Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 86

Dungeon Attempt

The adventurer party 『Wings of Norn』 advanced through the dense forest.

「We are underground but we can see the sky in the forest.」
「It’s truly a mysterious place.」
「Yes, the environment changing when changing floors is nothing unusual, after all.」

We’re in an ancient A rank dungeon in the outskirts of the royal capital in Valkyra Kingdom. We’re trying to lure out an attack from the zealots, but above all, we were interested in the dungeons.

Dungeon are ranked by degree of difficulty. From S rank, the highest difficulty, to D rank, made use of by average adventurers to earn their daily keep. Of course, the higher the difficulty, the more the materials and items in treasure chests become valuable.

And so, having obtained the ultimate tank known as Titan, we came to the A rank dungeon 『Forest of the Beast King』.
It was a few days after completing Titan’s bodies. Coming home after finishing training at the Adventurers Guild and at the Knight Order’s training facility, I made a proposition to everyone.

「I plan to challenge a dungeon.」
「Umm, I do not mind going to a dungeon, but why so suddenly?」
「We are being targeted by zealots, aren’t we? If we go to the dungeon, we might be able to lure them out, right? I was thinking we can beat them at their own game if we’re in a dungeon.」
「……So, Takumi-sama. What’s the real reason?」

Though, the reason I thought up for going to the dungeon didn’t work on Sophia.

「Well, I want to see a dungeon.」
「……then please say that. Maria, Laeva, and I would not object.」
So, that having happened, Maria searched for documents on areas close to the Royal Capital, and we decided to go to the high rank dungeon 『Forest of the Beast King』.
We had several reasons for choosing this dungeon, but one of the main reasons is that since it’s a high rank dungeon, there would be few other adventurers, so the chances of us getting caught into anything would be low. Another reason is that, according to Barack-san, gauging only by pure fighting strength, my party 『Wings of Norn』 is competent enough to challenge an A rank dungeon, and so he gave us his seal of approval.

「At any rate, we’re only at the 5th level but the variety of monsters that have appeared are a lot.」
「Because it’s a forest dungeon, the variations of beast-type, insect-type, undead-type are aplenty.」

So that’s how it is. Additionally, Orcs and Kobolds also appear. The levels of the monsters aren’t that high in the first level, so we killed them quickly and looked for the stairs going down, but I think the density of monsters would be hard for a basic adventurer.




A Crazy Ape, a strangely long-armed monkey monster, attacked from a treetop.
Titan was in front, defending us with his shield, while Kaede intercepted the Crazy Ape with her strong threads. Sophia and I thrust with our spears, while Maria and Laeva fired magic.

If it’s monsters in the 5ish-th level, then it isn’t a problem for us.

「In the next fight, Maria use a spear, Laeva a staff, and Sophia and I will use magic.」

We have some room to practice our skills.
Sophia with the spear, sword, and magic; Maria with the spear and magic; Laeva with the staff and magic; Kaede with the claw and threads; Me with the spear, sword, taijutsu and magic. We checked our coordination as we fought in rotations.



My taijutsu which had awakened to Fist King Technique, together with Body Control skill, and Matoujutsu Skill, make it easy to consign demons to oblivion.

Sophia’s Spirit magic is as cheat-class as ever. Her swordsmanship and spearmanship, which were polished through practice with the knights, are already close to awakening to a superior skill.

Maria and Laeva’s skills weren’t up to par yet, but Barack-san said that it’s only a matter of time before they join the level of first class adventurers.

I realized only recently that the growth speed of my party members, myself included, was abnormal. I think that Goddess Norn’s divine protection extends its effects to even my party members.

Kaede is displaying her ability to deal with A rank monsters by herself, and Titan can probably withstand the attacks of a dragon.

「So this is a boss room, huh.」

We arrived at the front of an extravagant door on the 10th level.

「What could the monster inside be?」
「According to the documents I looked up at the Adventurers Guild reference room and the Volton Library, it seems to have some pattern and was reported to have either an Orc General leading a combination of 10 Orc Knights and Orcs, or a superior wolf-type species leading 20 blood wolves.」

Maria’s researched information is likely reliable. The lowest level reached in this dungeon, 『”Forest of the Beast King”』, was the 30th level. Maps and information on boss rooms up till there could be obtained. Regarding the maps, the shallow levels are free, however, there is a fee starting from the 5th level and it gets more expensive the deeper the level.

Giii. When we opened the creaky door, black smoke whirled inside the boss room, and a 3 meter large Orc General, 3 Orc Knights, and 7 Orcs appeared.


The Orc General made a warcry, then attacked together with the Orc Knights and Orcs.

「Titan! On the Orc General!」
「Sophia and I on the Ork Knights! We leave the rest to you Maria! Kaede! Laeva!」
「「「Yes! (Okaaay!)」」」

All at once, Sophia and I broke into a run towards the Orc Knights. Kaede covered for Maria and Laeva. Stepping heavily, Titan charged.

An Orc Knight swung its longsword downward at me. I dodged it calmly and hit its temple with my palm.


I used 『Decomposition』 on the Orc Knight’s brain, and its body collapsed like a puppet whose strings have been cut.

Next to me, Sophia swung【Tempest】 sideways and the Orc Knight’s top and lower half were bisected.

Maria killed Orcs by swinging 【Explode】, and Laeva burned Orcs to death with Fire Lance. The Orcs approaching the two were cut to bits by Kaede.


Titan defended against the Orc General’s sword with his shield.

Gobaa!! A large mace crushed the Orc General’s head from above.
「So the boss of the 10th level is like this, huh.」
「Well, I can’t imagine us losing if it is something to this degree.」

「Takumi-samaaa! There’s a treasure chest!」

As Sophia and I were discussing our thoughts on the boss battle, Maria informed us that a treasure chest appeared.

There were no traps on the treasure box, and there were jewels, gold, and a few magic items of intermediate rarity inside.

「The magic items are not better than the ones Takumi-sama made.」
「Well, it would probably sell for a high price if we sell it.」

For our dungeon attempt this time, we plan to go up to the 20th level. In the farther levels, the traps become brutal, so we judged that it would be too reckless for us currently.

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