Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Departing for the Royal Capital

As we spent our days leveling Tsubaki up and accepting requests at the Adventurers Guild, the day of our departure to the royal capital had arrived.

We are to assemble at the eastern gate of Volton.
Those gathering here were the two carriages of Margrave Volton, three carriages of Papeck Company, and our carriage.
There were knights on horseback guarding the circumference of Margrave Volton’s extravagant carriage. For the Papeck Company, the adventurer party 『Lion’s Fang』 had accepted the escort request.
And when they had gathered, a black and silver carriage pulled by a gigantic horse equipped with black barding came into view.

「Oioioi, ain’t that Dragon Horse a Drake Horse?!」

Barack-san, the Guild Master of the Adventurers Guild, who came to see off Margrave Volton, froze wide-eyed, mouth agape upon seeing Tsubaki.
The leader of the knights of Margrave Volton, Dorn-san, issued orders to protect their master’s carriage.
But then Papeck-san noticed that I was sitting in the coachman’s seat.

「Takumi-sama! So, this carriage is owned by Takumi-sama.」
「W, what is this, you surprised me!」
「No, Barack-san. I did the familiar registration at the guild, so I believe that the Guild Master not knowing about Tsubaki is the issue here.」

Barack-san wasn’t able to say anything back to my sound reasoning.

「So it was Takumi-dono. Nevertheless, this is a marvelous Drake Horse. Even the barding that it’s wearing is splendid.」
「Thank you very much, Dorn-san. I look forward to working with you starting today.」

Thereupon, the door with the crest of Margrave Volton opened and the Chamberlain [1] Xervus-san went down and stood beside the door. Then His Excellency Godwin disembarked from the carriage.

「Iruma-dono, that was a very flashy entrance.」
「Feudal Lord-sama, please pardon this discourteousness.」

I hurriedly got down from the coachman’s seat and got down on my knees.

「Aaa, it’s fine it’s fine. I wasn’t particularly criticizing you. I was simply quite envious of such a splendid Dragon Horse and carriage. Isn’t that right, Xervus?」
「That is so. Judging by appearances, the barding this Dragon Horse is wearing is undoubtedly adamantite, and the wood used on that carriage is Treant, is it not?」

I was surprised at Xervus-san’s judgment. Adamantite is one thing, but he realized even the Treant Wood.

「That’s amazing, Xervus-san. You understand it well.」
「Not at all, this is wisdom with age.」
「Takumi-sama! E-excuse me! Could you please elaborate on the details of that carriage!?」

As Xeruvs-san and I were talking, Papeck-san interrupted us with a very excited voice. He probably realized the worth of this carriage. Papeck-san’s eyes look scary.

「Ooh, that is good. By all means, inform me as well.」

As it was Margrave Volton who said that, I couldn’t refuse.

「I understand. I will explain. First, this carriage. As Xervus-san had pointed out, the ceiling, floor, and walls use Treant Wood. And for the framework of the carriage, it uses adamantite alloy for the pipe frame. That frame is reinforced with Elder Treant Wood. The silver panels on the wall’s surface are mithril alloy, aimed to provide magic resistance and a brilliant appearance.
It will be difficult to give a proper explanation of the suspension system, therefore I guide you inside…huh?」

When I looked around, everyone was white-eyed.

「P-please wait. Iruma-dono, we were not able to understand even half of what you have said.」

Xervus-san who was supposed to understand was confused.

U-umm, Takumi-sama, you are able to refine adamantite? And able to process it as well?」

Huh? Did I not mention it to Papeck-san when I went mining for ores?

「Adamantite alloy… of course, Tsubaki’s armor, and our spears are all adamantite alloy, and we also use it for other things that require toughness. Even though the mithril alloy on this carriage looks like decoration, but the frame, wheel axle, and suspension system use it too.」

As I explained, the white-eyed Papeck-san’s jaw was so agape it looked it it would dislocate.

「Iruma-dono, this might be discourteous of me, but, the windows on that carriage are glass. Wouldn’t it be dangerous if the glass breaks from the vibration?」
「No, this glass was transmuted tempered glass and enchanted with 『Enhanced Physical Resistance』 and 『Self Repair』 so it’s safe if it’s only to that degree.」
「Oh my, you are able to use even Bestowal magic.」

Afterwards, the reactions of Margrave Volton and Papeck-san when I guided them inside the carriage was amazing. It seems that while this world has items like Magic Bags, the concept of expanding the space inside a carriage was nonexistent. Seeing the interior of the carriage that had a restroom, kitchen, bed, sofa, and table installed, they were speechless.

「I can not imagine just how much this took.」
「No, there was only labor costs.」

I ended up talking to Margrave Volton about the cost of the carriage, but I mined my own ores, the Treant and Elder Treant Wood were items from the subjugation request of the guild, the interior and the magic devices inside are my own work, and I tamed the Drake Horse in the outskirts of the town of Volton. There was a bit of Treant Wood that I bought mixed in, but when I explained it, it looked odd to the eyes of others.

「Iruma-dono, you have reached the heights of being an artisan despite being so young.」
「No, Xervus-san, that is an exaggeration.」
「No no, I believe I can say Takumi has already passed even aged elves,」
「Even Papeck-san…」

After that, it would be unwise to further delay our departure so, with Margrave Volton’s carriage in the lead, the train of carriages began moving towards the royal capital.

I received a request from Margrave Volton to make a similar carriage. Moreover, it was 200 platinum coins with them shouldering the material expenses. 2 billion yen just for the labor cost. This much… I somehow keep saving up even more money.

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  1. Changing house superintendent to chamberlain for Xervus. I just couldn’t think of the right word before.[↩]

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