Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Going by Preference Returning from the feudal lord’s castle, everyone relaxed on the sofa, resting our fatigued bodies. No matter how friendly he was, I, who have never associated with high-ranking nobles, am dead tired. 「So tired~」 「He is a good lord, but being too familiar is also a problem.」 「I was nervous~」 … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 39

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Lord Volton A well-built man in his mid-40’s came in with a knight escort and the house superintendent. With his hand, he gestured for us, who hurriedly stood up from our seats, to sit down. 「Ease up, I am Godwin, the one who governs Volton. I am pretty much entrusted to be the … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 38

Greatest Alchemist? Idle Talk 1

Idle Talk: Maiden Slave The village I lived in was attacked by thieves. The men were killed and the women were violated. When mother died, I was with father and we failed to escape. Father was killed and children like me were caught and, just like that, we were sold. The thieves sold us to … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Idle Talk 1

Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 35


I’m kind of back. I did my best to make a chapter today but I might slow down just a little bit because of the renovations being done at my home and I might have injured my shoulder and knee a liiiitle during my trip.  It’s nothing serious but it just makes things a bit harder for me. I’ll try to upload every 4 – 5 days for about 2 weeks and then it would most likely be back to our normal schedule of 3 days. My apologies for such bad news. I hope to have your understanding.

Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Rank Up That night, we returned just before the gates of Volton closed. 「This was very tiring. Let’s report to the guild tomorrow morning.」 「Yes, even I am tired as well.」 「Takumi-sama, I’m completely exhausted.」 Incidentally, Kaede is already sleeping in the Subspace. We went home and the three of us entered the … Read more Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 35

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