Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Current Objectives

On the second morning of Sophia and Maria coming to the house, the three of us finished eating breakfast and were discussing today’s plans and future objectives over a cup of tea.

「Firstly, my plans for today. We will buy clothing and underwear, and any other necessities for you, Sophia and Maria. However, we might run into some trouble because both of you stand out very much, so I’ll lend you my overcoat today. We might be able to hide your face if you pull up the hood.」
「I can understand Sophia-san, but I will be fine.」
「No no no, Maria, you should be aware of your own appearance. Sophia is a different type, but you are also good enough to boast about.」

When I said that, Maria’s face turned red and she looked down. Beside her, Sophia was also nodding.

「I will eventually make clothes and underwear.」
Umm, Master, even our underwear?」
「That’s right. The clothes I’m wearing, down to my underwear, are all handmade. The cloth is made from Kaede’s specialized Spider Silk.」

Knowing the value of Spider Silk, Sophia was speechless.

「About my plans for the future. I want to travel freely to different places. I also want to go to places with food and materials only available in those places, see beautiful sceneries and historic ruins. Of course, our base will be this house. I would like for Sophia to always be with me to guard me, but if that were the case, I’d be worried for Maria who’d have to house-sit for a long time.」
「L-listen, Master, would it be a bother to you if I said I want to come along with you and Sophia-san?」

Maria stared at me as she talked.
Being stared at by a beautiful girl like her, I’d do anything she asks for.

Receiving permission from the two, I first checked Sophia and Maria’s status using Appraisal.


Sophia Sylphide
Race: Elf
Age: 80 years old
Job: Spirit Mage Lv60, Knight Lv20
(Warrior Lv80, Hunter Lv67)
Level: 64
Condition: Healthy ( Slavery: Takumi )

Vitality: 420
Magic Power: 520
Strength: 280
Agility: 380
Stamina: 320
Dexterity: 210
Intelligence: 360

Unique Skills
Spirit Eye

Passive Skills
Insight Lv3

Active Skills
Swordplay Lv7
Shield Technique Lv5
Spear Handling Lv6
Archery Lv6
Taijutsu Lv4
Enemy Search Lv2
Presence Detection Lv2
Stealth Lv2
Enhance Strength Lv4

Magic Perception Lv6
Magic Power Manipulation Lv5
Spirit Magic Lv8
Water Attribute Magic Lv5
Wind Attribute Magic Lv6



Race: Human
Age: 15 years old
Job: Maid Lv20, Thief Lv20
( Warrior Lv16, Chef Lv32 )
Level: 14
Condition: Healthy ( Slavery: Takumi)

Vitality: 120
Magic Power: 140
Strength: 70
Agility: 80
Stamina: 90
Dexterity: 96
Intelligence: 110

Unique Skills

Passive Skills

Active Skills
Dagger Technique Lv4
Taijutsu Lv2
Enemy Search Lv2
Presence Detection Lv2
Stealth Lv2

Magic Perception Lv1
Magic Power Manipulation Lv2
Fire Attribute Magic Lv2
Water Attribute Magic Lv2
Earth Attribute Magic Lv3
Sewing Lv3
Cooking Lv3


I already knew Sophia was strong before I appraised her, but Maria’s status wasn’t all that bad either. It might not be an exaggeration to call her a genius.
Just what did Moulin-san make Maria do? She’s a battle maid no matter how I look at it.

「Our levels aren’t that much different, and you can use three attribute magic. Maria, your status is more than enough. But is this really okay? I think we will face a lot of danger.」
「Yes, it would be many times more painful being left by Master and Sophia.」

Maria looked serious.

「Master, I also ask this of you. I would like for you to allow Maria to move together with us. If it’s magic, then I will teach her, and I think I can also teach her how to fight.」
「………… that’s true, I will also join your training. Yeah, Maria is the one in charge of my well-being after all.」

That being the case, it is necessary to reassess our battle potential.
Originally, I had planned for just Sophia and I to go on the journey.
I thought it was a good idea to hire an escort from the Adventurer’s Guild when moving from one town to the next. Sophia is also strong so I think nothing extreme would happen. However, Maria coming along changes the story.
To take a beauty and a peerless beauty on a journey, that’s just like saying “Please attack me”.

「At present, Maria and I have to improve our overall strength. Sophia will cancel out her 50 year blank. And I will make Sophia and Maria’s equipment. That’s about it.」
「Also, it might be good for Maria and I to register at the Adventurers Guild.」
「That’s true, you need identification papers.」

Today will be for shopping and registering at the Adventurers Guild.
In the Adventurers Guild, aside from the registrations, I would like some information about the monsters that frequently appear in the vicinity of Volton.

「Sophia, would knight armor be good?」

Since Sophia’s job used to be a knight, I asked her if she wanted knight armor, but she shook her head.

「No, being a knight doesn’t mean I wear knight armor. Leather armor that does not inhibit my movement would be sufficient.」

I still have a ton of materials from the Huge Armored Boar so I’ll use those.

「What weapon can you use well?」

Sophia should be good with the sword, spear, and, very elf-like of her, the bow.

「I would like a long sword, a spear around 2 meter to 2.5 meters, and a long bow as my bow. Also, one or two knives.」
「You don’t need a shield?」
「For the shield, a small round shield will be good.」

I wonder if Sophia’s fighting style relies on speed. I’ll make a leather armor similar to mine then.

「Maria, what weapon do you want to use? Still a dagger?」
「I trained with a dagger at Moulin, so a dagger or knife as the base would be good, but I have worries about its destructiveness against enemy monsters.」

Fumu, it is enough for interpersonal fights but grave against large monsters.

「How about a spear then, Maria? If it’s a spear then I can teach you.」
「That’s right. Spears, glaives, bardiches, halberds, there are many types, but either way, a long weapon would probably be good.」

In the end, it would make no difference whether you use a knife or a spear if you’re fighting a huge armored boar, but if you’re fighting a goblin with a knife, or fighting it with a spear or glaive, then the latter would definitely be much easier to fight with.

「Yeah, Maria is a beginner with long weapons, so try starting with a spear. You can change to a glaive after that.」
「Yes, please teach me, Sophia-san.」

It seems Maria took Sophia’s advice and chose the spear.
Aside from the two’s spears and blades, I need to prepare their armor too.

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