Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Inspection group

The pioneering villagers’ lives had normalized. In a building built by craftsmen within the curtain walls, an inspection group from Volton and the royal capital made a sudden visit to inspect the town.

「Ah! Margrave Volton, and even Viscount Portfort.」

I get Margrave Volton, but I was surprised that even the Prime Minister, Viscount Portfort, was here from the royal capital.

「Iruma-dono, you’ve made yet another outrageous thing.」
「…… I said a fort would be great, but I can’t call this a fort.」

They alighted the carriage and I showed them around the town on foot.

「Magic devices were installed in the septic tanks located throughout the sewers. That’s why, like in the Volton town, there’s no unpleasant smell. Even the restrooms in the houses and barracks had been installed with the Toilet Purifier DM.」
「Are the houses sold? Or are they for rent?」
「Like the taxes, they’re loaned free of charge for three years.」
「Would the additional immigrants be provided houses with that Toilet Purifier DM as well?」
「Unlikely, as I will not always be here. The commission I received is almost over, so I’m thinking of returning to Volton.」

They’ve begun sowing seeds in the agricultural land and the establishment of inns and businesses within the town are progressing at a quick pace. Even if the number of stationed soldiers increase, an additional barracks was already constructed. You could say my job has ended.

「Iruma-dono, until a governor has been decided, I can not stop you from coming and going between Volton town and this town for now, but we will begin the personnel selection with His Majesty and the bureaucrats when we return, so I would like some of your time.」

Saying so, Viscount Portfort wanted and commissioned me to work in this town for a little longer.

「Ah, of course we will give additional compensation, so don’t worry. Naturally, cost of the Toilet Purifier DMs and the magic devices installed in the septic tanks will be paid for.」

Margrave Volton talked about money matters, but the present conditions were already beyond my control so I ended up giving a half-hearted reply.

「Also, before the governor is appointed, it’s been decided that branches of the Adventurers Guild and Commerce Guild will be established. We’d like for Iruma-dono to consult on the locations and building construction.」
「Eh? That’s surprisingly fast.」

Viscount Portfort informed me of the establishment of the Adventurers Guild and Commerce Guild had been decided on, but the town has just been made, and yet it would already have those two guilds…

「Certainly, if the population is slightly above 2,000 people with the stationed soldiers and their families, you could say it is premature, however, this town is already advancing with the acceptance of immigrants. In three months, it is estimated to have over 10,000 people.」

From Viscount Portfort’s explanation, a highway will be built from this town to Lomaria Kingdom, increasing the trade routes with Lomaria. One could say that several hawkeyed companies have already been inquiring around about purchasing land. And the soldiers too, 5,000 of them are expected to be stationed here.

「And a number of adventurers are expected to come because of the various monsters inhabiting the vicinity this town.」

Soon, Barack-san, the guild master of the adventurers guild in Volton, will come to inspect the location of the construction of the guild branch and to survey the monsters in the vicinity of the town.
Margrave Volton explained that small-scale monster nests are extensively spread out in great numbers. In these savage lands, the strength of monsters vary greatly because of their locations, so it is necessary to investigate those areas.

「Would you like some more tea?」

There, Marnie and Maria pushed a cart, bringing second helpings of tea.

「Hm? Iruma-dono, you employed someone new for your house?」

Knowing the members of my household, Margrave Volton uttered so when he saw Marnie.

「Yes, she’s someone from the pioneers, a widow who had recently lost her husband and chose not to remarry, so I decided to hire her.」
「I see, policies regarding widows is a job for us at the royal capital and feudal lords. In His Majesty’s place, I thank you, Iruma-dono.」
「Viscount Portfort, it’s alright. I just wanted a helping hand for my house.」

This is about Marnie, but right now she’s wearing a classic maid outfit. For Marnie whose default is high-exposure clothing, it’s too formal, but since she has more chances of coming out and meeting different people, I made her wear maid clothing for the time being. At any rate, the surprising thing was that she didn’t wear underwear. There were many beastkin tribes around Volton, but their clothes weren’t much different from those of the human race so I was surprised by Marnie’s daring outfit. When it came to beastkin tribes in rural areas though, it apparently wasn’t that unusual. Of course, nowadays she wears the underwear that Kaede and Maria make.

「There are many things that must be kept secret in iruma-dono’s household. For that reason, it is likely very difficult to employ people others besides slaves, so it’s better to be proactive when you are able to secure personnel.」
Fumu, I hear your battle potential is overabundant.」

As Margrave Volton and Viscount Portfort say, with the exception of slaves, it’s hard for me to choose people to add to my place. Hiring diligent people who work very hard like Marnie is like a jackpot, something I leave up to fate.

「Even if you mention our battle potential, we’re a group of producers.」

Naturally, I am one, and Sophia has become able to create simple magic devices. Maria and Kaede sew, and Laeva does alchemy and has recently dabbled in smithing.

「No, I heard from Barack that you’re already a top party even in Volton.」
「My word. So Iruma-dono is excellent even as an adventurer. Certainly, to be able to build a town like this in these savage lands, one must fight with monsters. How extremely talented you are, it’s enviable.」

Being praised excessively by Margrave Volton and Viscount Portfort, I somehow weathered that time of discomfort. When I finished guiding them around the town and castle, Margrave Volton returned to his town and Viscount Portfort to the royal capital.

After the pair returned from the inspection, an influx of people and merchandise actively arrived at the city. I accepted a commission to construct the building for the Adventurers Guild and completed a 3-story stone building along the main street. A few days of arranging the interior. and the Adventurers Guild promptly started its operations.
During that time, I got a commission to construct the building of the Commerce Guild. Business transactions increased, not to the extent of Volton, but it thrived to the extent of the capital of an unskilled earl’s territory.

This town was named 『Wedgefort』.
This town is yet unknown to both Triaria Kingdom and the Divine Empire of Sydnia. And so, several months later, they learned an impregnable fortress that suddenly appeared in these savage lands.

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