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Greatest Alchemist

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 6

Chapter 6: First, Making Tools 1

I’ve been staying at Bohd Village for 3 days now, and although it’s just the exterior, it’s great that my house was built in one day.

And on the morning of the second day the house was built for me, I woke up in the soon after the sun had just risen, but because all the villagers were already awake, it seems they live a life of waking up when the sun rises and sleeping when the sun sets as a default.

「Now then, today let’s mine the iron ore vein I heard about from Vanga-san.」

As there is a blacksmith, Bobon-san, that makes agricultural equipment and miscellaneous goods for daily living, I had an agreement to dig up iron ore with Bobon-san today. There seems to be magic iron ore too.

Magic iron ore is an iron ore that’s been permeated with magic power for a long period of time, refining it into magic iron. Weapons made with magic iron and steel can be clad in magic power when attacking.

「Yo, Takumi. We’re leaving immediately.」

「Yes, I look forward to working with you today.」

I met with Bobon-san at the village gates and we headed towards the vein.

It’s around a 2 hour walk to the vein, so I stored the pickaxe in my Item Box. With my self-made spear in hand, I followed after Bobon-san.

「Takumi, over here! This is a good open-pit to dig ore from, try digging at the right spot.」

The place Bobon-san pointed to was an open-pit mine where ores can be dug up. The ground was a reddish brown rust color.

「Then, I’ll be digging.」

Bobon-san swung his pickaxe and started mining for ores.

I imitated him, taking the pickaxe out of my Item Box, and dug at a place that I guessed likely has ores.

Appraisal works well here too.

Iron Ore

High quality ore comprised mostly of iron.

〈Mining Skill obtained〉

It’s mysterious how as soon as I got mining skill, I could vaguely grasp the spots where ores are.

I was having fun, mining silently and storing one thing after another into my item box. Bobon-san was surprised to see this. Normally, there are people who have Item Box type skills, but that is a storage magic of Time-Space magic, and it seems it can’t store large quantities like my Item Box. Since it’s now too late to hide it, I decided not to restrain myself when it comes to the Item Box.

That’s because the Item Box is convenient.

Once Bobon-san and I made a few mounds of mined ores, Bobon-san informed me that we’re done mining.

「Takumi! We’re leaving for the day!」

Since both Bobon-san and I were able to mine plenty of ores, he decided we should return to the village before it gets dark.

Today, besides iron ores, and in addition to silver and copper ores, I was able to find a fair amount of magic iron ore. Bobon-san said that ores apart from these, mythril, and adamantite could not be obtained here.

I want to see mythril and adamantite. They’re mysterious metals of a fantasy world.

As a matter of course, I stored the ores mined by Bobon-san in my Item Box as well.

Incidentally, on the way back, we were able to hunt four horned rabbits, so Bobon-san and I divided it, two each.

Upon returning to the village, I deposited Bobon-san’s ores into his workshop, and bid him farewell.

「Though I am called a blacksmith, I am but a simple blacksmith so I do not have enough skill to teach you, Takumi. Especially since you can use Earth Magic and Smithing Magic. It’s because I’m bad at magic. Anyway, see ya, Takumi. Let’s go mining again sometime.」

「Thank you very much. Yes, let’s.」

I went back to my house and immediately sorted the mined ores by type.

Refining these would originally be in a furnace, but this is a fantasy world. Iron, Copper, Silver, and Magic Iron. I’ll refine each into ingots.

Placing the iron ore on my workbench, I invoked Alchemy’s 『Deconstruction』 and 『Extraction』. I picked out only the iron (Fe) from the iron ore’s main component, iron oxide.

On the workbench, it seperated into a shiny silver colored metal of near pure iron and slag[1]. I synthesize the iron with Earth Magic and made it into an ingot.

〈Alchemist has leveled up〉

〈Alchemy Skill has leveled up〉[2]

〈Earth Attribute Magic Skill has leveled up〉

〈Magic Power Manipulation Skill has leveled up〉

I steadily made progress in refining.

When my magic power ran dry, I took a break, losing consciousness right after, and when I regained consciousness, it was already the morning of the next day.

I ate the breakfast Martha-san brought, then continued refining.

It took three days to finish refining all the ores, and the level of my jobs rose considerably.

I was able to extract iron, silver, copper, magic iron, and small amount gold, lead, tungsten, titanium, tin, and so forth.

Aside from the Job level and skill levels that I’ve already mentioned went up, these are the values of my status,

Name: Takumi Iruma

Race: Human

Age: 15 years old

Job: Alchemist Lv 32, Blacksmith Lv 36

Level : 3

Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 150

Magic Power: 160

Strength: 60

Agility: 40

Stamina: 70

Dexterity: 70

Intelligence: 80

Unique Skills:

Appraisal EX
Item Box EX (Concealed)

Passive Skills:

Superhuman Strength Lv 1

Active Skills:

Spear Handling Lv 3
Axe Technique Lv 2
Enemy Search Lv 1
Presence Detection Lv 1
Magic Perception Lv 1
Magic Power Manipulation Lv 4
Light Attribute Magic Lv 1
Fire Attribute Magic Lv 1
Water Attribute Magic Lv 1
Wind Attribute Magic Lv 1
Earth Attribute Magic Lv 4
Time-Space Attribute Magic Lv 1

Alchemy Lv 4
Smithing Lv 4
Woodworking Lv 3
Carpentry Lv 3
Harvesting Lv 2
Logging Lv 2
Dismantling Lv 1
Mining Lv 3

Divine Protection of Goddess Norn (Concealed)


Because I frequently changed my job to Mage and used Earth attribute magic when I made the metals into ingots, the level of my Earth attribute magic skill rose greatly, and my Mage level became 10 too.

I appraised the Job levels and Skill levels of the other villagers but, as I thought, it seems my levels and skills rise much faster.

Since I’ve finished refining the ores I had mined, I can make my own tools by tomorrow.

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  1.  Slag – a stony waste matter separated from metals during the smelting or refining of ore.[↩]
  2. I am assuming that the author made a typo here since he wrote the Alchemy Skill twice so I changed one to Alchemist.[↩]

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 3

Chapter 3 : I Haven’t Managed To Arrive at a Village

While walking with the spear in one hand, I appraised everything.

Hirukuku Grass
An herb used as an ingredient for Heal Potion.
Recovers a little bit of Vitality if eaten as is.

Kurupopo Grass
An herb used as an ingredient for Stamina Potion.

Maryl Grass
It’s blue flower is used as an ingredient for Mana Potion.

York Grass
The leaves and roots contain poison.
Used as an ingredient for poison and antidote.

Mamani Mushroom
Causes paralysis if eaten.
Used as an ingredient for paralysis poison.

As it is a place people rarely come by, I was able to pick up a variety of raw materials. I stored everything in my item box.

〈Harvesting Skill acquired〉

Upon acquiring the Harvesting Skill, I felt the the picking speed and the quality have both improved.

Around an hour has passed since I started walking but I don’t feel tired yet. If I were my past self, I would already be exhausted by travelling on a hard to walk path that isn’t path-like, so I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been rejuvenated into a 15 years old or some other factor. Also, I’m heading for the river right now but, although it’s a bit late, I thought it was strange that even though it wasn’t that large, I saw it quite well from a distance.

As I was nearing the river, a gasa could be heard from a thicket. I hurriedly readied by spear.

What came out was a rabbit around the size of a medium-sized dog. But this rabbit with a horn growing from it’s forehead and fangs I wouldn’t have expected from a rabbit, bared it fangs and rushed at me.

「The rabbits in this world are carnivores?!」

I thrust the spear forward.


By some coincidence, the spear I thrust pierced the neck of the horned rabbit that lunged at me.
The sensation of stabbing an animal was unpleasant but I understood that that thrust was fatal to the horned rabbit.

〈Spearmanship Skill acquired〉

Horned Rabbit Lv 5
It’s horn is used as an ingredient for cold medicine.
It’s meat is preferably eaten.

Using Appraisal, it seems it’s name is Horned Rabbit.

I thought it would be better if I dismantled it but I threw it into the item box for the time being and headed towards the river.

「I’ve finally reached the river.」

As I drew nearer to the river to wash my face, I was at a loss for words.

「This is my face?」

My face that was being reflected on the water’s surface was that of a completely different from when I was Japanese.
I’m not sure if it’s white or silver but I’m certain that it’s not black hair. Save for some traces of my old face, it’s now that of a westerner’s. My eyes don’t seem to be black either.

「It looks more handsome than my previous one so, oh well.」

I gave up thinking about it.
It’s not like I can do anything about it now.

I washed my face and dried it off with a towel, took out the water bag from my satchel and replenished it.

Sitting on the large rock by the riverside, I gnawed at the dried meat as I took a break.

「Now then, I should hurry up.」

Moving along the riverside, I walked downstream.

I earnestly searched for any village in the vicinity as I headed downstream, The sun gradually going down was getting me flustered so I quickened my pace.

Around the time it was getting dark, I spotted what seems to be a village.
I sprinted halfway to the village.
Finally, I reached it. I was delighted for a moment, but it was a short-lived as the subsequent moment ended it.

「…… a deserted village, huh.」

It was an abandoned small village.
The buildings were crumbling away. The fences encircling the village were already broken.
There were no signs of monsters inside the village but I readied my spear as I investigated the perimeter of the village.

〈Enemy Search Skill acquired〉
〈Presence Detection Skill acquired〉

As soon as I gained Enemy Search Skill and Presence Detection Skill, I, intriguingly, was able to grasp the situation around me.

「I wonder, would the range extend as the skill levels up?」

In the end, having detected no signs of monsters in the deserted village, I came across a house less derelict compared to the other houses so I decided I would sleep here for tonight.

「I’ll have to endure with dried meat for today.」

Once I finished eating my dinner of dried meat and water, I took out the mantle from the satchel and proceeded to sleep with it wrapped around me.

I slept lightly and woke up repeatedly until morning dawned.

「U, uuuun」

I stretched to loosen up then searched for any presence of monsters in the village. Once I confirmed that there were no response, I looked at my status.

Name : Takumi Iruma
Race : Human
Age : 15 years old
Job :
Level : 1
Condition : Healthy

Vitality : 100
Magic Power : 100
Strength : 50
Agility : 30
Stamina : 50
Dexterity : 50
Intelligence : 70

Unique Skills :
Appraisal EX
Item Box EX (Concealed)

Passive Skills :

Active Skills : 
Spearmanship Lv 1
Enemy Search Lv 1
Presence Detection Lv 1
Magic Perception Lv 1
Light Attribute Magic Lv 1
Fire Attribute Magic Lv 1
Water Attribute Magic Lv 1
Wind Attribute Magic Lv 1
Earth Attribute Magic Lv 1
Time-Space Attribute Magic Lv 1
Alchemy Lv 1
Smithing Lv 1
Harvesting Lv 1
Woodworking Lv 1

Divine Protection of Goddess Norn (Concealed)

「Un, the skills have increased but there were no changes.」

Upon storing the mantle, I gnawed the dried meat as I began walking downstream.

I have a feeling that, even at the worst, I’d manage to get to a village before today is over.
The reason that deserted village was abandoned was because of the damage done by wild animals and monsters. That’s what I assessed it when I saw how the houses and fence surrounding the village were broken.
I believe that village was their initial village.

With the information about this world that Goddess Norn has given me, I speculate that it’s a far walk of 2-3 days. There should be a town or village that’s close to a day’s worth of walking.

「Sleeping outside, I don’t wanna~」

Making free use of the physical prowess that have definitely improved since my time in Japan, I earnestly quickened my walking pace.

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Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Takumi Alone in the Land


When my consciousness returned, I felt the sensation of solid ground on my back.

「U, ugh, that was terrible.」」

My body felt out of place immediately after I sat up.

「Did my stomach get smaller?」

I stood up at once so I could confirm it.
Un, my stomach clearly got smaller.
Feeling delighted that my body that was overweight from having a lazy lifestyle in addition to being 40 years old has been refreshed, I did not realize a much bigger change at this time.
Looking around, I realized I was on a hill in a meadow.

「A forest behind me and meadows in front of me, I wonder if there’s a river beyond that. A steep-looking mountain to my right, and to my left is a meadow all the way, huh………… I guess I have no choice but to head towards the river.」

Before I set out, I inspected myself.
My attire was a stiff, unbleached shirt and light brown pants, a pair of sturdy-looking leather short boots, a short sword on my left hip, and there was a leather shoulder bag by my feet.

「Is there something inside this bag?」

When I checked inside the bag

Harvest Knife
Dried meat
Water bag
Hand towel
A small bag with money
( 1 Gold coin, 10 silver coins, 10 copper coins)

The types of money and approximate value of the Asgard continent-wide coins are

1 White Gold coin = 100 gold coins = 10,000,000 yen.
1 Gold coin = 100 silver coins = 100,000 yen
1 Silver coin = 10 copper coins = 1,000 yen
1 Copper coin = 10 iron = 100 yen
1 Iron = 10 yen

「Thanks for the money.
Oh yeah, I should confirm my status.」


Name : Takumi Iruma
Race : Human
Age : 15 years old
Job :
Level : 1
Condition : Healthy

Vitality : 100
Magic Power : 100
Strength : 50
Agility : 30
Stamina : 50
Dexterity : 50
Intelligence : 70

Unique Skills :
Appraisal EX
Item Box EX

Passive Skills :


Active Skills : 
Light Attribute Magic Lv 1
Fire Attribute Magic Lv 1
Water Attribute Magic Lv 1
Wind Attribute Magic Lv 1
Earth Attribute Magic Lv 1
Time-Space Attribute Magic Lv 1
Alchemy Lv 1
Smithing Lv 1

Divine Protection of Goddess Norn


「So that goddess-sama was called Norn.
Rather, I have a lot of magic attributes.」

Since I thought there was no helping it, I looked for other strange things and noticed the Divine Protection of Norn. When I looked closely, Appraisal worked and the details were displayed.

Divine Protection of Goddess Norn
Large growth correction for everything ・ Growth limit break
Right now only Takumi has my divine protection, be grateful, okay?

「………… I know I’m gonna get dragged into something troublesome like this.
Because it’s no use thinking about it, I’ll inspect magic next.」

I have magic in my status but I don’t know how to use it.

I’ve made up my mind to use something as a test.
Since conflagration with fire attribute magic is scary, I’ll try using water attribute magic.

「Let’s see, Water Ball!」

After I extended my right hand and chanted, there was a feeling of something coming out from my body, then a lump of water projected forward.

I guess what came from my body just now was magic power. The moment I sensed it, a message was transmitted in my head.

〈Magic Perception skill acquired〉

As soon as I obtained the Magic Perception skill, I was able to sense that there was something similar to magic power (?) within me and in nature.
After that, with a clearer image of the result, I tried out Water Ball again.


Compared to the first one, it’s clear that there was force in this waterball when it flew.

「It’s the “The image is important” template, isn’t it? 」

Afterwards, I changed attributes multiple times to verify my magic.
Lv 1 magic of any attribute probably consumes 5 magic power each time.

「Alright, that’s it for that.
All that’s left is to check the item box.」

When I thought about the item box, a black hole immediately appeared from air I gingerly put my hand in and placed a stone that I picked up.

「Un, can I turn it into a list in my head to check? Being able to confirm thet contents is convenient.」

I reviewed the details of my item box.

Item Box EX
A time-space attribute magic different from storage magic. A unique skill that the Goddess Norn created. Opening and closing the space, and putting in or taking out items does not require magic power.
Infinite storage capacity ・ Time stop ・ Storing living things is not allowed

「Ooh, this leaking out would be bad.」

The moment I said my soliloquey, a message was transmitted into my head.

〈Item Box has become Item Box EX (Concealed), Divine Protection of Goddess Norn has become Divine Protection of Goddess Norn (Concealed)〉

「Thanks Norn-sama」

For the time being. I picked up medium sized stones and placed them in the item box.
This is for stone throwing.
Although I can’t sense any dangerous monsters around right now, there’s no way I can use a short sword right off the bat. My reasoning is that if it’s stone throwing then I might be able to manage somehow.

Afterwards, I searched for a handy pole in the thick forest of trees behind me.
As a way to defend myself, I think that rather than a sword, a spear would be better for a beginner. With that reasoning, I used Appraisal and the one handed short sword as I searched for hard wood.

Without entering the forest, I searched the outer perimiter and a fallen tree I noticed caught my eye.
Following my instinct, I used Appraisal.

Treant Wood
High grade wood obtained from a Treant, a tree monster.
Excellent for magic power conductivity, it is used for magician’s canes and magic tools.

「Oooh, is this my great fortune?」

I took out my knife and cut out the appropriate size.

「I can’t use this as it is. Can I do this with the Smithing Skill?」

Smithing Lv 1
Correction to Smith working.
Smithing Magic ( Modeling ・ Shaving ・ Heating ・ Cooling ) are usable.

Un, it seems I’ll be able to manage somehow.
I held the Treant Wood in my hands, imagined a spear handle, poured in magic power, and invoked the Smithing Magic Modeling.
Whether it was because the Treant Wood had high affinity for magic or because the form of the spear was simple, the spearhandle was completed with the image I had.
Next, I peeled bark from the fallen Treant and made rope.

〈Wood Working Skill acquired〉

「I can get skills from this?」

Although I was puzzled by how I got the Wood Working Skill so simply, my work became much easier.

I inserted the knife I dismantled into the notch I previously made on the Treant handle and fastened it with the rope.

「Un, I wonder if this is good enough.」

I took a stance and tried thrusting and swiping the spear I made.

「Alright, I guess I should head in the river’s direction first.」

A few hours have gone unnoticed since I was sent here by Goddess Norn. Wanting to avoid sleeping outdoors, I started walking in the direction of the river. I believe that if I moved down the riverside, I would reach a settlement where humans live.

I bid farewell to the forest and started walking towards what seemed to be a river far past the meadow.

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Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 1

Hello there~ Sphyrism here~ and welcome to my new site! I’ll be picking up this series (and still continuing my others). It’s an isekai crafting novel~ I hope you enjoy it.

Novel Title: いずれ最強の錬金術師?

Author: 小狐丸

Chapter 1: Eventually The Strongest Artisanf

Left in a pure white room, I was being crushed by anxiety when, right before my eyes, a woman with a troubled expression watched me.

Of course, even the dense me could understand that this situation was not normal, and I knew that this was not good.

「Hmm, I’m sorry. It seems you’ve gotten involved.」

The woman in front of me says that she is the goddess of the world called Mildgard. She certainly seems like a Goddess-sama that naturally descended as she sits. Even without doing anything, she was so full of dignity.

What Goddess-sama said was that summoning magic that was supposed to be prohibited in Mildgard was used.
However, it seems that as a result of using a spell with unreasonable conditions, multiple people were summoned, and I got dragged into it.

「Then, please send me back to Japan.」
「Sorry. That’s impossible.」

「You see, different world summoning is a very dangerous magic. It’s a summoning that randomly selects from innumerable targets of many worlds. The principles of some of those worlds are so different that at the moment of summoning, there is a risk of Mildgard collapsing.
Although I rush to intervene, there is nothing I can do about the summoning itself.」


So then, I looked around once more.

「Umm, if I was dragged into it, then there are other summoned people, right?」
「Yes, like you, there were three other Japanese people summoned. There was no problem calling those children to the summoning magic circle of the Divine Empire of Sydnia.
「Huh? Then what will happen to me?」

When I said that, Goddess-sama had an embarrassed expression as she apologized.

「Ehehe, you see, I applied a patch so that the forbidden technique of otherworldly summoning can no longer be used but I made a slight mistake on it’s extent.」


It seems the Goddess is saying that she altered the global specifications so that the summoning magic would be unusable in the world of Mildgard. With one hand on her head, she apologized for getting me, who got dragged into all this, involved.
That manner of apologizing……

「This is already the realm of the gods in the world of Mildgard so you can no longer return to the world you lived in. Give up.」
「No, to just give up…… Then, will I also be summoned to the Divine Empire of Sydnia?」
「That would be fine too but, I wanted to apologize to you so I thought I should support you a little and called you here separately. Besides, speaking of the Divine Empire of Sydnia, it’s a bit of a problematic country. It’s clear that they would almost certainly treat you who was dragged into the hero summoning badly.」

What’s with that country, bad treatment for someone they summoned.

As Goddess-sama says, it seems that Mildgard is similar to Earth in the 15th century with its civilization’s advancements. It’s been said there is a large variety of races that live in it, and that dangerous monsters exist.
Divine Empire of Sydnia is a religious nation but they worship a god that doesn’t exist as their chief god, so it seems they are, in various ways, a problematic country.

「To being with, that hero summoning, there was no purpose for it.」
「Eh? It wasn’t to defeat the demon king?」

Good grief, Goddess-sama shook her head.
Apparently, demons do exist in Mildgard but they were said to be a race that specializes in magic, and it seems that the demon king is just what the king of the demon country is called. With all that said, the Divine Empire of Sydnia was quite fishy.

「Hey, since it’s like that, you can thank me, you know.
And it’s like the games and novels in Japan, you will go to a world close to it. It’s a fantasy world of swords and magic, with levels and skills. Isn’t it exciting?」
「No, I have nothing but worries.」

Goddess-sama was in high spirits as she said it, but as a nearly 40 year old man, I think that a fantasy world of swords and magic is tough.
Goblins and dragons are scary, but so are thieves and bandits.

「Now now, thieves and bandits are fine to kill.」

Huh? Are my thoughts being heard?

「I get it. I’m still a goddess, you know.
Although this world might certainly be savage compared to the Japan you guys lived in, it is similar to Japan in the 15th century, isn’t it? Bearing in mind what you said, it would be fine since I will support you.」

Goddess-sama waved her hand and my body was wrapped in light.

「Chant status in your mind」

Just as Goddess-sama said, I chanted status in my mind. Then, a translucent pane appeared before my eyes.

Name : Takumi Iruma
Race : Human
Age : 15 years old
Job :
Level : 1

Vitality : 100
Magic Power : 100
Strength : 50
Agility : 30
Stamina : 50
Dexterity : 50
Intelligence : 70

Unique Skills :

Passive Skills :

Active Skills :

Huh, I became 15 years old.

「That’s also a service. Starting as a 40 year old in a harsh environment would be an impossible game, no?」
「Umm, what does Job mean? I’m a salary worker though」
「As one would expect, salary man doesn’t exist in Mildgard but the things called jobs here are Swordsman and Magicians, Knights and Blacksmiths, Thieves, Hunters and the like.
In Mildgard, there are a variety of jobs you can take depending on your conduct. And the growth and behaviour of your status are revised depending on that job.」
「I see, I have no other option but to go to Mildgard, right?」

If that’s the case then an apothecary, alchemist, smith master, or carpenter would be great. I never want to be a swordsman or a soldier.

「Well, rather than worrying about what’s already decided, it’s more productive to plan for about what’s ahead.
So I will support you by etching the continent’s language and brief general knowledge about the world of Mildgard into your soul. Is there anything else you want to request?」

I thought about what she said.
Having listened, this world was certainly like a game. I will probably be near danger too.
First, if I’m aiming for a production job, I wonder if I’ll need a skill similar to appraisal. And a way to protect myself at least. But I can’t imagine myself being able to fight proactively……. If it’s a civilization in around the 15th century then wounds and illnesses are scary so is there recovery magic? And if in a production job, I’ll be collecting raw materials so I wonder if there’s anything similar to storage and item box.

「Appraisal, item box and recovery magic, right? Also, although it would be a production job if you didn’t want a combat job, the magic you chose is convenient for the production job. But wanting a production job instead of hero is plain, isn’t it?」

I was thinking about it carefully when Goddess-sama said that and waved her hand again, then a ball of light that was released from her hand went inside of me.


The next instant, my head felt like it was going to split as a sharp pain ran through, I immediately scrunched down.

「Well then, do your best to live, okay~」

Lightly being sent off by Goddess-sama’s voice, my body was enveloped by the light, then my consciousness faded.


「You sent him out, huh」

Next to the goddess, Norn, a woman with white wings on her back like an angel, appeared unnoticed and talked to her.

「Oh, you were watching?」
「That’s because Norn-sama did something as complex as to especially send that man 3 years into the past from the time Sydnia’s hero summoning. Furthermore, Norn-sama even prepared a special body.
It is likely to be much greater than those of the heroes summoned with the summoning magic circle.」
「I, it’s that. He would stand out in Mildgard if he was rejuvenated as he was. The people suspected of being connected to Sydnia’s hero summoning may or may not come out in 3 years..
Also, the heroes of Sydnia are 3 people. If he were to square off with Sydnia, I want him to be able to fight back!」
「Haa, I understand. I will leave it at that. So, in the end, what do you expect from him?
He was bestowed skills to an overprotective extent.」

The angel’s pursuit did not stop.

「His soul was, by all means, obstinately gentle. I believe that if it’s him, he would not mistakenly use his powers, and would even be a good influence in Mildgard. If he doesn’t become prejudice towards the races, he may be helpful in stabilising Mildgard.」

Goddess Norn did not demand the duties of a hero from Takumi. She was aware it would only amount to throwing a pebble into the pond called Mildgard. She believed that the ripples that pebble will cause would extend greatly though.

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Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist?



Author: 小狐丸 / Kogitsune Maru


Raws: Alphapolis


Iruma Takumi, a 40-year old salary man, was dragged into a hero summoning just like in a template. What was his fate? The Goddess sent him and the heroes to the other world separately.
With the Goddess’ excessive support, he landed in a different world looking handsome, rejuvenated, and quite different from a Japanese.
However, he wanted a slow life while working in the manufacturing trade. That was not permitted by the Goddess’ special body and abilities.
Would Takumi be able to live a peaceful life in a different world?

Please note that I am working on the WEB NOVEL version of this.

If it is in your capacity and if it is available to your country, please consider supporting the author, 小狐丸, by buying his Light Novel.

Volume 1


Chapters have been linked in advance because I tend to forget to update this page. Sorry if it is misleading.