Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Alchemist

Prompted to sit after being guided into the guild conference room, the three of us sat side-by-side across from the guild master.

「So, what did you do?」

With a file on hand, the Guild master suddenly questioned me.

「Guild master, it’s impolite to not even give your name.」
「Hans, you’re too stuffy. Sorry, sorry. I am the guild master of Volton’s Adventurers Guild, Barack. So, even if it was a joke, what did you do to D ranked Devuel and his companions?」
「Is not answering that not possible?」

I don’t want to show my hand to other people very much.

「More or less, the Adventurers Guild does not leak personal information. Furthermore, I believe that it is necessary for the guild to have an understanding of the abilities of the adventurers registered to it for a smoother execution of our duties. This incident informed us that Takumi-kun, who was promoted to F rank through a delivery of medicinal plants, has the ability to repel Devuel and his companions. It would be easy to understand if it was done with a sword or martial arts, however, because I sensed that there was a residue of magic power, I believe that magic was used.」

What a terrifying guy. To be able to sense a residue of magic power, the skill level of his Magic Perception must be quite high. I’m surprised Han-san isn’t just your average receptionist.

「I’m shocked. You clearly understood that it was magic. But to say it was magic.. what was used on Devuel, was it?, isn’t some sort of magic.」

So here’s a play-by-play of what I did at that time.
When Devuel started to punch, I secretly took out charcoal from my item box. I then just coated my upper body with the charcoal. It’s just that I transmuted the charcoal into diamond.
Had Devuel and his companions strengthened their fists with magic when they punched me, I think I would have taken damage. Diamond boasts a 10 on the Mohs Hardness scale[1], but its durability is similar to a crystal, so I think it wouldn’t have been able to endure an attack with magic.

「……Takumi-kun, are you an alchemist? No, but, using transmutation in battle, and chantless, too?」
「Wait a minute Hans! Explain it in a way I would understand!」
「He covered his body with a hard material, the damage when they hit was from defending. Well, the damage had rebounded to Devuel and his companions.」
Fumu, then it’s good they got what they deserve.」
「However, Takumi-kun, you registered as a mage, didn’t you? Well, you don’t look like a mage though.」

When Hans-san said that, I realized.
I am wearing leather armor and have a sword on my hip. Yeah, I look like a warrior or a soldier.
Now that he mentions it, I’m not using a staff. In a discussion I later had with Sophia, a medium for magic invocation isn’t indispensable, but it does make magic power manipulation and managing magic formulas much easier. I wish I knew sooner.

「Even I’ve only just realized that I don’t look like a mage.」
Fumu, and these two Onee-chans are Takumi’s party members?」

Barrack moved his gaze onto Sophia and Maria.
Thereupon Sophia removed her hood. And mimicking her, Maria also removed her hood.

「………hou, an elf slave. She isn’t a criminal slave, is she? Judging from elf-neechan’s abilities, a war slave, huh. And the other neechan also looks like she’s got some qualities.」
「I understand why their faces are hidden. Idiots like Devuel would come one after the other. Takumi-kun’s true abilities are unknown but it would be better if you rank up to D soon.」
「Yeah, if you do that then the number of those guys who’d make a pass at you guys would decrease.」

I heaved a great sigh.

「So then, I have a proposal, until you three go up to D rank, could you please prioritize the requests I choose? I will tune it so that you can develop your abilities as you rank up.」
「May we discuss this for a bit?」

I discussed things with Sophia and Maria when Hans-san gave a one-word consent.

「What do you think?」
「I think it’s good. Should the time come, I would stake my life to protect Takumi-sama, but I support us increasing our rank and improving our abilities.」
「I also want to be useful to Takumi-sama.」

I want to protect Sophia and Maria.
I would need strength to do that.

「Hans-san, please do.」
「Understood. It would revolve mainly around subjugation requests where you can easily level up, and will be mixed in with material collection requests during your breaks so you can rank up as soon as possible.」
「The discussion has been settled, Devuel and his companions will be fined and charged with a penalty.」
「Then please wait a moment. I will choose requests immediately.」

Hans-san said so and left the conference room.

「Takumi, Alchemist is a production job, isn’t it? I would like for you to get one more guard, but with these two beauties here, it would be hard to get a guy, even if a slave.」
「So one more person is needed after all.」
「A three-man party isn’t rare but in your case, you don’t have a true vanguard, do you?
I’ll tell you how it is typically. A guard and vanguard are two people, a scout is one, and one rear guard makes four people at the least. Ideally speaking, it would be great if you have a healer, but as you probably already know, people that can use Healing magic with Light Attribute magic are being enclosed by the Divine Empire of Sydnia, Damn! Those greedy people!」

I heard it from Goddess-sama, but the Divine Empire of Syndria really is good for nothing. Huh? I wonder what happened to the 3 summoned heroes to such a place.

At this time, I didn’t know that I was transferred to the time 3 years before the hero summoning that I was dragged into.

「Even if we were to add people, not just anyone will do, so for now we will do our best with just three people.」

After a short while, Hans-san came back to the conference room with a file in hand.

「Sorry for the way.  I will explain the requests I’ve chosen immediately.」

The requests Hans-san brought were:

Goblin Subjugation
A free rank permanent request.
Subjugate 5 Goblins to complete request.
Reward: 5 silver coins

Kobold Subjugation
A G rank subjugation request
Subjugate 3 Kobolds to complete request
Reward: 6 silver coins

Maryl Grass Collection
A G rank collection request
A set of 5 bunches to complete request.
Reward: 5 silver coins

Aside from these, Hirukuku Grass and Kurupopo Grass are permanent requests with a reward of 2 silver for a set of 5 bunches, so our plan is to collect them when we find some.

「Sophia-san can handle goblins and kobolds so I believe it will be fine. Including Takumi-kun, all of your members have quite the equipment.」
「Yeah, you’ll probably get to F rank very soon.」
「I understand. Then we will be on our way immediately.」

We checked the habitats of Goblins and Kobolds, and left for the quests at once.

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  1.  Mohs Hardness Scale -A scale used for one of the most important tests for identifying mineral specimens. More information here.[↩]

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  1. Cheers for the chapter!

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  2. for those confused at this line:

    「Yeah, you’ll probably get to F rank very soon.」

    Please remember that the other 2 are freshly minted adventurers.

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