Stepmother Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Perishables

「!!??!? Ellen!? Talking to Aniue in such a rude way is BAD!! Aniue, Aniue, Ellen doesn’t mean any ill will!」

Yuri seemingly unable to take in the current situation, was trying to cover up for Ellen though he is once again confuzzled .

「No, Yuri, it is fine. I think we should truly speak unreservedly today. It would become very tiring if we continue feigning friendliness with each other. 」

Ricardo grinned and said.

Comprehensively concluding from Yuri’s long winded introduction and Ellen and the servants behaviors, Ricardo had judged that Ellen was feigning friendliness just like he was, and was satisfied that his judgement is correct.

Hearing that voice, Ellen, who was lying flat on the table, twitched like a cat, suddenly raised her head, and saw Ricardo.

「Oh, oh ( ´ゝ)
If you had come with that attitude from the start, I wouldn’t have had to waste my energy so futilely. ( ´ゝ)
I get fishy feeling from you. ( ´ゝ)
Maaan, ahhh, I’m tired. Ah. Yuri, I’ve got more space in my belly now so I’ll be eating the remaining perishables, okay ( ´

Ellen took a cream puff from the remaining perishables, took a bite, and chewed on it.



Yuri was in confusion, and Ricardo did another spit-take while slightly trembling as he crouched over, holding his stomach.

「!? A, Aniue, are you alright!!?」

Yuri worried over Ricardo who was holding his stomach as he trembled slightly.

「P, perishables, Bufu! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!」

Ricardo held his stomach and roared in laughter.

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Stepmother Chapter 54

Chapter 54: White flag of Surrender

「!!? A, Aniue, even someone like Ellen would not think something that rude about your smile!!」

Yuri stuck up for Ellen without a moment’s delay, yet the face of Ellen, the person in question, was like that of a pigeon about to get shot by a peashooter, well, her eyes bulged.

『Oh crap ( ´_ゝ)
I was found out!! ( ´_ゝ
) !!』

As I thought, this Ricardo-aniue is definitely not an ordinary person.

『Now then, what should I do ( ´_ゝ`)』

In this situation, does she face him by forcefully pretending not to understand as the daughter of the baron, or should she obediently confess. That is the question.

「Yuri, this isn’t particularly rude. Because it is the truth, after all. Listen. Ellen-jou? I do believe that your 『Ufufu』 and my smile are in the same category though. What say you?」

Ricardo smiled with a 『Broad Grin』 differing from his smiles until now and said so.

「Oh, what ( ´_ゝ)
I was figured out, huh ( ´_ゝ
Then you should have said so sooner ( ´ゝ)
I used my energy so needlessly. ( ´_ゝ

Ellen sighed and raised her voice as she spread out her arms and fell flat on the table.

Ellen raised the white flag of surrender.

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Note: Ellen’s lines are cut off the way they are because of the formatting changes that “`” does when there are in the same line. Apologies if it looks awkward.

Stepmother Chapter 53

Chapter 53: The Counterattack Signal

Ricardo was a little surprised.

Towards Yuri, he was feeling slightly irritated as he thought 『Dragging it out like this, just what does this guy want to say?』 when the question 『Why is Royalty so important』 was asked.

『This question could certainly be taken as lèse-majesté. It would seem that the mastermind of this question is Ellen-jou. Just as Yuri says, Ellen-jou is still very young, and she’s the daughter of Earl Theodoare whom Mother has a friendship with. It would be best not to aggravate this situation excessively. Moreover…… how interesting. 』

「That certainly could be taken as lèse-majesté, could it not. However…… it is quite a profound question. 」

The nervous Yuri who was being watched intently by a scowling Ricardo, was spoken those words by a smiling Ricardo, had felt slightly relieved, the tension in his shoulders loosening.

It is unlikely that Ellen would be punished.

Anuie is kind after all.

Fumu. What a timely opportunity. Yuri, I think it would be good for us to have a proper discussion. Just as an older brother and younger brother to each other. Let us drop all formalities for today. 」

With his smile like that, Ricardo called out to the servants and palace guards, telling them to distance themselves a bit.

The servants and palace guards were worried, but in accordance to Ricardo’s orders, they held back and distanced themselves a little bit.

「Alright. With this, let us talk unreservedly. First of all, Ellen-jou. Before I answer your question, there is something I wish to ask. 」

Ricardo began talking to Ellen with a spectacular smile.

Ufufu. What is it? Your highness Ricardo?」

Kunekune. Kunekune. Kunekune.

『Wriggling is too darn tiresome…………( ´_ゝ`)疲』

「Is my smile shady, I wonder?」

Ricardo had fired the counterattack signal.

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  1. Lèse-majesté – changing this from irreverence because it’s more particular to monarchs. I’ve thought about this since a while back but wasn’t so sure if I should lol. Sorry for being indecisive soz
  2. Kunekune – is the onomatopoeia for the wriggling action that Ellen does. I really have no better words for wriggling since it’s techinically correct… but still seems wrong to me.
  3. ( ´_ゝ`)疲 – just means her usual expression + she’s tired. writing “( ´_ゝ`) tired” looks weird since it’s supposed to be a kaomoji.

Translator’s Note:

Shots fired! I repeat, shots fired! Commander Ellen, what do we do?! …yeah. I don’t really put a translator’s note in the middle of a batch upload but.. I just couldn’t resist. lol … yeah. ahem. Don’t mind me. Thanks for reading. On to the next chapter to see how our dear commander will react! (please do note that I wrote this as soon as I finished the chapter, thus, I have not read / tled the next chapter, so my reaction is genuine nor can I spoil anything. =w=”).

Stepmother Chapter 52

Chapter 52: A Splendid Straight ball

「Furthermore! Ellen-j-jou is still very young… she does not understand her words, or perhaps I should say she goes beyond common sense.」

Yuri was frantically choosing his words as he stayed obstinate.

「Yuri, I understand your earnestness, however, what is it that you want to say?
Moreover, saying remarks such as her going beyond common sense is rude to Ellen-jou. 」

Despite having done a spit-take in a tea party for the first time in his life due to the beyond-common-sense 『Apple Pie』 attack just a while ago, Ricardo was being prudent with Yuri.

At first glance, it looked like Ricardo was the one speaking respectably and Yuri speaking discourteously, however, the one speaking uprightly is not Ricardo, but Yuri.

「Umm! Ellen-jou is a bit odd, or rather, she’s incomprehensible but, but she definitely means no ill will!
Shackled by nothing, or rather, she’s left loose[1], or should i say she could detonate at any moment, or perhaps I should say she’s eccentric from the bottom of her heart. W-what I want to say is, should Ellen-jou’s question be a teeny, tiny bit.. no, considerably discourteous, please do not be surprised and find it in your vast heart to forgive her! 」

「Yuri, the one saying rude remarks is you. Don’t you feel sorry for Ellen-jou for saying such things?」

I repeat.

Yuri looks like he’s saying rude things, but Yuri is saying exceedingly respectable things.

The one saying strange things is Ricardo.

「Not at all, Your Highness Ricardo, there is no need to concern yourself with me. Ufufu. His Highness Yuri is an honest person, and he is only being kindhearted. Ufufu.

What Yuri says is the truth, and Ellen understands that Yuri is trying to help her.

When Ellen is troubled by having to entertain noble guests, Saya and the other servants desperately help her.

The current Yuri has the same expression the servants wore at those times.

『Right, right ( ´) Yuri is the hesitantly bothersome type, but he really is a kinda nice guy ( ´_ゝ) Alright ( ´) When we play hide and seek later, Ellen will give it her all as the It! ( ´_ゝ)!キリ』

Ellen has exhausted her strength considerably, but she has yet to give up on playing hide and seek.

The sweets and sandwiches Ellen had eaten earlier which sustained her are now reaching their end.

She had a hunch she could now finish the remaining perishables.

It was extremely regrettable for Ellen that though her use of the Daughter of the Baron was comically effective for making the servants laugh, it was unsuitable for use in front of the Scheming Prince.

「A, apologies! However, upon hearing Ellen’s question for the first time, it was surprising, so surprising that I thought “What the blazes is she saying. How rude.” Yet, I was unable to say anything…」

Yuri was extremely vexed to the extent that he was hanging his head in shame, biting his lips, and was clenching both his fists tightly.

「As I was unable to answer, I thought that if it’s you, Ricardo-aniue, then you might be able to give an answer, so although this will be an annoyance to my busy elder brother, and though this is inexcusable, right now, at this moment, I too wish to know the answer!」

Yuri, once again, properly looked at Ricardo’s eyes as he talked.

Ricardo had no clue whatsoever as to what it was that Yuri wanted to say, but the matter of Ellen being eccentric was, somehow or other, conveyed.

Even Ellen herself could vaguely feel that she is 『Slightly Eccentric』.

I repeat, the Scheming Prince still has a ways to go.

「Um, uhh Aniue, as a prince, I am aware that what I’m saying is odd. But, even so, I would like you to tell me!」

Yuri desperately said.

In a lengthy, loud voice, towards his elder brother Ricardo who hasn’t talked to in a while, so nervous he might have forgotten how to breathe, he spoke,

「Aniue, why is Royalty so important?」

Yuri simply had a long introduction (a windup), then pitched a splendid straight ball.

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  1. Left loose – Free ranged? it kinda implies the way an animal is left to graze freely in a field.[↩]

Translator’s Note:

3 unedited chapters~ The narrator revealed herself, saying “I”?! Lol kidding. It’s just weird being said any other way. The windup part was kinda my idea, not really from the raws but it kinda fits. Baseball, yeah.

SURPRISE. ahem Hello! First of all, sorry for my absence please don’t kill me. I know I’ve been gone for a long while now. A bunch of stuff happened irl, and then my pc broke (twice) and I lost a bunch of raws + WIP chapters that I didn’t backup yet so, amongst other reasons, I just couldn’t will myself to fix my pc and reTL stuff. But I’ve suddenly got some free time right now and at the persuasion of another TLer friend, I decided to try translating again. Being sick sucks, so take care of yourselves, people! And I know it doesn’t really count since I’ve been gone for almost 7 months but WordPress gave me a notif  that I had registered 1 year ago yesterday (30th Nov), but strangely enough my first post was (23rd Nov). lol

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again soon, I hope.

Stepmother Chapter 51

Chapter 51: For Someone’s Sake

「What is the matter, Yuri? For you to suddenly speak out in such a loud voice.」

「A-aniue, before the question is asked, t-there is something I wish to impart!」

Yuri, who rarely speaks out in such a loud voice, was properly looking at Ricardo’s eyes while saying so.

『 It’s been a while since Yuri’s eyes and mine last met. 』

Seeing Yuri different from usual, Ricardo was slightly surprised.

Given that Yuri had distanced himself from everyone including their family, it’s been a while since their eyes met directly and had conversed.

Fumu. I faltered a bit from her apple pie statement, but Yuri is also different from usual. Is this the doing of this eccentric young woman? 』

Ricardo concluded that Ellen is an 『Eccentric』.

Even the Scheming Prince still has a ways to go.

「Yuri, what is it you wish to impart?」

Ricardo smiled to relieve the disturbed attendants while saying so.

「Umm, Ellen is, Ellen-jou is, the daughter of Mother’s friend, the Earl of Theodoare, so, 」

『 I’ve known this since the introductions a while ago, what’s the point of saying it now? Or rather, did he address Ellen-jou without honorifics just now? 』

Contrary to the fairly rude thoughts the older brother was thinking, Yuri was seriously worried for both Ricardo and Ellen.

Even though he received a mental attack like Ricardo had received an apple pie attack from Ellen, Yuri simply wanted to prevent Ellen from being charged of lèse-majesté.

Yuri does not do his best for himself, but if it’s for someone else, he could do his best and become a splendidly fine fellow.

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Stepmother Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Quickly

Deciding to have a short decisive battle, Ellen wriggled while saying,

「Ufufu, Your Highness Ricardo, I thank you very for the precious time you have granted me on this occasion. Ufufu.

「No, geho, given that history lesson today finished earlier than planned, gehogeho, and that there is still, geho, time before training, be at ease. 」

Though Ricardo was still choked up, he somehow said so, smilingly.

「Much obliged. Ufufu. However, given that I must not take too much time off the busy Highness, I shall, without delay, convey my question. Ufufu.

Wriggling as Ellen said so, she thought,

『Why did that Daughter of the Baron wriggle pointlessly ?!!!( ´_ゝ)!!!This is gross!!!( ´_ゝ)!!!』

Ellen was venting her anger completely, yet she was quite driven up a wall.

「Ah, there was something you wished to ask of me. I hope that my answer would be sufficient. By all means, ask away?」

With his airway finally clear, Ricardo, who had recovered somewhat, smiled refreshingly as he uttered so.

「My, how delightful. Ufufu. Let us see. Ufufu. Frankly…」

Though she was apologetic for having summoned him, Ricardo apparently had plans after this, so she would quickly convey her question, quickly receive a reply, and quickly have him return for both their sakes.

For the sake of the servants in waiting at the premises as well, to answer the question 『Why is Royalty so important? Ufufu.』, Ellen was going to throw the bomb straight, however,

「W, wait a minute ! ! ! 」

Yuri, who’d slightly recovered him his wobbly state, miraculously prevented Ellen’s accidental detonation!

Incidentally, the servants in waiting at the premises were not waiting for the answer to the question, they only prayed that the Bomb Girl, Ellen, does not accidentally detonate at the Royal Capital.

Whether or not the prayers of the servants come true now hangs on the shoulders of Yuri who’s only slightly recovered him his wobbling.

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Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 9


Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 9 is done~

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Anyways~ Enough about me, you’re here to read the chapter so please enjoy~

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Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 8


Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 8 is done~
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Stepmother Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Free-for-All

Ricardo who seemed to have an advantage on the second half of the tea party was now at a disadvantage because of Ellen’s 『Apple pie』 attack.

Ellen believed she praised Ricardo earnestly, she simply likened him to her favorite 『Apple pie』 with no intent to go on the offensive.

Setting aside Ellen’s intentions, she who now seemed to have the advantage was laughing with an ufufu while thinking,

『This battle…… is super tiring ! ! ! ( ´_ゝ`) ! ! ! 』

The power consumption of the『Daughter of the Baron-like Ellen』 is quite high.

Originally, when an occasional noble guest visits, she always only greets then in a noble-like manner, and then she smiles and sits next to Will obediently, inserting proper interjections to show her understanding[1] as her father, Will, adequately entertains the guests. Even with Ellen’s occasional verbal slips, their excellent servants including Saya and Johan somehow manage to do do something, so 『Noble-like Ellen』 is accustomed to neither long talks, drawn-out matches, nor solo battles.

At present, without Will and the excellent servants, the sandwiches and apple pie that Ellen had, before the 『Kinda dangerous Prince』 came, became her flesh and blood and are now the only things somehow supporting her.

『 If I can’t get Ricardo-niisama to the answer to my question quickly and return at once, I’ll use up the energy for the hide and seek later. ( ´_ゝ`) 』

Ellen was being driven to a wall, but she has not given up on her wish for 『 Hide and seek with Yuri at the garden of the Royal Palace』.

Meanwhile, Yuri was still wobbling, and, at the back, his maids were agitated by this while they were restless as they were unable to do anything; Ricardo who unluckily had black tea enter his airway was still teary-eyed from choking, and his maids were agitated by this as they wiped Ricardo’s clothes and the table.

The second half of the tea party fell into a free-for-all [2] state.

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  1. This is Aizuchi. It’s when you’re listening to someone and give affirmation that you’re listening and that you understand what he is saying. Japanese tend to use “hai” “ee” “sou” “un” and many more.[↩]
  2. Free-for-all is a disorderly fight, argument, or competition in which everyone present participates.[↩]

Translator’s Note:

Thanks for reading! I noticed this a few chapters back, but I mix the japanese suffixes and english suffixes. Sorry about that. Some just fit sometimes and some don’t. I would usually prefer Japanese suffixes though. I might edit the past stuff when I have more free time. But for now, 3 chapters~ I literally just finished this just now so please do tell me if I’ve made a mistake somewhere. haven’t edited.

Stepmother Chapter 48

Chapter 48: The Forest Sprite and Apple Pie

「How do you do, Your Highness Ricardo. I am Ellen, the eldest daughter of the Earl Theodoare. It is an honor to meet you. 」

「My. This is our first time meeting, Ellen-jou. I am the First Prince, Ricardo. It is I who should say that it is an honor to meet you. Your dress is lovely. For a moment there, I thought a forest sprite had appeared. 」

Ufufu, ahaha, Ellen and Ricardo were laughing, but their eyes were not.

Yuri who was knocked out by Ellen during the first half of the tea party match, went past going round and round in circles and started wobbling at Ellen’s excessive transformation.

Standing in for Yuri who has already lost his fighting spirit, the second half of the tea party match called “Probing for Real intentions” between the 『Forest Sprite』 and 『Prince of Smiles』..or rather, the 『Explosive Girl』 and 『Scheming Prince』 has begun!

Ellen is fundamentally an honest person, and just like Yuri, her thoughts immediately show on her face.

Ellen thought that her 『Ge ( ´_ゝ`) 』 thought was not exposed to Ricardo, but it was.

It appears Ricardo has the advantage on the second half of the tea party.

「Your hair ornament is lovely as well. You resemble a sprite even more. Yuri having a tea party with such a lovely young woman is enviable. 」

Ricardo sat in between Ellen and Yuri, held the black tea a maid brewed in one hand in a refined manner, and smiled refreshingly as he said so.

Ufufu. Thank you very much. The clothes of Your Highness Ricardo look splendid as well. UIfufu. Let’s see, it is like a well-made apple pie and looks quite appetizing. 」

Ellen said so while ufufu-ing, laughing, and twisting and turning.


Ricardo unintentionally did a spit-take with his black tea.

This was the first time he’s ever done such an ill-mannered thing at a tea party.

『Apple pie!?』

At that moment, the feelings of everyone apart from Ellen was in unison.

Geho. Pardon me, umm, why yes, thank you, umm, geho, very much? 」

Still teary-eyed from choking, Ricardo said so smilingly despite having difficulty.

As his fencing training is under the coaching of the Knight Commander, clothes naturally get dirty, and injuries happen as well, so for the blood and dirt not to stand out during Ricardo’s training, he wears a reddish light brown training gear which is certainly similar to Ellen’s favorite dish, the apple pie.

Ellen’s mimicry of gestures and way of talking of the nobles she’s met thus far is passable, however, taking Ellen’s words into consideration, her disguise peels off quite easily.

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  1. Bufu – the sound of spit-taking. Geho – the sound of coughing.