Stepmother Chapter 21

Announcement. I’ve read and considered the comments and reviews so I’ll be changing how I tackle this series. Originally this was something I’d just do it on the side, as a distraction from the other novel I do, however, it’s not as enjoyable of a read with my chapter-every-other-day method which just completely butchered the story. Therefore, unless a chapter is fulfilling to read by itself, I will post less frequently but will do multiple chapter releases at a time. I make no promises regarding when and how many per release but I really want the readers to enjoy this as much as I do, so please bear with me. Thank you for your time, and please enjoy.

Chapter 21: “Just Reasoning”

Around the time the Queen began worrying about Yuri’s education, one educator said to leave Yuri to him.

The educator was eager to show that he could tear down the wall that has turned into a fortress around Yuri’s heart.

The Queen tried making time for Yuri but it was too late, Yuri’s attitude is how it is now.

Honestly not knowing what to do, the Queen entrusted Yuri to the enthusiastic educator.

Worried that Yuri’s world is too small, he, the educator, tried to widen it. Day by day, night by night, morning, noon, evening, he would fervently preach Yuri, saying,

「Yuri, you don’t need to be excellent, you are the only you in this world, a unique and cherished existence.」

Although the world is vast, Yuri’s world  only encompasses the Royal Palace. His worries may seem small to other people but they was enormous for him.

Everyone is a unique and precious existence, I know that but, so what? Knowing that is what causes inevitable suffering. (Yuri)

Even though Yuri, who was apprehensive of strangers, disliked the educator, he understood that the Queen assigned the educator to him because she was worried about him.

So Yuri endured it but listening to the feverish lectures day by day, night by night, morning, noon, evening, gradually made his head hurt.

One day, Yuri had a headache, and even though he said he didn’t feel well, he was still given a fervent speech by the educator. Yuri couldn’t endure anymore so he bit him.

Snapping at him with words would have been better but the mentally cornered Yuri physically bit the educator’s hand.

The educator was shocked and clamored for a doctor to be called.

It was a wound a child bit.

Although the bite wound on his hand wasn’t a big deal, because the educator was a stifling and bothersome man, he had his hand wrapped in bandages and stayed in bed.

Having heard from a retainer that Yuri bit the educator and that the educator was staying in bed, the Queen scolded Yuri without hearing him out herself.

Upon hearing from the maids assigned to Yuri and Yuri’s side on the incident, the Queen apologized to Yuri but it was too late, Yuri had completely shut the Queen from his heart.


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Translator’s Note:

Thanks for reading. BTW, the educator’s line wasn’t actually written with 「」 in the raw but it looked better this way for me. Should I fix it?

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