilet and the bath.

「I-is it alright for u-us to use the bath as well?!」
「This is my first time seeing a bath!」

After showing them and telling them that they’re free to enter the bathroom, Sophia and Maria’s spirits became ridiculous.

「Sophia-san, it’s soap!」
「It’s true! What a nice scent」

The excitement of the two wouldn’t settle down, they kept touching the magic device and dispensing hot water. The hot water vigorously flowed, and in a few minutes the hot water had filed the tub.

「I’ll prepare the towels, you guys bring a change of underwear and it’s fine to go in one at a time or together.」
「For Master to not come with us, and for slaves to enter first, you say.」
「That’s right, Master!」

Come on, the appeal of the faces of these two wanting to enter. Un, honesty is best.

「I take a bath just before sleeping so it’s alright.」
「Then I will take your word for it.」
「Me too, I’ll go in first.」

Sophia and Maria ran to get underwear that they brought with them from the slavery company. Even though Sophia is one-legged.

「You don’t have to run though……………」

Meanwhile, I made lunch in the kitchen.

「A simple meal would be good, right?」

I heat up a frying pan on the magic stove I made. I fried both sides of the bacon and distributed on the plates.
I greased the pan, then brought out eggs from the Item Box and cracked them into a bowl. I don’t know what kind of milk this is, but I added the milk-like thing and stirred it.

「Salt is enough for flavor. I would have liked some cheese though.」

I hummed a song while making the omelette.
I cooked three people’s portions of omelette, then arranged them on the plates with bacon.

I set the plates on the dining table, and placed a basket of bread at the center of the table. I then lined up individual plates and pre-prepared vegetable soup for three people.

「Master! Why are you cooking food!?」

Sophia and Maria who had just stepped out of the bath were wearing simple dresses. When the two with exceptional proportions wear thin dresses, their chests bulge and their hip-lines temptatious.

「Let’s have lunch. There are time when I have to do this if I want to eat, you can relax today. Now, let’s eat before it gets cold.」

I sat at the dining table.
Sophia and Maria remained standing.

「What’s wrong? Both of you sit down.」
「For a slave to do such a thing as have a meal at the same table as Master.」

Maria was lost and confused at what she should do.

「Come on, come on, Maria, help Sophia to a chair.」

The two reluctantly went to the table, and I imparted my wish to them.

「Sophia, Maria, I want you to listen. I grew up in an environment where there were no slaves. That is why, I don’t understand the significance of differentiating special slaves. So to bond with my slaves, I want us to suit my style. Alright, this talk is over. Let’s eat.」

I don’t know if they understood it or not, but the three of us somehow finished our meals.

Informing Sophia and Maria that I am going to the workshop, I left the mansion and went entered the workshop.

「Now then, this is gonna hurt, I bet.」

I rolled up my sleeves and stabbed myself.

「Ow! 『Heal』」

I immediately recovered with Heal.
I took out York Grass from the item box and tossed it into my mouth.


I alternated between casting Heal and Cure on myself. Of course, my goal is to level up the Light attribute magic skill.
When the skill level goes up, it becomes more ambiguous by just using it so increasing the skill level is difficult. That is why I heal injuries, detoxify poison, and purify the room. And do it again.

Truthfully, using more advanced Light attribute magic is more efficient at increasing the skill level, but I still can’t use the large-scale Holy Barrier.

And then, that time came.

〈The 「Light Attribute Magic」 Skill has leveled up〉

「Haaa, it finally went up.」

I returned to the mansion and Maria was preparing dinner.

「Ah, Master, preparations for dinner will be done very soon.」
「Thank you.」

The three of us ate dinner, then I took Sophia to her room.

「What’s the matter, Master?」
「Well, it’s fine, it’s fine.」

Sophia sat on the bed.
I kneaded a concentration of magic power and constructed a magic formula.

『Extra Heal』

A change suddenly wrapped light around Sophia’s body.


Sophia let out a groan.
Sophia’s right arm started regenerating, her ear returned to its former state, her foot’s regeneration proceeded at a quick pace. Sophia’s arm, leg, and ear had regenerated right before my eyes.
Maria covered her mouth with her hand in surprise.

「Wha! ……………M, Masterrrr~!」

Sophia’s exceedingly beautiful face distorted and she burst into tears.

「Waa~ I’m so tiiired~」
「I-is Master a priest?」

Maria spouted absurdities.
In the end, it took some time before Sophia could regain her composure.

Washing her tear-stained face, Sophia then fell to her knees in front of me.

「I will dedicate eternal loyalty and devotion to Master.」
「Sophia, raise your head. I healed your body for my sake. So raise your head, Sophia.」
「This is wonderful, isn’t it, Sophia-san.」

We’ll talk about what’s to come tomorrow, Sophia will rest today. Her lost limbs were healed, but having not moved very much for a very long, Sophia’s stamina did not return.

「Good night, Sophia. Good night, Maria.」
「「Good night, Master.」」

They’ve got to change their way of calling me “Master”.
Being called “Master”, no way~  this isn’t a maid cafe.

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