Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 25

Chapter 25: In the end, I bought two

Konkon, Gacha

The sound of knocking was heard and Sophia came in with Moulin and an employee.

「Please sit down.」

Since she was just standing there, I asked her to sit down.

「Please allow me to ask you one or two questions. Sophia-san, you were a knight in Yggurle Kingdom. Though right away is impossible, would there be a problem if you were to return to Yggurle Kingdom when you are released in the future? Also, although I am an artisan, I would like to be escorted when I sometimes forage or go mining, but do you find duties like those unpleasant?」

For the time being, I tried asking if there’s a reason should she not want to return to her homeland, and if a knight like her is a fit to be doing guard duty for me.

「Takumi-dono, was it? Before that, are you a son of a noble? I’m sure you’ve heard but I am by no means cheap.」
「No, I am not a noble. Just a country bumpkin.」
「Sophia-dono, though Takumi-sama is young, he is an excellent artisan. An excellent artisan and developer whose earnings in just this month alone is enough to buy everyone of you.」

It seems like a young person such as myself carrying large amounts of money was misunderstood to be a noble’s idiotic son. Papeck-san explained how I have such a large amount of money.

「So, how is that?」
「…… there would be no punishment if I were to return to my motherland. With regards to escorting, I do not dislike the work itself either. However, I can’t hold a sword or spear with this body. I can’t be relied on for magic either because I can’t knead magic power.」

Sophia bit her lip in vexation.
This is unrelated but I wonder if Sophia’s speech being boyish because she is a knight. It’s such a steep gap from her womanly appearance.

「I won’t say anything at the moment but I’ll do something about that somehow. Please tell me at once if my purchase of you is physiologically impossible.」
「N, no, it’s not impossible. Rather, what else can I say to such pretty silver hair and cool eyes?」

Oooh, her face that doesn’t look 80 years blushing is cute. Her appearance might be like that of someone in their 20’s. Elves sure are amazing. They’re said have a lifespan of 700-800 years. An error range of a 100 years……………

「Well then, you will be purchasing Sophia, correct? We will make preparations for Sophia. And one more, you wanted someone who can manage a mansion, did you not?」
「Then we will present children who had been subjected to a crime and were illegally sold as slaves. However, having suffered excessively at the hands of thieves, there are many who have a fear of men. Therefore the ones being presented to Takumi-sama today were kidnapped children who have no place to return to, and among the ones we’ve raised, we will first present the one we recommend.  Bring Maria.」

Moulin-san gave instructions to the employee.

A girl around the same age as me entered after a short while.
I felt strangely impressed at her lovely reddish blonde hair that seemed to exist only in the fantasy world. Her appearance is at a level where 10 out of 10 people would turn their heads at the beautiful girl. She has large eyes and translucent skin, a large bust unthinkable of a young girl, hips projecting outwardly from her slender waist, has long arms and legs, how she’s not yet sold is a mystery.

「You may be wondering why someone of Maria’s appearance hasn’t been sold at her age yet. She said she will not do nightly duties, and our company only sell the children once they’ve become adults because grandfather had ordered so. Maria has only just turned into an adult the day before yesterday.」

I see, if that wasn’t the case, then there’s no way a beautiful girl of this level would remain here.

「Maria is educated in reading, writing, calculations, and general housework.」
「May I ask her a few questions?」
「Please feel free to ask her anything.」

I looked into the girl’s eyes, but I could sense from those eyes that she has not given up on life.

「I am Takumi. Maria-san, please allow me to ask a few questions. If I bring you back with me, I would like for you to manage my home but would that be a problem? The rooms in the house consist of a living room, dining room, and kitchen on the first floor, and four bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor, but if this is too difficult to manage alone, I would like for you to tell me how many people would be necessary.」

Maria thought about my question for a little bit and answered.

「With regards to returning to Takumi-sama’s house and managing it, please do take me from here. For the number of rooms there, I believe I will be fine by myself.」

Hearing her answer, I looked at Moulin-san.

「Maria will be 80 gold coins.」
「No problem. So, her too please.」
「Then we will make preparations for Maria. We will bind Sophia and Maria with a slave contract thereafter.」

I paid Moulin-san 3 white gold coins, subtracting the commission fee and the initial tax, I received 10 gold coins in change. We signed Sophia and Maria’s slave contracts in another room.
Before that, I didn’t forget to dispel Sophia’s curse with Dispel Curse. If I dispeled it after the slave contract is done, the curse and the slave contract will both be lifted.

Moulin Company’s exclusive magician cast Slave Contract magic on Sophia and I, and Maria and I. Thereupon, a slave crest showed underneath the throats of the girls and they became my slaves.

「Master, I will endeavor to forever stay by your side.」
「Master, please treat me well.」

Lending my shoulder to Sophia, we boarded Papeck-san’s carriage to return to the mansion.

In the carriage on our way back to the mansion, Papeck-san could no longer hold it in and asked me.

「Takumi-sama, can you recover lost limbs?」
「Papeck-san, I must say that it is impossible at present. …………However, with one more level, I better not say anything more than this.」
「Yes, t-that’s right. I will not ask about this. I heard that there is one priest in the Divine Empire of Sydnia that can recover limbs, and that is the pope.」

Hearing Papeck-san and my conversation, Sophia suddenly grabbed my arm.
Sophia-san, your face is close, too close! If a peerless beauty does that, I’d lose all reasoning.

「Master, you can use Light attribute magic to the point where limbs can be restored?」
「No, I’m saying it’s still impossible for me right now. But I’ll do something about it before long. For Sophia-san who had come to be my guard, it would be hard to hold even a sword without a right hand, wouldn’t it?」
「A sword, I will be able to swing a sword……」

Sophia-san wants to believe but can’t believe it, I could see the complex expression.

「Ah, since your curse has been dispelled, you can use both spirit magic and attribute magic.」

Sophia-san kneaded her magic power within herself inside the carriage.

「Magic power, my magic power is working. I can knead magic power!」
「Whoa, whoa, calm down Sophia-san, we’re inside a carriage.」

The excited Sophia-san calmed down somehow.
I know you’re happy because you hadn’t been able to use magic until now, but, sorry, I’ll have you settle down.

Papeck-san had on a face that was saying “Since when had the curse been dispelled???”.

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  1.  Onomatopoeia explanations. Konkon = knocking, Gacha = door opening.

Translator’s Note:

I’m so happy we finally reached the story where the girls are shown. >w< I’ve always been so curious as to who those girls on the cover were and when they’d appear. As always, thank you for reading! I’ll be back from my trip from Singapore by the 25th. Thank you for your understanding.

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