Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Potion Making is an Alchemist’s Job Too? Part 2

With the preparations for making the heal potions complete, I used the magic 「Pulverize」 on Hirukuku grass and then placed it in the washed and dried large pot. The pot was then filled by Water attribute magic, and stirred while heating it. Furthermore, 「Synthesize」 magic blended the water and the Hirukuku grass extract completely.

I was being prudent so as not to burn it while heating it, then for a second, the inside of the pot shone. Hurriedly turning off the heat, I tried appraising it.

Was it a failure?

Basic Heal Potion
Quality: Superior
Hirukuku grass + magic water ( 2 : 8 )
Heal potion produced by an Alchemist
A Basic Heal Potion of the highest quality, it has a restorative effect close to Intermediate Heal Potion.

〈The 「Alchemy」 Skill has leveled up〉
〈The 「Alchemist」 Job has leveled up〉
〈The 「Alchemist」 Job has leveled up〉

「…………Umm, it was successful, right?」

I proceeded to portion the completed Basic Heal Potion from the pot into the glass bottles.

In conclusion, I made 100 Basic Heal Potions.

「The colors are clearly different.」

Though the Basic Heal Potion Vanga-san showed me had the same blue color, the Basic Heal Potion I made was definitely a more beautiful shade.

「Moreover, I can sense magic power. The cause is most likely the water I prepared with Water Attribute Magic. The water became magic water.」

The difference between the potion that the Pharmacist brewed manually and the potion I freely used alchemy on is simply due to the water I prepared with magic, and the process of pulverization and synthesis substituted with magic.

「I sure want the recipes for Intermediate and Advanced Heal Potions. As well as try to make Stamina and Mana Potions too.」

I pondered if I should start preparing to go to the next place soon. I must train my Job level and Skill level a bit more, practice magic, as well as prepare equipment. And thinking about it properly, only now did I realize that I don’t have any decent armor.

Therefore, I decided to set a mid term and long term goal.

First, at the bare minimum, to set up countermeasures against monsters. Specifically, to prepare armor, and to make and master weapons apart from the spear.

After that, go to a much larger town, preferably a place with a likelihood of obtaining of spell books and magic potion recipes.

Thereafter, I headed to the river several times to collect materials for potion bottles, set out for the spot where there were Kork trees to harvest materials for bottle caps, and manufactured a large amount of potion bottles.

Being vigilant for monsters, I used Presence Detection and Enemy Search when I entered the forest, and at that time, I noticed how, albeit limited to monsters, Magic Perception was also helpful in detecting monsters. Given that monsters have magic stones and, compared normal animals, they possess magic power, I believe that the Magic Perception Skill is able to sense that.

The Stamina potion and Mana potion failed a bunch of times since I fumbled over the recipe, but I was eventually able to produce 100 Basic Stamina Potions and 100 Basic Mana potions.


Basic Stamina Potion
Quality: Superior
Kurupopo Grass + Magic Water ( 2 : 8 )
Stamina potion produced by an Alchemist.
A Basic Stamina Potion of the highest quality, it has a restorative effect close to Intermediate Stamina Potion.

Basic Mana Potion
Quality: Superior
Maryl Grass + Magic Water ( 3 : 7 )
Mana Potion produced by an Alchemist.
A Basic Mana Potion of the highest quality, it has a restorative effect close to Intermediate Mana Potion.


The level of my Alchemist Job has gotten quite high. Vanga-san says that growth dulls once the Job level exceeds 40. From there, one enters the stage of the top class.

「Oh yeah, can I improve the Heal potion in my own way?」

Differing from a Pharmacist, Vanga-san says that the potion an Alchemist brews is an original that the Alchemist comes up with. So, in the appraised recipe for make heal potions, I decided to try altering the magic water that was included in the procedure into magic water charged with Light attribute magic.

I’ll try charging the water taken from Water attribute magic with Heal magic.

This is quite difficult, and slowly charging the Heal into it will continue for a while.

〈The 「Bestowal Magic」 skill has been obtained〉

This is Bestowal Magic?

〈The 「Bestowal Magic」 skill has leveled up〉

A change appeared in the water that I kept charging with Heal. The water shined faintly.

Special Intermediate Heal Potion
Quality: Superior
Hirukuku Grass + Magic Water ( 2 : 8 )
Intermediate Heal Potion produced by a skilled Alchemist with a special formula.
An Intermediate Heal Potion of the highest quality, it has a restorative effect close to an Advanced Heal Potion. Unable to heal defects.

Un, this will be placed inside the Item Box. Leaving this on the table would be bad.


Name: Takumi Iruma
Race: Human
Age: 15 years old
Job: Alchemist Lv 42, Blacksmith Lv 42
(Carpenter Lv 7, Warrior Lv 7, Mage Lv 26)
Level: 4
Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 180
Magic Power: 240
Strength: 74
Agility: 45
Stamina: 85
Dexterity: 77
Intelligence: 88

Unique Skills:
Appraisal EX
Item Box EX (Concealed)

Passive Skills:
Superhuman Strength Lv 2

Active Skills:
Spear Handling Lv 3
Axe Technique Lv 2
Swordplay Lv 1
Enemy Search Lv 2
Presence Detection Lv 2
Stealth Lv 2

Magic Perception Lv 2
Magic Power Manipulation Lv 5
Light Attribute Magic Lv 3
Fire Attribute Magic Lv 4
Water Attribute Magic Lv 1
Wind Attribute Magic Lv 1
Earth Attribute Magic Lv 5
Time-Space Attribute Magic Lv 1
Bestowal Magic Lv 1
Alchemy Lv 6
Smithing Lv 5
Woodworking Lv 4
Carpentry Lv 3
Foraging Lv 3
Logging Lv 2
Dismantling Lv 2
Mining Lv 3
Metalworking Lv 2

Divine Protection of Goddess Norn (Concealed)

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