Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Rank Up

That night, we returned just before the gates of Volton closed.

「This was very tiring. Let’s report to the guild tomorrow morning.」
「Yes, even I am tired as well.」
「Takumi-sama, I’m completely exhausted.」

Incidentally, Kaede is already sleeping in the Subspace.
We went home and the three of us entered the bath and washed each other then fell asleep in our respective rooms.
I have such a relationship with Sophia and Maria, so I share a bed with them alternately, but after a day like today, I just slept like a log till morning.

Next morning, waking up later than usual, the three of us + Kaede ate breakfast, then wore the usual matching overcoats with our faces covered with the hoods, and walked 10 minutes worth of distance to report the completion of requests at the Adventurers Guild.

Immediately after we entered the Adventurers Guild building, Hans-san spotted us and guided us into the conference room.

「Thank you.」
「Nonsense, with the Devuel and Co. matter happening, it’s only natural that the Adventurers Guild safeguard its promising newbies. Well, in a sense, it’s also so that another Devuel incident doesn’t happen again.」

The talks turned to the request once the three of us sat down.

「And so, how’s your progress with the requests?」
「Yes, we’ve more or less completed all the requests we’ve received.」
「Eh?………………… Today is only a day after it was given yesterday, isn’t it.」

Hans-san’s eyes opened wide in surprise.
We accepted 3 types of requests.

・Goblin Subjugation
A free ranked permanent request.
Subjugate 5 Goblins to complete request.
Reward: 5 silver coins

Kobold Subjugation
A G rank subjugation request.
Subjugate 3 Kobolds to complete request.
Reward: 6 siler coins

・Maryl Grass Collection
A G ranked collection request.
A set of 5 bunches to complete request.
Reward: 5 silver coins

Although the subjugation of 365 goblins and there being superior species being present there were unexpected, we were also able to hunt Kobolds on our way, and we were able to forage enough Maryl Grass for our share and 50 bunches.

I reported to Hans-san that I had stored 350 Goblin parts and 10 parts of superior species like Goblin Archers and Goblin Mages as proof of subjugation, and the bodies of 4 Goblin Knight and the Goblin General as they were, in my Item Box.
However, because of the surprise magic attack at the start, a considerable number of goblins turned to mush and burned to a crisp, their real numbers may or may not have been slightly over 400.

After that, there were 6 Kobold parts as proof of subjugation.
and 50 bunches for 10 sets of Maryl Grass.

「…………umm, could you wait for a bit? I’ll call the Guild Master.」

Hans-san was holding his head as he left the conference room.

「I wonder if we overdid it a bit.」
「Thinking about it now, that fight was quite the close shave, after all.」
「Truly. Takumi-sama fought against the Goblin General by himself.」
「Yeah, I’m an artisan, so I wonder what I was doing, fighting the Goblin General one on one.」

That was really dumb.

Bam, the door of the conference slammed open and the Guild Master of the Adventurers Guild, Barrack-san entered.

「Spit it all out!」

Barrack-san sat down heavily on a chair and said that one line.

「Spit it all out, you say. Well, I’ll talk, but that’s because I came here to report the request.」

I talked about how after we received the three types of requests, we subjugated Kobolds and foraged for Maryl Grass while searching for the Goblins. And how realizing that our encounter rate with Goblins were high, we went deeper into the forest to identify the cause and discovered the site of the colony. I explained to Barack-san that in that colony, a Goblin General lead it and there were 4 Goblin Knights and superior species, but because of the magic attacks that three of us did at the start, there were many corpses that didn’t even keep their form, so we don’t know their exact numbers, but it might have been upwards of 400.

「You guys……………」

Barack-san was greatly perplexed.

「Guild master, I will prepare to calculate and process their rank ups for the time being.
Takumi-kun, Sophia-san, Maria-san, please hand over your guild cards.」

Hans-san, who entered after Barack-san, said that and temporarily left the conference room.

「Listen, Takumi, there was a colony of over 400 Goblins governed by a Goblin General at a distance traversable in a day from Volton. That is essentially an army and is at a level where the Adventurers Guild needs to assemble several parties of at least D rank to subjugate it.」
「…… ha, haha.」

Barack-san is somewhat scary.

「Also, a Goblin Knight is probably alright if it’s an E rank party. As a party. As for the Goblin General, it is recommended that you be C rank if you’re soloing, and D rank if as a party. Those aren’t subjugations for F and H rank! Goblin extermination is free ranked, but that’s because Goblins would continually increase if left alone so it’s inevitably left as a free rank. Superior species and Knights, to say nothing of the Goblin General, are NOT free ranked!」

It seems that the subjugation of normal Goblins is recommended at G rank.

「Well, that Elf-neechan over there is quite a powerful person, but all of you being Warriors and Mages is absurd. However, it’s a bit understandable.」

Barack-san said that a Spirit Mage like Sophia is very rare. In the first place, there were very few elves that aren’t affiliated with their own country, and the number of those that become adventurers are even lower, so her being in my party could be considered a miracle.

「Spirit Magic is powerful. Furthermore, if the two of you are mages, it would be settled on the first surprise attack………… no, that probably would still have been a close call.」
「As expected of the Guild Master, I have underestimated you. It certainly was a close call. Maria’s and my level increased quite a bit at the magic attack at the start, so it felt like we managed somehow.」
「So it really was a close call.」

Barack-san was astonished.

「In the first place, are you even an alchemist? I’ll buy if it’s potions.」
「Ah, potions, right?」
「What, you have some?」

I talked about the basic potions I made which were as effective as average Intermediate Potions. Thereafter, I explained that a large-scale sale would cause disputes with the Pharmacist Guild and after selling 100 pieces of each basic potion to the Papeck Company, I wouldn’t make for anything other than my own use.

「Ah, I did hear a rumor that Papeck Company was selling fairly expensive Basic Potions that were unusually effective. So those were potions made by Takumi. But that is regrettable, if the recovery amount of basic potions are large, then it would have been a great help to the Adventurers Guild.」

Barack-san and the Pharmacist Guild would definitely have disputes so he said he’d give up. Because the Pharmacist Guild would be in trouble if it couldn’t sell to the Adventurers Guild, the plan to trading potions with me was easily abandoned.

Then Hans-san came back with our guild cards.

「Well then, first will be the rewards for the completion of the requests and purchase of the Magic Stones.

Kobold | 6 subjugated | 12 silver
Maryl Grass | 10 sets of 5 bunches | 50 silver
Goblin | 350 subjugated | 350 silver
Superior Goblin species | 10 subjugated | 100 silver
Goblin Knight | 4 subjugated | 200 silver
Goblin General | 1 subjugated | 5 gold

Goblin’s magic stone | 350 pieces | 35 silver
Superior Goblin Species’ magic stone | 10 pieces | 10 silver
Goblin Knight’s magic stone | 4 pieces | 40 silver
Goblin General’s Magic stone | 1 piece | 1 gold

Special reward for defeating the colony | 5 gold

Total: 18 gold, 97 silver coins.

The money has been deposited into Takumi-sama’s guild card, so please confirm.

And Sophia-san and Maria-san have been promoted to F rank, and Takumi-kun has been promoted to E rank.
Once Sophia-san and Maria-san complete at least 1 more F rank request, they will be promoted to E rank.」

According to Hans-san’s explanation, Sophia and Maria have cleared the requirements to be promoted to E rank, however, because it has been decided that ranking up will be done in a one-two step rule, they would rank up after completing one more request.

「Hans, ask Takumi about the location of the colony, then put out a verification request.」

Hans-san returned our guild cards and returned to work.

「Haa, for heaven’s sake, be a little more careful.」
「Yes, I will do my best.」

More or less after also undergoing a scolding, we reported the completion of the request and got the reward which were the only things we were supposed to receive, we were more tired than we had imagined, so we decided to go back home and relax.

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    • He was Rank H when he started. Thanks to completing 30 herb gathering requests (he just took them out of his item box), he was able to skip Rank G and go straight to F in chapter 17.

  1. I always find adventure guilds that dont offer advancement duels to gauge new recruits skill levels kind of silly. I know there are all sorts of arguments like “it shows their character, and contentment to the guild” or how some ranks can only be achieved with a certain amount of political connections and or loyalty to the country, but it’s one of those annoying cliches where the uber powerful protag is stuck with a low rank and looked down upon by their peers, and said individual could likely solo half of them at the same time…

  2. So it’s true, if you spot one goblin expect it’s 100 goblin, since there is 4(when they first see it) so there is 400 goblin.

  3. it’s always really dumb when in these novels they do something you’d “need to be atleast C rank to do, so we’re raising your rank” and then they just raise them a single tiny rank that’s not even close to the difficulty level of what they did

    thanks for the chapter

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