Stepmother Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Fortress and Explosives

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Stepmother Chapter 22

Chapter 22 : Elbow and Solar Plexus

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Stepmother Chapter 21

Announcement. I’ve read and considered the comments and reviews so I’ll be changing how I tackle this series. Originally this was something I’d just do it on the side, as a distraction from the other novel I do, however, it’s not as enjoyable of a read with my chapter-every-other-day method which just completely butchered the story. Therefore, unless a chapter is fulfilling to read by itself, I will post less frequently but will do multiple chapter releases at a time. I make no promises regarding when and how many per release but I really want the readers to enjoy this as much as I do, so please bear with me. Thank you for your time, and please enjoy. Keep Reading

The Elf is a Freeloader Chapter 8

Chapter Eight: A Freeloader?

「Well then!! To celebrate Eru-chan and our meetingーー」

Standing up, Takashi held up a cup of soft drink as he, as a representative for everyone present, gave a toast.

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Stepmother Chapter 20

Chapter 20: The Problem Child

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Stepmother Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Children

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Stepmother Chapter 18

Chapter 18: An Unfamiliar Creature

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Stepmother Chapter 17

Chapter 17: As a Wife, As a Queen

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Stepmother Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Queen’s Thoughts

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The Elf is a Freeloader Chapter 7

Chapter Seven: Does it match?

Takashi looked excited as he listened to Yasutaka’s story, but his expressions didn’t take long to change from one of excitement to perplexity and then surprise.

「An e, elf girl…… from a parallel world to your house……?」 Keep Reading