Greatest Alchemist? CCS1

Current Character Status

Takumi Iruma

Originally dragged into the hero summoning, he was sent to Mildgard by Goddess Norn. In addition, he was sent three years prior to the hero summoning.
In his time in Japan, he was a salaryman in his 40’s, but he became a handsome, silver haired 15 year old in Mildgard. This is a special body that was personally made by Goddess Norn, with more blessing than a hero’s and has quite the cheat abilities hidden within it.
The person himself thinks “I’ll enjoy the slow life” as an artisan, but he hasn’t noticed that, just by his status, he’s already equal to a first-class adventurer.

Name: Takumi Iruma
Race: Human
Age: 15 years old
Job: Alchemist Lv72, Blacksmith Lv70
( Magic Swordsman Lv12, Magician LV11, Magic Bestower LV32, Carpenter Lv16, Tailor Lv40 」
Level: 68
Status: Healthy

Vitality: 730
Magic Power: 930
Strength: 372
Agility: 332
Stamina: 430
Dexterity: 356
Intelligence: 434

Unique Skills
Appraisal EX
Item Box EX ( Concealed )

Passive Skills
Superhuman Strength Lv3
Insight Lv3
Poison Resistance Lv2
Paralysis Resistance Lv2
Evasion Lv2
Body Control Lv3
Increased Magic Power Recovery Speed Lv1
High-speed Thought Process Lv1
Active Skills
Spear Handling Lv7
Axe Technique Lv5
Swordplay Lv7
Throwing Lv4
Taijutsu Lv5
Matoujutsu Lv5
Enemy Search Lv3
Presence Detection Lv5
Stealth Lv4
Tame Lv1
Enhance Physical Abilities Lv5

Magic Perception Lv8
Magic Power Manipulation Lv9
Light Attribute Magic Lv7
Fire Attribute Magic Lv5
Water Attribute Magic Lv5
Wind Attribute Magic LV6
Earth Attribute Magic Lv8
Ice Attribute Magic Lv4
Lightning Attribute Magic Lv3
Time-Space Attribute Magic Lv3
Bestowal Magic Lv5
Alchemy Lv8
Smithing Lv8
Woodworking Lv6
Carpentry LV4
Foraging Lv5
Logging Lv5
Dismantling Lv4
Mining Lv4
Metalworking Lv5
Sewing Lv3
Cooking Lv2

Divine Protection of Goddess Norn ( Concealed )
Arachne Unique Species ( Kaede )

Giant Killing


Sophia Sylphide

Born to a low ranking noble household in Yggurle Kingdom, the country of elves. she was a knight that became a prisoner of war in the war between Yggurle Kingdom and Triaria Kingdom 50 years ago. Originally, she was in a position to be exchanged during a prisoner exchange and as compensation, but was sold to Valkyra Kingdom through a broker. As she was already in a state where she was disabled with a leg and arm missing and was cursed to be unable to knead magic power when she was purchased by Moulin Slavery Company, she remained unsold for 50 years despite being a peerless beauty.
It is unknown why she was not returned to her country, nor why was sold as a slave.
Purchased by Takumi, her missing limbs and ear were restored and curse dispelled, she pledged her loyalty to him for the rest of his life.

Name: Sophia Sylphide
Race: Elf
Age: 80 years old
Job: Spirit Mage Lv82, Knight Lv64
( Warrior Lv80, Hunter Lv67 )
Level: 80
Condition: Healthy ( Slavery: Takumi )

Vitality: 500
Magic Power: 620
Strength: 340
Agility: 440
Stamina: 380
Dexterity: 270
Intelligence: 420

Unique Skils
Spirit Eye

Passive Skills
Insight Lv4
Active Skills
Swordplay Lv7
Shield Technique Lv6
Spear Handling Lv8
Archery Lv7
Taijutsu Lv4
Enemy Search Lv4
Presence Detection Lv5
Stealth Lv4
Enhance Physical Abilities Lv5

Magic Perception Lv7
Magic Power Manipulation Lv6
Spirit Magic Lv8
Water Attribute Magic Lv6
Wind Attribute Magic Lv7



In her childhood, the village she lived in was attacked by thieves. The men were killed and women were violated then sold as slaves afterwards, and all the children were sold as slaves as well.
Sold to Moulin Slavery Company through a slave broker, she received education until she reached of age as she waited for the day she would be purchased.
Purchased by Takumi who was of the same age, she came to the decision to be this man’s slave for the rest of their lives because of his appearance and kindness.


Name: Maria
Race: Human
Age: 15 years old
Job: Warrior Lv82, Thief Lv68
( Chef Lv48, Maid Lv40 )
Level: 54
Condition: Healthy ( Slavery: Takumi )

Vitality: 260
Magic Power: 280
Strength: 180
Agility: 240
Stamina: 250
Dexterity: 260
Intelligence: 300

Unique Skills

Passive Skills

Active Skills
Spear Handling Lv5
Dagger Technique Lv4
Taijutsu Lv3
Enemy Search Lv2
Presence Detection Lv3
Stealth Lv3
Enhance Physical Abilities Lv2

Magic Perception Lv3
Magic Power Manipulation Lv4
Fire Attribute Magic Lv4
Water Attribute Magic Lv3
Earth Attribute Magic Lv5
Sewing Lv6
Cooking Lv5



A dying Poison Spider that Takumi had discovered near Bohd Village. It was tamed when Takumi had saved its life. When a path of magic power connected Takumi to it at that time, it evolved into a Killer Spider.
At present, it evolved once more and became an Arachne.
Spider Silk, threads that Kaede produces, has now become an indispensible item to Takumi and his entourage.


Name: Kaede ( Takumi Iruma’s Familiar )
Race: Arachne Unique Species
Age: 5
Level: 42
Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 450
Magic Power: 510
Strength: 442
Agility: 400
Stamina: 254
Dexterity: 368
Intelligence: 240

Unique Skills
Spider Thread Creation

Passive Skills
Poison Resistance Lv6
Paralysis Resistance Lv6
Spatial Understanding Lv6
Insight Lv4

Active Skills
Thread Manipulation Lv8
Poison Creation Lv5
Presence Detection Lv7
Magic Perception Lv6
Stealth Lv7
Sewing Lv5


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