Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Extremely Speedy Carriage

An adventurer town located in a remote region, Volton.
In the grasslands in its outskirts is a carriage with running at explosive speeds.
Its black body with silver panels dashed in defiance of the horrible paths.
The horse pulling that carriage was abnormal as well.
Despite its body being over 2m 30cm and weighing over 1 ton, it has the stamina to run all day and can go over 100 km/h.

A type of Dragon Horse known as a Drake Horse. There are records of these monsters being tamed and have played an active role in war. However, there have been no records of it being tamed in these past 600 years.

Furthermore, the Drake Horse pulling the carriage has a black barding with silver hemming. Its impressiveness is enough to make Orcs run away.





And right now, it is running over a pack of orcs.
Orcs fly at its recklessly fast charge.


Maria was holding the reins and laughing in the coachman’s seat.
Sitting beside her, Kaede experienced the attraction (ride).

「There isn’t much shaking inside, is there?」
「Yes, it does not sway very much.」

Sophia and I were sitting and drinking tea on the sofa installed inside the carriage.
Today we’re travelling to test the carriage, so we’ve come to the grasslands in the outskirts of Volton.
At the same time, we accepted the guild’s designated request for the inspection of the area where orcs were subjugated the other day. Wanting to exterminate the orcs before they make a large colony, the guild assigned and dispatched us to survey the orcs in the grassland.

「But it’s fortunate how we seem to have gotten them before they were able to make a colony.」
「I agree, there were still only normal orcs. It would have been troublesome if there were superior species.」

Yes, the result of the survey is that there is no sizeable colony of orcs in the grasslands.
Driving around in these rough roads at recklessly fast speeds over 100 km/h, we finished the survey of the grasslands within a short time.

「There were no issues with both the carriage and Tsubaki, right?」
「Yes, there would be nothing to be worry about if it is to the degree of orcs.」

It was a miscalculation to collect the road kill orcs after one cycle of Tsubaki’s wild run as it took a long time to retreive.

「How was it, Tsubaki?」
「Don’t feel the weight of the carriage and hitting orcs was alright, she says.」

Kaede interpreted for me. It seems there was no problem.
Tsubaki’s level also rose a few times today, so her attributes rose as well. Apparently, Tsubaki’s goal is to evolve as soon as possible. Kaede told me that Tsubaki is looking forward to talking to me telepathically.

「I’ll be checking the carriage for any defects, so you guys can dash around for a little while, Kaede.」
「Really?! Then we’ll be going, Master!」

The carriage was unfastened so Kaede jumped onto Tsubaki’s back and immediately dashed around the grasslands. They’re definitely going to run over monsters.

Aaah~ That was fun~!」
「Maria, why not take a break and drink some tea inside?」
「Yes, I will have some tea.」

Maria, who had been in the coachman’s seat and was holding the reins during the wild run, had a very satisfied look when she alighted the seat. I told Maria to take a break then I checked the carriage for any defects.

I checked every nook and cranny, but I couldn’t find a single dent or scratch.

「There are no problems with the axles and leaf springs. The oil dampers are doing a good job too.」

I went in the carriage once I finished checking all the components.

「Maria, did any part concern you?」
「Hmm, let’s see~. Can we add blades that project out the sides of the carriage? I think it would be more interesting if we do that.」

Was Maria this kind of girl and she’s just opening her heart to me?

「Y, yeah, I’ll think about it.」

It seems Maria wants to turn this carriage into a deadly weapon. At this late hour where I’ve already made barding for Tsubaki, too.

After a bit of waiting, Tsubaki returned with Kaede on her back. Kaede was pulling a number of threads.

「Master! We brought monsters!!」

At the ends of the threads were monsters that Tsubaki ran over and were wound up in Kaede’s threads.

「Ah, okay, I’ll store them.」

I stored the monsters in the Item Box, then made Tsubaki drink water and rest.

The carriage’s trial run and Tsubaki’s barding check finished uneventfully.
We’ve decided that from tomorrow til the day of our departure to the royal capital, we will continue raising Tsubaki’s level.

Apparently, Tsubaki’s objective is to trample swarms of Army Ants. Once surrounded by a great number of them, Tsubaki is burning for revenge.

Maria appears to be addicted to driving the carriage wildly.

Many adventurers witnessed a gigantic monster horse pulling a carriage, running wildly at frightening speeds at the outskirts of Volton, inviting various rumors. Needless to say, we received severe lecturing from the guild personnel, Hans-san.



Name: Tsubaki ( Takumi Iruma’s Familiar )
Race: Drake Horse
Age: 3
Level: 32
Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 300
Magic Power: 110
Strength: 250
Agility: 270
Stamina: 330
Dexterity: 60
Intelligence: 80

Unique Skills
Dragon Scales Lv3 ( Up )

Passive Skills
High Speed Travel Lv5 ( Up )
Long Distance Travel Lv3 ( Up )

Active Skills
Charge Lv3 ( Up )
Presence Detection Lv3 ( Up )
Magic Perception Lv2 ( Up )

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  1. Seems Tsubaki is living the dream, running around at great speeds and ramming into monsters, with a big and probably heavy carriage behind, for extra punch and area of effect. Seems blades on the side are coming, but I would like some turrets.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! May God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

  2. So, there is a arachne and probably a centaur incoming? Draconic Centaur~
    and i would prefer fire or ice from the carriage.

  3. Ho long until the guild gives up on lecturing him, because all the adventurers and townsfolk have gotten use to seeing his creations and antics so they just go “what is he up to this time?” and “How much will that cost me?”

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