The Elf is a Freeloader Chapter 7

Chapter Seven: Does it match?

Takashi looked excited as he listened to Yasutaka’s story, but his expressions didn’t take long to change from one of excitement to perplexity and then surprise.

「An e, elf girl…… from a parallel world to your house……?」

「Yeah, that’s most likely the case. At first, I thought she was an alien, but according to Aoi, she’s from an elf tribe and works as an adventurer in the parallel world.」

As he was explaining to Takashi, although a bit late, Yasutaka wondered 「What does an adventurer do, exactly?」.

Meanwhile, before he knew it, Takashi had a dreary air about him, looking down as he muttered something.

「O, oi, Takashi……? W, what wrong……?」

When Yasutaka, who was worried about Takashi’s strange state, called out to him, Takashi looked at him sharply.


「Ta, Takashi……?」

「Parallel world! Adventurer! Elf! Beautiful girl! Magnificent!! How wonderful…… Well done getting involved, Yasutaka!! To have such a wonderful close friend, right now, I’m deeply moved!!」

Standing up, Takashi roared. Even as the he was looked at strangely by the surrounding people, he was too excited to be bothered by it.

「O, oi, Takashi!! First of all, settle down! And take a seat! People are looking……!! 」

Having been admonished by Yasutaka, Takashi finally composed himself and sat down.

「Ah, my bad. I was so shocked that I lost myself there.」

「You really like fantasy with swords and magic, huh……」

「Yeah!! Fantasy is my favourite!!」

Takashi clenched both his fists and had illusionary hellfire behind him as he declared it.
Right. Just as he himself had declared, Takashi is an extreme fantasy otaku.

Tall, good looking, and is physically fit, Takashi has everything going for him but, in reality, he’s not popular with the girls in school.

The reason is, of course, because he is an extreme fantasy otaku. However, the person himself doesn’t seem to care as he doesn’t particularly try to hide it.

「S, so then, where is the elf girl now……?」

「She’s buying stuff like clothes with Aoi, and will soon be here……」

And when Yasutaka said so, he and Takashi heard a familiar voice, one they’ve gotten used to since they were kids.

「Ara? Takashi? Why is Takashi here?」

「Fufufufufu. It’s been decided! To call each other, it doesn’t matter how far apart Yasutaka and I are because we are bound together by the eternal bond called love!」

With his teeth sparkling unnecessarily, Takashi declared such elegant words to Yasutaka and Aoi.

「Quit it. I’ll get mad. I don’t have a hobby (of watching) that sort of thing.」 (Aoi)

「I also want you to stop. It’s so disgusting.」 (Yasutaka)

「What a coincidence, Yasutaka. The truth is, I’m also disgusted.」 (Takashi)

After a short while, the three looked at each other and laughed.

With a puzzled expression, Eru was watching the three intently, but they didn’t notice for quite a while.

「It’s nice to meet you, Elf-ojousan. I am Yasutaka’s close friend, Hagino Takashi. I am pleased to make your acquaintance.」

Takashi, who stood up, elegantly bowed to Eru.

「My, your clothes really suit you. Since you’re beautiful, anything you wear would suit you. Right, Yasutaka?」

「Ah, yeah, un. I also think it suits you. As I thought, it’s great that Aoi was the one to choose. I wouldn’t be able to do this.」

Right now, Eru is wearing an ivory-coloured inlay border parka over a pink halter camisole with white polka dots, and salmon pink culottes pants.
On her feet are ankle socks and pastel yellow sneakers, which caused Eru’s bare white legs to dazzle.
And on her head, their first purchase, a light green knitted hat with pink stars scattered here and there. Additionally, the knitted hat is an exceptional product that has ear flaps, like the ones from old aviation hats, so Eru’s ears are completely hidden.

「Dira kerasu. Āio-shi.」

「Eh? What? What did she say?」

Because Aoi is wearing the translation earring, Yasutaka and Takashi don’t understand Eru’s words. Therefore, Aoi interprets Eru’s words.

「Thank you for the complement, she says.」

「A, amazing!! It’s really a magic item!! Lend it to me for a bit!!」

To pacify the excited Takashi, with Eru’s permission, Aoi gave the earring to him.
Still excited, Takashi repeatedly looked over the earring before wearing it.

As soon as he did, he could clearly understand Eru’s words which he couldn’t till then.

「Pleased to meet you, Takeshi-san. I am called Erulala Zaphyra Fyrasilula. Please call me Eru if it’s too hard to say.」


Suddenly standing up, Takashi roared while doing a guts pose.

Naturally, eyes gathered from the surroundings, but Takashi continued shouting without minding them.


「Sure, it’s marvelous!! So calm down already!!」(Yasutaka)

「That’s right!! If this continues, they’ll think we’re the same as you!!」(Aoi)

Yasutaka and Aoi were pulling on Takashi’s clothes, trying desperately to make him sit down.

It was effective, Takashi finally regained his composure and settled down.
Although, his breathing was still rough.

「Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa…… Maaan, I’m really psyched!! Magic is the best!! Parallel world’s Elf girl is the best!! Eru-chan! For me, meeting with you is the best present from God!!」

Once again, with his teeth sparkling unnecessarily, Takashi smiled refreshingly. Nonetheless, his heavy nasal breathing ruined the refreshing-ness.

「Okaaay!! Since tomorrow is Sunday, let’s stay up all night for Eru-chan’s welcome party!!」

「Ara, that sounds nice. Then…… Will it be fine to do it at Yasutaka’s house? If it’s at my house, my brother……」

「My house and family…… my parents, older sister and younger sister are there. Is it okay, Yasutaka?」

「Yeah. There’s nobody at my house, after all. But, don’t get carried away and cause a ruckus late at night, alright?」

After that, they bought light snacks and drinks, then made plans for later while eating little by little.

Partway through,

「W, what is this bright green drink…… Could this be some kind of magic potion……? Also, what is that white thing on top……?」

「This is called melon soda, a rather orthodox beverage in this world. That thing on top is a sweet called ice cream.」

「Me, melon soda with ice cream……」

As Aoi explained, Eru inquisitively stared at the melon soda with glittering eyes. Her level of curiosity towards the unknown, is it because she’s an adventurer?

Eru stared at the melon soda for a while, but eventually she readied herself and touched the straw with her cherry blossom coloured lips. And she sipped, sucking in the melon soda.

As soon as she did, Eru’s already large eyes widened even more.

「W, what is thi…… *goho*!! *goho*!! In, the inside of my mouth feels bubbly…… *keho*!![2]

Having drunk a carbonated beverage for the first time, Eru was bewildered while she coughed violently.

Looking at Eru, Aoi and Takashi had some really pleased smiles.

「Niiiice, that reaction. Thank you for that promise[3]!」 (Aoi)

「 Un un. That was a splendid reaction. Eru-chan, good job!!」(Takashi)

「No, this level of bullying, it’s normally called a bad prank……」(Yasutaka)

Yasutaka stared at the two, who were watching as Eru had become teary-eyed from her coughing fit, while he rubbed Eru’s back.

After buying a few more change of clothes, pajamas for sleeping, and daily necessities for Eru, Yasutaka and the group started to discuss whether to leave I-ON soon.

「There’s nothing left that we forgot to buy, right?」

「Yeah, I think we’re good now. If there’s something missing, it’d be fine to just buy it at our neighbourhood.」

「Then up next is, the necessary foodstuff for Eru’s welcoming party tonight.」

After depositing the shopping bags into a free coin locker, they headed to the grocery store.

Suddenly, Eru called out to the others.

Yasutaka-san…… Aoi-san…… Takashi-san…… Thank you very much for today. I’ll definitely pay back the money you spent here someday……」

Declaring so, Eru bowed deeply towards the three.

When Eru crossed over to this world, she had some silver and copper coins on her but neither can it be used as it is nor do they know how much it would be worth in this world.

That’s why, the cost of today’s shopping was mostly footed by Yasutaka, with Aoi and Takashi pitching in a little bit.

This is influenced by the buying power of those who do or don’t have jobs here.

Wearing the translation earring, Aoi interpreted Eru’s words to Yasutaka and Takashi.

「Don’t worry about it. This happened because we’re connected by something, is what I think.」 (Yasutaka)

「That’s right. It hasn’t been long but, our bond still important.」 (Aoi)

「Besides, it’s been promised that the first people you meet after crossing worlds would be gentle and try to be helpful, you know?」 (Takeshi)


Though tears welled up on the corners of her eyes, Eru was smiling. The truth is that she really felt she was lucky.

Her first encounter since being transferred to another world was with Yasutaka.
If it was a cruel person that appeared, she could have been sold as a slave without even asking questions or, at worst, be violent with her then and there. Thinking about it that way, it really was good fortune that Yasutaka was the first one to appear. And everyone she met through him, received her favourably. This, too, could really only be called good fortune.

While thanking such good fortune, Eru wiped the tears on her eyes with her fingertip and, once again, smiled at them.

On their way back after they finished buying groceries, Yasutaka remembered something.

「Oh yeah, Aoi. I promised I’d buy something for you. Is there anything you want?」

「Eh? I, it doesn’t have to be today, you know? You spent quite a lot today, didn’t you? It’d be fine to get it after your receive your next pay.」

「N? What are you talking about?」 (Takashi)

Yasutaka explained to Takashi about his promise with Aoi. Upon hearing this, Takashi gave a meaningful glance at Aoi, whose cheeks turned red and eyes were swimming.

「Hoh. Heeeh. Fuun.[4]

「W, what? Got something to say?」

「Nope, not reeaaally. I just thought you tried real hard. Well, good for you, huh?」

「S, shut up!!」

Aoi continuously hit Takashi’s back with her fists. Her cheeks were redder than before.
Watching the two’s bickering, Yasutaka and Eru looked at each other with wry smiles.

「As always, they sure do get along well.」

「Dādil Sū Zāin.」

Even without the translation earring, Yasutaka vaguely understood what Eru said.
Right now, she was probably feeling the same as him.

「Alright alright, it’s time to stop playing around and decide on what you want, Aoi.」

When Yasutaka called out to Aoi who was still hitting Takashi, she turned to him and remembered.

「…………Is it really okay? Even if it’s today……?」

「Yeah. But, like I said before, nothing too expensive, alright?」

「W, well then……」

Aoi hurriedly looked around.

At first, she considered asking for clothes, but then that wouldn’t be any different from Eru. “Then, I might as well get something memorable for both Yasutaka and I.” She began to think so.

Looking around, one of the stores lined up that came into Aoi’s view stood out.

「Ah, that one! That one is nice!」

Aoi pointed at a shop then dashed over to it.

The store she found, it was an accessory shop that uses natural stones.

「This is…… a jeweller’s shop? Uwaa, there are so many pretty gemstones.」 (Eru)

「They’re not high grade ones but…… Well, they look alike though.」 (Aoi)

The two looked like they were having fun as they picked up bracelets and pendants. Even from different worlds, girls are still girls. Yasutaka, who was watching the girls look at accessories leisurely, got his side elbowed by Takashi who was beside him.

「Is it fine to use that money? Weren’t you working so you could get a motorbike and license?」

「It’s fine. Because the school doesn’t allow it, I can’t get a license till I graduate anyway. I can save up for the motorbike slowly.」

At the high school the three go to, it’s against school regulations to take a motorbike or car license. Additionally, it was originally prohibited for students to work part time, but because of Yasutaka’s current circumstances where both his parents being away for work, he was given special permission to work part-time under the condition that he is employed by someone who has known him for a long time.

It seems that the school side judged that it would be more convenient to work for an acquaintance, where he could be watched over by an adult, rather than be left alone without his parents.

While Yasutaka and Takashi were having such a conversation, Aoi decided what she wanted to buy. When they approached Aoi who beckoned, she happily held out the merchandise to Yasutaka.

「This! I like this one!」

The item Aoi held out to Yasutaka was a bracelet that adorned by crystals and an amethyst as a charm point.

「Hee. That’s pretty nice, huh? The price is reasonable and it suits you, Aoi.」 (Yasutaka)

「Y, you think so?」

With slightly red cheeks, Aoi looked abash and happy.

While Takashi was watching the two, he got an idea.

「Oh yeah! Since it’s come to this, why not get for four people?」

「What do you mean?」

「Wai-, Takashi! What are you proposing all of a sudden!?」

Yasutaka looked curious while Aoi seemed a bit flustered.
As for the other one, Eru still seemed to be having fun looking at the merchandise.

「It’s to commemorate us meeting Eru-chan. How about buying bracelets of the same design for four people? Ah, I’ll be the one to buy for myself and Eru-chan. I’ll do that much since I’m the one who suggested it. And then, Yasutaka for Aoi, and Aoi for Yasutaka, you guys buy for each other. How’s that?」

Takashi’s last words tugged at Aoi’s heartstrings.

(Exchanging accessories with the same design as presents. Un, great. Really great.)

「Th, that’s right. I, isn’t that fine? It’s to commemorate meeting Eru, after all.」 (Aoi)

「But then it wouldn’t make sense for Aoi and I to buy for each other, though? Each buying for himself wou……」

「I, it’s fine!! I’ll buy the one for Yasutaka!!」

「O, okay……」

Pressured by Aoi’s drive, Yasutaka could only agree.

In the end, four bracelets with the same design were bought.

The only difference was the color of the stone used as a charm point. Their respective colours were, purple for Aoi’s amethyst, green for Eru’s peridot, black for Yasutaka’s hematite, and blue for Takashi’s aqua aura.

Looking at bracelets on their wrists, the four people smiled happily.

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  1. Takashi’s english exclamations are mostly said in katakana.[↩]
  2. Coughing sounds. ごほ / goho・けほ / keho.[↩]
  3. 御約束 / oyakusoku / promise. Basically something that’s typical in stories / cliched scenes. There will be more of these in the future and I might not make footnotes for them.[↩]
  4. Just sound them out like he did. ほー。へー。ふーん。[↩]

Author’s Note:

『Freeloader Elf』 update.
Are? Why is it so long? It was supposed to be settled earlier? Are?
Ah, Eru’s elf words are appearing little by little, but of course it’s vague. Because there is no regularity.
For the time being, the first volume is scheduled to end at the next chapter.
I look forward to your continued support.

Translator’s Note:

This is a bit longer than the usual. Takashi burned me out with his energy. But I liked this chapter. lol
As always, thanks for reading! You know the drill~ Happy New Year and I’ll see ya next chapter! It’s the finale for volume 1. Yay~


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    I originally thought the Elf was going to be a comedy character from the title, but now it seems like just normal slice of life. I’l give it to chapter 20.

  2. This is awesome and I will read it forever until the translator quits and/or the original source material is completed.

  3. I’m not sure if I want to continue or not. The concept is really nice, but Yasutaka is fairly dumb and Takashi is annoying. Aoi and Eru are fairly sweet and enjoyable, but the pacing is slow. I’m really torn about this, since I love reverse Isekai.

    I originally thought the Elf was going to be a comedy character from the title, but now it seems like just normal slice of life. I’l give it to chapter 20.

  4. This is awesome and I will read it forever until the translator quits and/or the original source material is completed.

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