Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 30


Chapter 30: Adventurer Registration of the Two

It took 3 days since I started making Sophia and Maria’s equipment to finish making the fitted shirts and pants that would become their under-armor.

Besides this, the day after I had started making the equipment and connected with Sophia, another incident occurred.

I worked enthusiastically on their equipment since the day began so after eating dinner, I took a slow, relaxing bath.

Fuuu~ will Sophia coming today?」

My memories of last night resurfaced.
At that moment, I heard the door open and someone entered. Thinking Sophia had come, I held in my grin, looked at the entrance and………….


The stark naked figure that appeared was not Sophia, but Maria.
A breathtaking beauty different from the adult woman that Sophia is.
Coming in from the exit, I couldn’t retreat to elsewhere, a figure dangerous to the eyes had freely entered the bathroom.

「……Takumi-sama, I had conceded the first to Sophia-san, however, I will do my best in attending to you.」
「Umm, Maria, our contract excludes attending to me, doesn’t it? That’s because i wanted you to take care of my everyday necessities.」

Maria approached the bathtub while I was saying that.

「I will assist in both everyday necessities and attending to you.」
「Eh, Maria, don’t come any closer. I won’t be able to hoー」

Maria didn’t let me finish what I was saying.
After her soft lips had shut my mouth, my reasoning flew away.
Moulin is frightening, it is Maria’s first time but she seems to have received a variety of training.

In the end, we slept at around the same time as yesterday.

From the discussion I had with the two after that, it seems Sophia had decided to attend to me after I cured her disability. I somehow get it but I also don’t. It’s not something you do out of gratitude. I thought “But if that’s the case, how about Maria?” but apparently, it’s because, from the time I had first met them, I continued to treat Sophia and Maria like any other person. Sorry to tell you but for me, it’s because I was in an era in Japan that is unfamiliar with the system of slavery.

Sophia and Maria said that they do not want to be freed. Especially Maria, she said she absolutely hates it.
Kidnapped and sold when she was a child, Maria’s whole world was in Moulin Slavery Company. Maria, who has no place to return to, pleaded, wanting to stay with me my whole lifetime.

By the way, the agreement is that when I die, they will be set free.

With this and that, for the two who had been connected to me both emotionally and physically in the short time since we’ve met, I swore to do my very best.

For the 3 of us to travel together, Sophia suggested that Maria and I increasing our abilities is essential, so it’s about time I fight monsters and make an effort to level up.
Before we do that, we’ve decided to complete Maria and Sophia’s guild registration.
Their armors complete, Sophia and Maria’s equipment are Huge Armored Boar leather armor, gauntlets, and long boots. I wonder if we’ll get into trouble if they wear an overcoat with the hoods up over it.

Un, it suits the two of you very well.」
「「Thank you very much」」

When I said so, Sophia and Maria didn’t conceal their smile while seeming embarrassed. We’ve only been associated with each other for a few days but I feel like we’ve gotten much closer.

We will go to the Adventurers Guild. After we finish the registration, I plan on accepting some kind of request.
I wore my equipment too, and we headed for the Adventurers Guild. It’s a 10 minute walk from the mansion, and I made full use of Enemy Search and Presence Detection as we walked. I am Sophia’s target to protect, but even I have a little pride. Despite being a weak artisan, I want to protect these two.

Arriving at the Adventurers Guild without anything happening, we immediately lined up at the reception counters to complete the registration. It’s morning right now and the Adventurers Guild is packed with adventurers looking for a job. Although there are long lines at the receptionists, the large majority of the adventures are men, so the line at the beautiful female receptionist was amazing. We lined up at the male receptionist I had previously registered at.

「Good morning. It’s Takumi-san, isn’t it. Will you be accepting a request today?」

He remembered my name.

「Yes, but before that, please register these two.」
「Certainly. I am a staff member of this guild, Hans. Then, could the two please fill out this form.」

Naturally, Sophia, as well as Maria knew how to read and write, so the two filled in the necessary items on the form.
The two were issued H ranked guild cards.

Guild Card
Name: Sophia
Job: Swordsman

Rank: H
Title: None

Guild Card
Name: Maria
Job: Warrior

Rank: H
Title: None

The two accepted their cards and the three of us registered as a party, and we decided we would take a request to raise Sophia and Maria’s rank.

「How about we accept some H rank and G rank requests for now?」
「If that’s the case, we won’t add to Takumi-sama’s points?」
「It’s alright. I don’t want to raise our guild ranks separately.」

While the three of us were looking and discussing requests pasted on the bulletin board, I was careless since it hadn’t happened before, but the usual template had turned up. Even though their hoods concealed their faces, it couldn’t hide their figures. Especially since Maria was only 160 cm tall, with her long hair showing at times and her chest and bottom that couldn’t be concealed, it was probably clear that she is a woman.

「Yo~ Onee-chans, we can guide you more attentively than this weak Anchan[1].」
「Yeah, we are D rank, we’re more reliable than this weak Anchan.」
「Oy, these Nee-chans are slaves. Oooh! Oniichan! Lend us these two! We might return them in 2 to 3 days! Hyahyahyahya.

The ones who came to pick on us were, a large man clad in dirty leather armor with an axe on his back, a fussy-looking mage, and a short mouse-like male scout.
I could see that inquisitive eyes were starting to gather towards us from the bar of the Adventurers Guild.
It couldn’t be helped that I’m scared but I stepped in front of Sophia and Maria.

「What? You’re not disobeying us, are you?」

The large man with the axe tried to coerce me by intimidating me, however, I was thinking something entirely different.

「(These guys stiiiink~)」

They smell so bad I think my nose is gonna fall off. No matter how much you say that only nobles and and wealthy merchants have baths in their mansions, Heath-san and his party members from the C ranked party 『Lion’s Fang』 who I was with when I came to Volton were more mindful of their hygiene.

「Hey! What do you think you’re doing ignoring me!」

Since I wasn’t talking, the large man began to rage. Sophia moved to protect me but I held her back with one hand.
I actually had something I wanted to try. I’ll have this ruffian be my guinea pig.

「………… you stink.」

I murmured those words and the large man was enraged.

「You’ve got some nerve! It’s time you slept, you bastard!」

The large man swung his fist, aiming for my face. The 2 meter giant let loose a punch, I bet people around us think that no matter how close I am to 180 cm, against his stature, I’d be knocked out in one hit. I envelop my entire body with magic power and raised my physical abilities.

〈The「Enhance Strength」 Skill has been obtained〉

Gyakinn!! Gusha!


A sound too hard to have been a sound that hit a person resounded, and the large man cupped his hand and rolled on the floor.

「Oi! Devuel W, what’s wrong!?」
「You bastard! What did you do to Devuel!?」

His two companions hit me.

Gyakin!! Gyakin!! Gusha!

「It huuuuuuurts!!」

Naturally, I had no reason to dodge and let them hit me, the result is 3 ruffians rolling on the floor of the guild.

「What do you think you’re doing inside the guild!!」

A man with a skinhead[2] in his prime and the receptionist who was in charge of Sophia and Maria’s registration, Hans-san, came running out from within the reception counters.

「These guys are D rank and Devuel. Is this your doing?」

The 2 meter skinhead asked me in a low voice but all I did was get hit.

「Guild master[3], Takumi-kun and his companions were dragged into this, they hit him one-sidedly.」

Hans-san testified what he saw.

「Just got hit you say, these guys’ fists are messed up. Where’d they have to get hit to do this. Haaa, well, it was Takumi, wasn’t it? I wanna talk and ask you a few questions so come with me to another room please. Hey, it’s not like you’ll be punished, there was a testimony from a guild staff this time.」

I glanced at Sophia and Maria and they nodded, so Hans-san guided us into the guild conference room.

Meanwhile, those men were dragged along by guild personnel.

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  1. Anchan – another way of saying Oniichan (Older Brother, or a casual way of calling a stranger)[↩]
  2. Skinhead – Bald.[↩]
  3. Hans calls the guild master, “guilmas”.[↩]

Translator’s Note:

Heya. You may have noticed I just use attend as the translation of “Yotogi” which is to sleep with a man (at his bidding). I believe it fits more than “sleeping with” in this context. But what I really want to say is, while I believe this novel is R15, if there are scenes that would turn R18, then forgive me because I will skip those because this site does not allow such content for certain reasons and I’m not interested in such. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nope “attend” works as a nice f15 work around. Also if there are r18 sense please make note of them so that those who do wish to read them can even if by not, xD

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