The Elf is a Freeloader Chapter 2

Chapter Two: Elf is an Extraterrestrial?

The girl is eating up Yasutaka’s special cheese lettuce sandwich in no time at all.
Watching over the charming situation, Yasutaka waited for the girl to finish eating before calling out to her.

「You want something to drink? I can prepare some Japanese tea quickly …… but if instant is fine then there’s also coffee and black tea?」

To that question, the girl gulped and tilts her head.

It seems that she’s wasn’t as wary anymore, her gaze no longer stings.
As I thought, the power of food is great.

While thinking such, Yasutaka judged the girl’s appearance and arbitrarily decides that black tea would suit the girl’s taste more than Japanese tea. He boils hot water and prepares teabags of black tea.

「Sugar……mixing it in, she can do that herself.」

Again, by himself, he decides that doing this much should be fine.
Pouring hot water into the teacup, the tea bag swirled around a few times.
So together with the black tea, a glass pot with sugar was presented before the girl.

「Please warm up.」

While talking, Yasutaka sits down on the chair facing the girl.
The distance between them is much closer than before. Wary of it, the girl stares intently at Yasutaka.

「Adu rana?」

The girl tilts her head as she points to the cup of black tea and pot of sugar. It seems like she doesn’t know both the black tea and sugar.

「You drink it like this.」

Yasutaka mixed one teaspoon of sugar into his cup of tea and brought it up to his lips as a demonstration.

The girl observed and, with trembling hands, mimicked Yasutaka.
She mixed in the same amount of sugar Yasutaka did. This was not her preference, it was simply because Yasutaka had done so.
And then she gingerly sipped the tea. The moment she did, surprise rose from her face.

「…… Shiiaa……」

From the situation and girl’s expression, it probably meant 「Delicious」. Yasutaka felt so.

Drinking black tea together.
Yasutaka, once again, thought about what’s to be done after this.

「In any case, we’re bottlenecked by not being able to communicate with words.」

If only words could be conveyed, we could give explanations.
Really, what could be done? Yasutaka shifted his attention to the girl in front of him, who in turn, was looking at him intently with slightly upturned eyes.

「e……to……w, what?」

Even knowing he could not be understood, he opened his mouth anyway.

「Zakins……Shia kerudokayaanen」

Which star is this language from? The girl’s words were completely unfamiliar.
But the last thing she said, 「Yaanen」, may or may not have been Kansai dialect.

「hahaha…… as if that would be it……eh?」

While he was retorting at his silly inner thoughts, the girl took off the earring attached to her right ear, placed it on her palm and presented it to Yasutaka.

「Eh? Is this perhaps a reward …… or rather, is this supposed to be payment for the meal? No, I don’t need it, you know? I don’t particularly want it……」

Yasutaka shakes his hands to turn her down. Still, the girl kept holding out the earring.
Eventually, the girl points at her earring, then repeatedly touches her own ear, and lastly points at Yasutaka.

「Eh? Perhaps, you’re telling me to wear it?」

Yasutaka asked her, and the girl smiled and nodded.

Though he was fascinated by the smile that lasted for just a moment, Yasutaka attached the earring to his own ear, just like he was told.

At that moment.

「ーーMy words, do you understand?」


The girl began speaking in Nihongo, Yasutaka’s eyes went wide-open in surprise.

「A, are? Did you just speak in Nihongo?

Nihongo[1]……? No, I am speaking with my tribe’s words.」(In Katakana) I will put asterisks on the words she speaks in Katakana, meaning that she doesn’t say it correctly and / or doesn’t know what they mean.

「Species’ words[2]……?」

「Yes. You…… you helped me, didn’t you? That is why, I will lend you that earring that has a translation effect. With this, we can talk.」

「An earring with translation effect…… ah, I see. This earring is a translator. Really, as expected of alien technology. Having such a small translator like this is amazing.」

Removing them from his ear for a bit, Yasutaka closely examined the translator earring.
He doesn’t know what material is used but, it’s a silver colored hoop earring that’s around 2 centimeters wide. He assumes it doesn’t have any decorations is because it’s a practical item.


「Ah, sorry sorry.」

By removing the earrings, he could no longer understand the words of the girl so Yasutaka re-wore the earring in a hurry.

「For saving me…… and for the meal too…… truly, thank you very much. And yet I only thought of you as one of their companions.……」

「No, you don’t have to worry about it. But, they……eh?」

Yasutaka looks at her. Large drops emerge from the girl’s blue eyes. The drops soon overflow, running down the girl’s smooth cheeks.

「…… Coyle …… Maito …… Furi …… UaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!」

The face of the girl crumpled as she cried in front of Yasutaka. Crying like a kid, not caring what others might think, conveyed to Yasutaka just how sorrowful the girl was about what had happened.

But, Yasutaka couldn’t do anything. He could only wait for her to stop crying.

The girl who was crying frantically, eventually stopped.
Yasutaka anticipated this and prepares another cup of tea for her.

「Ah, thank you very much …… this is really delicious.」

The girl smiles weakly. That lightened Yasutaka’s heart.

「Really? It’s just instant black tea, isn’t it?」

「Umm…… Insutanto……? EEEEEEH!? This is tea!?」

The girl’s already big eyes growing even wider showed her surprise.

「Co, come to think about it…… This room has so many things I’ve never seen before…… The door is fitted with a large crystal slab…… Could this perhaps be a noble’s mansion somewhere?」

The girl’s eyes darted all over the living room. And then, turning to Yasutaka, she realizes something.

「Oh, that reminds me, even though you saved me, I have not told you yet. I am called Erulala Zaphyra Fyrasilula.」

「Eh? Ehh? Eruru…… what did you say?」

「Erulala Zaphyra Fyrasilula. An elf of the Zaphyra tribe[3]. Because it is a long name, please call me Eru.」

「An elf that belongs[4] to Zaphyra ……?」

Perhaps Elf is the name of the star she comes from and it’s star system is called Zaphyra. In other words, the girl is from the planet Elf.

Yasutaka has judged that the girl, Eru, is an alien.


He does not know anything about elves.

「……I, I don’t really follow but, I am Akatsuka Yasutaka. I’m a high school student at a nearby public school.」

Highschool Student……? Public School……? Umm…… I don’t really understand…… Akatsuika-san……?」

「Ah, Yasutaka is fine. Because that is my name.」

「Then, Yasutaka-san. I have never seen clothes like what Yasutaka-san wears……The tea from before was good too. As I thought, Yasutaka-san is a noble, yes?」

「N, noble……? Ahaha, it’s not like that. My house was just inherited from my commoner ancestors.」

「It can’t be like that too, you know? After all, commoners can’t drink tea like that. Furthermore, it’s completely transparent, has a wonderful fragrance, it was the most delicious tea…… that was my first time drinking it. Normally, commoners would drink a much more inferior black tea[5]. Perhaps, Yasutaka-san, do you grow tea at your house?」

There are still a lot of farmers who grow rice on paddy fields in Nisshin, the city Yasutaka lives in. There are also houses with plantations but, I’ve never heard of talks about cultivating tea. Naturally, there was no black tea being grown at this house either.
While Yasutaka was contemplating about that, Eru begins looking closely at the table’s surface.

「The surface of this desk is very smooth and clean…… It is impossible for our Elven craftsmen, who are superior at making woodworks, to make a tree’s surface this sparkly smooth.」

「Sparkly smooth…… This is merely a cheap table with varnish painted on the veneer board, you know?」

Surely, the set of dining table and chairs that I use were supposed to have been found by my parents at furniture dealer’s closeout sale. I remember my parents being very pleased that they were able to buy it for a price that was 20,000 yen or less.

However, whether or not Yasutaka’s words were heard, Eru was staring at the glass pot with sugar this time.

「This one is a crystal that has been processed, right? …… Just from the size, it must have been considerably large …… It isn’t thin nor cloudy and the processed surface is smooth…… I can’t believe it. And……」

Eru opened the lid of the glass pot, and ascertains the scent of the sugar.

「When I put this into the black tea, I thought, this smell …… is this by any chance, sugar?」

「U, un. It’s just white sugar isn’t it……?」


Eru jumped in surprise.

「…speaking of white sugar, it’s the finest quality among the high class sugar!! I heard that even with a gold coin, it would only get you a thumbnail’s amount…… so much of that white sugar…… ju, just how much could that be……?」

This white sugar, common enough that it’s being sold for 98 yen in the special sale at the supermarket near here, is by no means a luxury item.
It would seem that the girl from the stars regards sugar as a luxury item. Yasutaka concluded so.

「……Incidentally, it might sound weird hearing this now but…… um, where is this place? I am an elf from from the sea of large trees, Jimunishiera, inside Lexus Kingdom,, and I am an adventurer affiliated with Prius, an adventurer guild town but…… This isn’t …… Lexus kingdom…………is it?」

She was forcefully transferred somewhere far away. Eru was somehow aware of it, too.
The girl woke up in a place she had never seen before. Looking through the large crystal pane fitted into the door, it appears to be night right now but, the room was bright as if it were daytime. It seems like powerful light magic is used to light it up.

And, as for the cause of my transfer. I have an idea.

That dagger. While exploring the labyrinth together with my companions, we found a dagger imbued with magic. The kind of magic imbued was unknown, but I think it might have been transference magic.

At that time, I was struggling with one of the adventurers who killed my companions, the momentum caused the dagger to slip out of it’s scabbard. It’s likely that unsheathing it activated the imbued magic, transferring me to this place.

Eru, having thought so, believes that to be the case.

So then, where could this be?
I don’t think this is in the Lexus Kingdom.
From the contents of the room to the clothes being worn by my saviour, Yasutaka, these are all things that I have never seen before.

With these reasons, Eru believes that this is not Lexus Kingdom.

If this isn’t Lexus Kingdom, then in that case, a neighbouring country would still be fine. At the worst, there’s a possibility I was transferred to a different continent.

While taking those into consideration, Eru asked Yasutaka, but his answer really was the name of a country she didn’t know.

「Umm…… this is the country of Japan. Japan is divided into several prefectures, this one is in Aichi prefecture, and Nisshin city is a town within it.」

Niihon? Aichi prefecture? Nisshin City? …… I’ve never heard of it.」

「Well, yeah. After all, this is Earth.」


「Un. So now, I have questions for Eru, is that okay?」

「Ah, y, yes, what is it?」

「Where is the Elf star that Eru lived in? The Milky Way? or maybe Andromeda? And did you hide the space ship in this neighbourhood? I’d like to see the see the inside of your spaceship, if that’s okay?」

「……………………E, excuse me?」

Mutual understanding between the two is still far off.

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  1. Nihongo – Japanese language. and just gonna write it here, she says this and a bunch of other words in katakana. Aside from the bad spelling, I will italicise them to easily show when she mispronounces it and / or doesn’t know the meaning of it. I’m too lazy. You guys probably don’t want me to make a footnote every time.[↩]
  2. The kanji (種族) used for this and tribe (from the line above this) has multiple meanings. Just read on.[↩]
  3. The kanji (族) used here means tribe / clan / family; read as zoku.[↩]
  4. The kanji (属) used means to belong / be affiliated / genus etc; read as zoku.[↩]
  5. She uses (黒茶) kokucha (fermented tea) here, which also called black tea / dark tea but is different from the (紅茶) kōcha / black tea that was served to her by Yasutaka. Here’s a picture. [↩]

Author’s Note: 

『Freeloader Elf』 update.
How many can recognize 「Elf」in Japan now?
I’m looking forward to your continued support.

※Eru’s companions’ names appeared in a glimpse. I judge that people who understood it from the original story are at a good age.(lol) aka his targetted age bracket?

Translator’s Note:

Hey! Thanks for reading chapter 2 of Freeloader Elf. This chapter has a few POV changes, I hope it wasn’t very confusing. As always, I’d appreciate it if you could point out any mistakes you find or if you have any suggestions for me.
Starting from next chapter, all new content! Please look forward to it!
I’ve just learned how to make footnotes. Yay! I hope they’re working properly. Oh, you’re still reading. Nothing to see here!

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  2. Just a suggestion, maybe put who is speaking what lines, or when the POV changes?? Thanks, I started reading this so long ago. Nice to see it getting done.

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