Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Equipment of the Two, Armor Edition

Having finished making the girls’ sword and knives at a speed that one could only be expected with magic and only in a fantasy world, I then moved on to making their armor.
The materials will be the same as mine, Huge Armored Boar’s hide and carapace.
I’ve already finished remodeling my armor to have 「Automatic Size Adjustment」, 「Enhanced Physical Defense」, and 「Automatic Temperature Regulation」 enchantments. I plan on changing the design of Sophia and Maria’s armor but it will have the same performance as mine.

I had asked for Sophia and Maria’s requests beforehand, and they said they wanted something that doesn’t become a hindrance to their breastplate and gauntlets.

「Even with the Automatic Size Adjustment enchantment, I’d still need to take their measurements, huh.」

I made excuses for myself as I went to call Sophia and Maria over.

The two were in the middle of training in the garden.
Sophia was doing demonstrations with the spear I had lent her, and Maria was mimicking it with a stick modeled after a spear.

Maria sure does have talent. Guessing from her movement, she probably already acquired the Spear Handling Technique skill. As someone who has a cheat-class correction from the Goddess, that is what I thought when I saw their training.

「(A knight’s spear handling really is educational.) 」

For me who is self taught in the ways of the sword and spear, this view of training is beneficial.
Acquiring a skill, you will certainly be able to do those technical skills, but I think having sufficient technique founded by martial arts is still important.

Sophia, who was training, noticed me and stopped the training.

「Takumi-sama, may I help you?」
「Ah! Takumi-sama, you were watching?」
「Un, I was admiring Sophia’s spear handling, and I was surprised by Maria’s talent.」

When I said that, Sopha and Maria smiled shyly.
I could feel my blood pressure rising from just seeing those smiles.

「Oh, right, I was making armor for the two of you but I came here because I needed to take your measurements for the breastplate and gauntlets.」
「Take measurements………」
「Takumi-sama measuring me…………」

Both of them turned red as soon as they heard measurements, but since nothing would happen if I’m embarrassed as well, I started to take Sophia’s measurements. Then continued to take Maria’s measurements, then I hurriedly returned to the workshop once I was done.

Haa,haa, that was dangerous. Sophie and Maria both had staggering destructive power. I got a nosebleed.」

Taking refuge in the workshop, I sat down on the stool and just let my upper body lie on the workbench.
When I measured Sophia, I remembered last night, and when I measured Maria, I couldn’t hold in my excitement.

「I am so blessed.」 I may have been dragged into coming to this world, but thanks to the Goddess, I was rejuvenized………… well, my origin isn’t at a reincarnated level, but I met Vanga-san and the villagers at Bohd Village and even met Maria and Sophia by chance in this town. Goddess Norn-sama, thank you very much.」

I made Sophia and Maria’s breastplates and gauntlets. Their colors are the same as my two-toned black and grey leather armor, and I had engraved patterns on the right side of their breastplates using silver, Sophia’s design were wings, and Maria’s were flames.

「Both Sophia and Maria, the curves on their chests are so impressive.」

The curves of the finished breastplates awoke my worldly desires.

Shaking my head to pull myself together, I made the girls’ boots. I can’t use Kelpie hide but I can use Blade Deer pelt as the base and then reinforce the toes and heels with Huge Armored Boar carapace. Naturally, I also have identical reinforcements on my Kelpie boots. Furthermore, using rubber which I synthesized with alchemy on the sole of the shoe, comfort and padding for footwear impossible for this world had been realized. I added 「State Preservation」 and 「Self Repair」 enchantments on the soles.

The breastplate and gauntlets have been enchanted with 「Enhanced Physical Resistance」, 「Automatic Size Adjustment」, and 「Automatic Temperature Regulation」. The boots, apart from the sole, were enchanted with 「Automatic Size Adjustment」 and 「Automatic Temperature Regulation」.

「Let’s change the color of Sophia and Maria’s boots.」

Having the girls wear boots the same color as mine isn’t cute.
I used alchemy to coat the surface of the boots with a pigment to change its color.
For Sophia, because the forest is the image associate with elves, dark green.
For Maria, a type of blue will match her hair so I dyed her boots dark blue. The girls’ boots, unlike mine, are long boots. This is just a matter of appearances though.

「All that’s left is the under-armor. Normal clothes are fine, but I should do all the things I can do. Kaede, could you take out some elastic threads?」
『Yes, Master』

I had Kaede who was relaxing beside me provide some elastic threads.
Leather armor is an equipment worn above clothes, but I plan on preparing special under-armor.
I had woven Kaede’s special elastic thread together with a thicker than normal thread to weave a cloth to make the cargo pants-like pants. However, that might be unfashionable for Sophia and Maria.

So, with tights in mind, I wanted to make durable pants with thin elastic thread so it doesn’t inhibit movement.

「Their shapes would show too much if I keep this as it is. It’s okay if it’s only me who can see it, but I don’t want others to see it.」

I’ll have to add a miniskirt in place of tassets over this. It would be easy to move in by adding a slit, and its defense should leave nothing to be desired with Spider Silk ( defense specialized ).

「With that decided, it’s weaving time.」

To make cloth with a variety of spider silk, I set the threads into the loom.

As I imagine the parts Sophia and Maria will wear the equipment on, I couldn’t reel in my smiling face.

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