Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 34

Chapter 34: The Battle is Over

The intense battle is over, there were over 300 corpses and broken goblin dwellings strewn about in the site of the colony, and once we finished confirming that there were no surviving goblins, we finally took a breather.

Setting aside how my status could no longer be that of an artisan, Sophia, Maria, and Kaede’s statuses also had a sudden increase.
Maria’s status became that of an average veteran adventurer’s.

Among those, the most extreme change is Kaede’s.

「Master, Kaede’s evolution is done.」[1]

Kaede, who came out of the Subspace, has a spider body around 1 meter in size, and on top that is the white body of a little girl.
It seems her Race is called Arachne. Sophia and Maria were also surprised by this.
A white body, with white hair, and red eyes.

「How cute~ Kaede-chan.」
「That’s true, if you just look at her upper body then she’s just like a human.」

It seems she’s liked by Maria and Sophia as well.
I have to make her a shirt when we get back.


Name: Sophia Sylphide
Race: Elf
Age: 80 years old
Job: Spirit Mage Lv74, Knight Lv46
( Warrior Lv80, Hunter Lv67 )
Level: 70
Condition: Healthy ( Slavery : Takumi )

Vitality: 450
Magic Power: 550
Strength: 300
Agility: 410
Stamina: 350
Dexterity: 240
Intelligence: 380

Unique Skills
Spirit Eye

Passive Skills
Insight Lv3

Active Skills
Swordplay Lv7
Shield Technique Lv5
Spear Handling Lv6
Archery Lv6
Taijutsu Lv4
Enemy Search Lv3
Presence Detection Lv3
Stealth Lv3
Enhance Physical Abilities Lv5

Magic Perception Lv6
Magic Power Manipulation Lv5
Spirit Magic Lv8
Water Attribute Magic Lv5
Wind Attribute Magic Lv6



Name: Maria
Race: Human
Age: 15 years old
Job: Warrior Lv56, Thief Lv48
( Cook / Chef Lv32. Maid Lv20 )
Level: 44
Condition: Healthy ( Slavery: Takumi )

Vitality: 210
Magic Power: 220
Strength: 140
Agility: 200
Stamina: 210
Dexterity: 212
Intelligence: 240

Unique Skills

Passive Skills

Active Skills
Spear Handling Lv4
Dagger Technique Lv4
Taijutsu Lv3
Enemy Search Lv2
Presence Detection Lv3
Stealthy Lv3
Enhance Strength Lv1

Magic Perception Lv2
Magic Power Manipulation Lv3
Fire Attribute Magic Lv2
Water Attribute Magic Lv2
Earth Attribute Magic Lv4
Sewing Lv3
Cooking Lv3



Name: Kaede (Takumi Iruma’s Familiar )
Race: Arachne
Age: 5
Level: 1
Condition: Healthy

Vitality: 240
Magic Power: 260
Strength: 360
Agility: 280
Stamina: 170
Dexterity: 210
Intelligence: 160

Unique Skills
Spider Thread Creation

Passive Skills
Poison Resistance Lv6
Paralysis Resistance Lv6
Spatial Understanding Lv4
Insight Lv2

Active Skill
Thread Manipulation Lv7
Poison Creation Lv5
Presence Detection Lv6
Magic Perception Lv5
Stealth Lv6


「Oh right, you two, 『Heal』『Heal』」

It doesn’t look like they’re injured but I cast Heal on them just in case, and then took out 3 Stamina Potions from my Item Bag and made everyone drink.

Fuu~~, want to drink Mana potions too?」
「My magic power will be fine with a bit of rest.」
「It’s the same for me.」

Our tired bodies were cured with Stamina Potions.
There I noticed that the three of us were covered by spurts of blood from head to toe. Sophia’s blond hair as well as Maria’s white skin were bathed in goblins’ blood.


I cast purifying magic on our entire bodies.

「Now then, it will be a lot but let’s collect the subjugation parts, shall we.」
「Takumi-sama, I think it would be better if you store and bring back the Goblin General and Goblin Knights as they are.」
「You have a point, we also have to report it to the guild, so having the whole body would make the discussion move faster.」

I stored Goblin General and all of the Goblin Knights into the item box like Sophia had suggested.

Collecting the goblins’ right ears and magic stones probably took the most time. In addition to their large number, due to the the surprise magic attack shot at the start, many of the bodies were no longer in their original form, and if I were still the me from the time in Japan then I would definitely have vomited.

「Takumi-sama, what do we do with the weapons the goblins used?」
「Hmm, the weapons that the Goblin General and Goblin Knights used were relatively decent so maybe we’ll collect those? I don’t think I’ll need the rusty swords and clubs though.」
「The greatsword used by the general is quite a sharp sword.」

Maria had come to ask what we should do about the collection of weapons, but the weapons of normal small-fry goblins are wooden clubs and swords or knives full of rust. However, according to Sophia who examined the Goblin General’s greatsword, it seems to be a good sword.

Greatsword of the Absorber
A magic / cursed sword that can absorb the magic power of the enemy it cuts.
The more magic power it absorbs, the more its attack power increases.

Looking at it with Appraisal, it seems it’s a magic sword[2].

「This would have been dangerous if it had cut me.」

During the intense battle with the Goblin General, I was fortunate enough to not have been injured, but my body shivered at the thought of not knowing how the battle would have turned out had the attack power of the magic sword increased.

「This sword, Sophia, you can’t use it, can you?」
「Yes, I have not used a greatsword.」

Having said that, I still had a feeling that selling this would be wasteful.

「Should I reforge it?」

This would probably be considerably hard to do, but I believe there’s nothing I can’t do. I could probably reforge it into a longsword that Sophia can use. I’ll store it in the Item Box for now and examine it carefully later.

「Well, cleaning up afterwards sure is troublesome.」

We couldn’t leave the bodies of goblins as they are. If a corpse, not limited to monsters, is left in a dark place, there is a possibility that it would become an undead, such as a zombie or a skeleton. So, it is proper etiquette for adventurers to burn the corpses of monsters after they defeat and finish dismantling them.

The three of us divided the work and gathered the corpses to one spot.
Kaede, who had evolved into an Arachne, manipulated multiple threads and reeled in the goblin corpses.
It was easy understand that Kaede’s expression was saying “praise me, praise me”, and Sophia and Maria would stroke her head and praise her each time.

「Kaede is helping?」
「That’s right, I’m grateful that Kaede is very helpful.」

Of course, I also stroke her head and praise her.

Maria and I set fire to what eventually became a mountain of goblin corpses with Fire attribute magic.
After everything burned to ashes, we sprayed down the site of the colony with Water attribute magic so it doesn’t turn into a forest fire and went on our way back to Volton.

And so, I went back thinking that although there were a few irregularities, our subjugation request was a success, but what I didn’t expect was a severe scolding from the guild master in the conference of room of the Adventures Guild later.

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  1. Kaede talks in the third person.[↩]
  2. Could be read as both magic sword or cursed sword. Will adjust if needed.[↩]

Translator’s Note:

Hi~ Thanks for reading! This is the last update until I get back from my trip. I’ll be back home by the 27th but will resume updates after resting for a day or two. I’ll see you all then!

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  1. Cheers for the chapter!
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