Stepmother Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Children

Between the Queen and King, they have the 17 year old first Prince Ricardo, 15 year old first Princess Yuna, 12 year old second Princess Sana, and the youngest, 7 year old second Prince Yuri.

The first Prince Ricardo always smiles, can handle anything flawlessly, has excellent grades at school. is well mannered, and all his friends are candidates to be his close aides in the future.

He can be somewhat devious, or rather, he won’t succeed in national politics without being a bit devious.

As the first Prince, Ricardo is promising.

The two daughters have clever dispositions and are sociable, it is believed that they would succeed wherever they may be married off to.

It is second Prince Yuri that the Queen worries about.

The King started to impose the government affairs onto the Queen when it was decided that first Prince Ricardo would succeed the throne, so she more or less ended up having to entrust Yuri’s education to those around her.

So, compared to the his older sisters and the first Prince Ricardo who were excellent because of the people in charge of their education, Yuri who grew up without experiencing the Queen’s guidance developed a strange inferiority complex.

Additionally, another cause for Yuri’s complex was the colour of his hair.


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Translator’s Note:
Thanks for reading! I’ve got mini good news~
The author, Ten-sensei, stopped writing this story around April and removed chapters 130 onwards (chapters he/she wasn’t happy about) then went on hiatus back in August due to a slump. He came back a few days ago and posted chapters 130 to 132. So here’s hoping~

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