Stepmother Chapter 36

Chapter 36: The Deep Dark Green Dress


「If it’s your older brother, he would be able to answer, right?
But he doesn’t have free time ( ´_ゝ)
What is your brother doing right now? ( ´_ゝ

Yuri thinks that Ricardo is probably in the royal palace but because he didn’t know where he currently is, he called over one of the maids waiting at their surrounding and asked if she knew where Ricardo is right now.

「I believe that he has just come back from his history lessons and is currently resting in his room until it is time for his fencing lessons. 」

The maid had an accurate understanding of where and what goes on in the palace.

The Queen’s training for the staff in the palace is flawless.

「On a break, huh ( ´)
Intruding on someone taking a break is probably wrong ( ´_ゝ
But I’m leaving the capital tomorrow ( ´
Why don’t we go to his room first, then ask if it’s alright?」

Ellen can’t read the atmosphere but she’s a considerate child.

Or rather, Ellen who thought, since my stomach is reaching its limit soon, let’s take a walk at the same time as going to his brother’s room to ask, said so while patting her stomach.

Additionally, since Ellen’s clothes are fundamentally focused on ease to movement, it’s a simple, deep dark green dress that is loose around the her stomach.

As for why a deep dark green dress, since Ellen had the intention of playing hide and seek in the garden after the tea party, to gain an advantage when hiding, she wore a deep dark green dress so she could assimilate with the garden.

Because Ellen thought that if she didn’t resolve her question fast, she would lose all her time to play hide and seek in the garden, so even though it was wrong, she planned to go to the room Ricardo is resting in first to check, if they can’t then she would play hide and seek with Yuri in the garden.


⟵-(•ˇ‿ˇ•)〉 | ᕙ(⇀‸↼)ᕗ | 〈(•ˇ‿ˇ•)-⟶

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