Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 12

Chapter 12: A Village in Festivity

Starting from the time I had encountered the Huge Armored Boar, nothing as big as that had turned up.
So I reflected, training Presence Detection, Enemy Search, Magic Perception, and Stealth while walking through the forest.

Presence Detection and Enemy Search have subtle differences in their roles. Presence Detection is a skill that searches for presences of living things regardless of whether they’re big or small, or friend or foe. Enemy Search is a skill that, like its name says, searches for hostility in living things. Magic Perception is much broader, it perceives targets with magic power.

Improving resistance skills and training were done at the same time as I hunt for monsters.


In the end, it took me 3 days to return to Bohd Village.

「Oh, Takumi, you’re back safe and sound?」
「I’ve somehow returned safely」

Upon returning to the village, I went to Vanga-san’s house before I went back to my place. Naturally, it was about the Huge Armored Boar. Dismantling it alone is just simply impossible. Furthermore, it is something that can’t be done without receiving the cooperation of the blacksmith, Bobon-san.




I took out the Huge Armored Boar from my Item Box.

「Wha!! So big! So this is a Huge Armored Boar! Takumi! You, did you kill this?!」
「Yes, I thought  I was going to be killed」
「Well, yeah.  Oi! Kaachan! Kaachan[1]!」

Vanga-san called out to Martha-san.

「What is it, you’re so noisy, talking so lo…………udly」
「Kaachan, hurry and call that bastard, Bobon, over here. Dismantling this is too much for just me and Takumi.」
「Y, yeah, got it.」

Martha-san quickly went to call Bobon-san over.
During that time, all (?) of the citizens of Bohd village had gathered, and were looking at the Huge Armored Boar from a distance.

「Oi oi! You done killed something so amazing. Look at these tusks. This armor-like hide too, these’d make some excellent leather armor.」

Bobon-san, who was called over by Martha-san, stopped whatever he was doing in his den and started talking on and on in an excited tone when he saw the Huge Armored Boar.

Though everyone was talking loudly in a hubbub, not a single person brought up the fact that Kaede was clinging onto my back. It seems that the impact of Huge Armored Boar was so strong that they didn’t even notice Kaede.

At that moment, children noticed that Kaede was on my back.

「Listen listen Oniichan, there’s a huuuge spider on Takumi-oniichan’s back」
「Whatcha saying. This…………Hiiih!」
「Ah! I-it’s alright! This one here is my tamed monster!」

I hurriedly diffused the situation that could have caused a panic.

「……Takumi, people would normally have known that insect species can’t be tamed but…… it seems they can be.」

Observing how docile Kaede was being on my back, even Vanga-san was slightly shocked, however, the villagers soon recognized that Kaede was not dangerous. Guys, aren’t you too quick to accept this?


「Oh, Vanga! Dismantle this before anything else, dismantle!」

Bobon-san smacks the Huge Armored Boar and hurried us.
It seems he’s in a hurry to make weapons and armor from its materials. The desire of a candid man.

「Now then! Time to dismantle!」

With an engaging shout from Vanga-san, altogether the villagers began to dismantle the monster. Naturally, at Vanga-san and Bobon-san’s instructions, I also helped.

「Takumi-san, please purify the viscera!」
「Yes yes, 『Purification』」

The instructions for me to purify the viscera came from a village wife.
Fresh monster viscera is something the villagers consider a feast, however, those parts having miasma and parasites is a problem. That is resolved with the use of my light attribute magic 『Purification』.

The convenience of Purification through my frequent use of it in everyday life is something that the village wives had come to know about. Thanks to that, it’s purification over baths, purification of trash that can’t be turned into fertilizer, purification of laundry that fell and got dirty, and other convenient uses is how things currently stand.

This method of using purification magic is probably something only I do. The number of people suitable for the light attribute are few, and those that are, work as priests under the church, is what Martha-san informed me. “Use it in a way that won’t make you stand out in town” she says.

After I, who unreservedly uses purification and takes it for granted, leave the village, I’m worried if the village will be troubled by the difference in their way of life.


The village wives quickly started cooking the viscera I had cleansed.
The men were doing physical labor under Vanga-san and Bobon-san’s instructions. Everyone was coming by for meat and taking the initiative to help. It’s a small village so even after distributing meat to everyone, there’s still a large amount of it that remained. My item box stops time so it’s alright though.


「Takumi! Look at this harder-than-steel exoskeleton-like hide! This will be a great material for excellent leather armor~!」

Bobon had so much enthusiasm he’d likely rub his cheeks against the Huge Armored Boar.

The materials of this Huge Armored Boar that will be mine are hide for my complete set of leather armor, one tusk, the soft hide near the belly, the magic stone, and the leftover meat. For Bobon-san, I plan on presenting a bit of the armor-like hide, one tusk, and the bones.


A small village it may be, but with everyone making progress with dismantling, the process finished surprisingly fast. Maybe due to the location of this village, almost everyone has the Dismantling skill.
Isn’t it amazing, even kids were helping with it.


「Alright! Takumi! These are the materials for the leather armor and tusk, your portion of the meat, and the remaining hide. The hide will sell for a high price in town so take it.」
「Yes, I understand.」

I stored my portion of the divided materials into the Item Box.

「Alright! All that’s left is for everyone to eat the meat~!!」

From there, the whole village broke into a large festivity.

Apparently, once a year, this village performs a harvest festival, but the chances to fill up on meat are few, so as a reaction to that, both the adults and the children wolfed down the meat, and the adults took out and drank the alcohol, bought from peddlers that visit a few times a year, that they’ve been keeping.
The children fed Kaede some meat.

There, Vanga-san was sitting next to me.

「It’s because of Takumi that Bohd Village became cheerful again. Really, thank you very much.」
「That’s not true, Vanga-san, this is because I’m so grateful to everyone in the village.」

In actuality, I was so lucky that the first people I’ve met in this world were Vanga-san, Martha-san, and the villagers, but I didn’t say that, Thanks to not having been exposed to ill will, and having received the kindness of everyone in the village, I have a feeling that I gained the resolution to live in this world.

That night, the villagers all continued festivities until late.

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  1.  Kaachan / Kaasan – it means mom, but, like Vanga, at times the husband calls his wife this, and, conversely, a wife sometimes calls the husband, Otousan. Usually done when they already have children.[↩]

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