Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Resolved


The kinds of monsters marching towards Wedgefort varied from the relatively fleet-footed monsters like wolf-types, kobolds, goblins, to slow-footed monsters like orcs, ogres, tri-headed vipers, and bush lizards.

I avoided one of the heads of the Tri-headed Viper that was trying to bite my foot while simultaneously trampling on it and invoking 『Decomposition』, breaking that one head. The two groaning heads were each lopped off with my sword and spear.

Even though an ogre approached the carriage Tsubaki was pulling to attack it, Kaede’s invisible tough threads had severed the ogre’s supposedly tough skin from its bone.

A pack of aroused orcs assaulted Sophia and Maria, but Maria brandished her spear and the upper and lower halves of several orcs were separated. Sophia handled her sword and shield freely, as if performing a sword dance as she sentenced the pack of orcs to their deaths.

The members of the Crimson Rose were also being attacked by monsters like orcs and goblins, but with the support of the Lion’s Fang, they safely and steadily defeated them.

Together with Titan, we did a lap around Wedgefort to clear monsters. Then we went close to the southwest section where the density of monsters was high.
Even when Titan’s opponent was a troll much larger than him, he trampled it down with overwhelming power. With Titan’s Shield Bash, orcs became lumps of meat. Titan took some distance from me and attacked with the mace in his right hand. That swing turned the surrounding monsters into minced meat.

With my Stealth skill and the effect of the Overcoat of Existence Concealment, I one-sidedly brought down monsters.
Two hours have already passed since the fight started and the number of monsters had visibly decreased.
The arrows and magic from the walls still continued to attack monsters.

I fired magic when I could, charged with my sword and spear, and invoked 『Decomposition』 with my knees and the soles of my feet.
Insight, Presence Detection, Body Control, Evasion, Stealth, and Enhanced Physical Abilities were fully manifested which raising my skill levels. My level went up too, consequently raising my attribute values, so despite going for stronger enemies, the speed in which I exterminate them increased.

〈The Skill 「Swordplay」 has leveled up〉
〈The Skill 「Swordplay」 has awakened the Skill 「Sword King Technique」〉
〈The Skill 「Spear Handling」 has leveled up〉
〈The Skill 「Spear Handling」 has awakened the Skill 「Spear King Technique」〉

When swords flashed, heads of monsters would fly and their bodies would collapse.

The strong smell of blood wafted in the surroundings, and monsters intoxicated by this started coming out.
I stored the monster corpses that became obstacles into my Item Box as I went to support Sophia and the others.

At that time, with warcries, the adventurers from Volton joined the fray.
Now that this has happened, the state of the war instantly tipped to one side, and monsters were even running away. At that point, the drawbridge of Wedgefort lowered and the stationed soldiers made their debut.

With it switching to a battle of annihilation, I chose the big game and strong individuals. Because the corpses of large monsters were a hindrance, I immediately store them into the Item Box.

After that, the first battalion of the Knight Order in Margrave Volton’s territory arrived, and our complete victory had been determined.
The adventurers and knights finished off the dying monsters and were starting the cleanup.
Apparently, the knights that started late had been exterminating the monsters flowing to the town of Volton.
As Tsubaki ran over the dead corpses, she found me and approached. From Tsubaki’s back, Kaede leaped towards me.

「Master! Kaede defeated many monsters! So then I think maybe I’m gonna evolve!」
「Ooh, isn’t that amazing, Kaede? I’ll transfer you to the Subspace immediately, so it’s okay to rest and take your time evolving inside.」

I opened the Subspace and the sleepy Kaede entered.

「Master, I’m glad you’re safe.」

Marnie came out of the carriage and handed me a water bottle.

「Thank you, Marnie. Are you okay too?」
「Yes, because Tsubaki-chan and Kaede-chan were here.」

Sophia and Maria returned.

「Area High Heal!」

I focused on activating purifying magic and cleaned everyone’s armors and clothing that had been dirtied by the spurts of blood. After that, I used High Heal and Cure to rid them of injuries and toxins.

「Are the two of you uninjured now?」

Silence, and then the two hugged me.

「Yes, we had gotten a few scrapes, but they’ve been healed by Takumi-sama’s magic just now.」
「I’m also alright.」

When I looked around, fights had become sporadic. Before long, cries of victory were raised.

「Good work.」

Heath-san and the others called out to us. Judging from their appearances, they had no large injuries.

「Likewise. Are you hurt?」
「Nah, Crimson Rose had a healer so I’m alright.」

I casted purifying magic, cleaning everyone off.

「Thanks. How amazing, you and your party. And you even have a pretty strong golem.」

The leader of the all-girl party 『Crimson Rose』, Merilda-san, got closer.

「Aren’t those in Iruma-san’s party the sacred warriors of the Genesis Faith?」
「No, we have no relation to the Genesis Faith. I believe in Goddess Norn, but we’re not connected to the church. I wonder if us using Norn-sama’s name for our party name at our own convenience is unwise.」

Paula-san, the healer wearing priestess clothing, asked this, but could she have misunderstood us naming ourselves 『Wings of Norn』?

「No, I believe there is no problem at all. Iruma-san’s party name is not bad, but rather gives praise. Conversely, I would worry if one willfully uses it as an advertisement though.」
「I see, then there’s no problem if it’s like that.」

The Genesis faith, whom worships Norn-sama, offers a variety of conveniences, and they are tolerable to those who use it arbitrarily.

「Hey! Let’s rest at the town! It’s probably alright to leave the cleanup to the late knights and adventurers. We’ve already worked enough.」

Lyle-san dragged his feet into the carriage.

「Haa~ sorry about this, Takumi-kun.」
「It’s alright, everyone please get on the carriage too.」

The sky began turning red and the smell of blood hung in the air. The cleanup probably wouldn’t end in 1 or 2 days, but we’ve definitely worked more than enough. For the time being, our carriage began running towards the lowered drawbridge, so we could rest at Wedgefort.

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      〈The Skill 「Swordplay」 has leveled up〉
      〈The Skill 「Swordplay」 has awakened the Skill 「Sword King Technique」〉
      〈The Skill 「Spear Handling」 has leveled up〉
      〈The Skill 「Spear Handling」 has awakened the Skill 「Spear King Technique」〉

  1. [manifested which raising my skill levels.] -> {manifested, which meant my skill levels were raising.}

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