Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Laeva’s Equipment

Although I was experiencing grueling training from hell in the Adventurers Guild thanks to Barack-san, everyone spent their time on their respective objectives.

Before I knew it, my objective had become mastering taijutsu. According to Barack-san, my goal is to awaken the advanced skill Fist King Technique from the Taijutsu skill. He also said that there were a handful of people who’ve awakened to the Fist King Technique in the continent. Naturally, Barack-san has also awakened to the Fist King Technique skill. However, raising the skill level to become someone at Barack-san’s class is apparently very difficult. To resolve that, it seems you need to fight with an opponent who has the same Fist King Technique skill.

I wonder what you look for in an alchemist.

Sophia aims to learn ancient elven language and ancient magic characters. She seems to want to make magic devices. To do that, she has started studying how to draw magic circles that can be called magic device circuits. She already understands the existing magic circles, so she’s doing her best to become able to freely construct magic circles in her own way. This study a study with Laeva.

Maria sews diligently with Kaede. They seem addicted to clothing and underwear making. While consulting with Sophia and Laeva, they’re creating various clothing. They became motivated seeing the latest fashion trends in the royal capital.

Tsubaki would sometimes go hunting at the grasslands in the outskirts of Volton. It’s not just because Tsubaki wants to hunt. She’s aiming to be an evolved being like Kaede, whom had experienced it twice. I haven’t looked into what the Drake Horse’s higher species is yet, but I think Tsubaki will achieve her goal in the not-so-distant future.

In the warm workshop with Heater MD, Kaede and Maria were making cloth with the thread twisting machine and weaving loom. Sitting next to each other at the table, Laeva and I had a discussion about her equipment.

「Okay, about what to do with your equipment. Laeva, we still haven’t decided.」
「My equipment? I have received the magic invocation ring.」

Naturally, I made and gave a mithril ring for Laeva’s Mage job.

「Laeva, you’re also registered at the adventurers Guild and have been promoted up to H rank by delivering potions and medicinal plants, but from here on, you understand that the simplest way would be accepting subjugation requests, don’t you?」
「Yes. Takumi’s intention is to raise my level, is it not?」
「Yeah, raising your level will also increase your Magic Power, and raising your Intelligence, and Dexterity status values will be useful in various ways too. Also, it would be better to acquire skills and raise skill levels in battle.」

Laeva is a pure Mage, but rear guards have nothing to lose in polishing their close combat skills. Should they exhaust they magic power in battle, mages wouldn’t become sitting ducks. I explained the importance of close combat skills, and left the choice to Laeva.

「Umm, if it’s Cane Arts then I can use it fairly well. So would it be alright to stay with Cane Arts?」

Right, Laeva’s Cane Arts skill is at level 4 and is at a sufficient level to be useable.

「Then your main weapon is a staff, and keep a dagger as your sub weapon.」

There’s nothing better than getting used to knives and daggers for self defense.

「Hey, hey, Kaede wants something too~!」
「Umm, can you fight with things other than your threads?」
「Yup, Kaede also uses weapons!」

Kaede normally fights using her threads which are stronger than adamantite. The attack of something that can freely manipulate any number of threads will be dreadful.

「True, it’s good if the number of moves Kaede can do besides her threads increases. Got it, I’ll try thinking of something.」
「Yaaay~! Thanks Master!」

First, I thought of making a magic staff for Laeva. She’s already using the magic invocation ring, but she might be able to fight with both magic and her staff.

The material used for the staff will, of course, be Elder Treant Wood. Since it has excellent magic power conductivity as well being stronger and more durable than iron, I believe that with its hardness and toughness, it is the best material for a magic staff. Even more, to make it stronger, just like our spearheads, I enveloped the exterior with a thin layer of mithril alloy and carved a complex design on it. The staff was adorned with shiny silver metal and carvings, making it nonslip as well.

「Laeva, if I bestow a knife or dagger with an attribute, which among the Light, Dark, or Fire attribute is good? In the case of Dark attribute, I can’t do it alone and will need your cooperation though.」

If Light attribute is granted on a weapon, it has a special attack against Undead-type monsters. If it’s Dark attribute granted with Laeva’s current skill level, I think it can have attacks with added poison or be a cursed sword that deals mental damage to the cut opponents.

「Hmm, Dark attribute is fine. I was thinking that it might possibly be good if it can be given confusion or paralysis.」
「Paralysis might be good.」

I’m looking forward to doing things with the Dark attribute so that’s enough thinking for Laeva’s dagger. Now what to do for Kaede…………, Kaede’s lower half is a spider’s body while her upper body is no different to a child’s. A weapon not too large and will not be a hindrance to the manipulation of her strong threads.

「It might be difficult to handle, but do you want to try claws?」
「Yeah, Kaede, you fight by making use of three dimensional aerial maneuvers so claws might be perfect for you.」
「Ok, will try~!」

Kaede shook her arms as she mimicked using claws.
I decided to make a gauntlet that will become claws for Kaede. Since it’s Kaede, she can smear her own poison on the claws when fighting.

Afterwards, I finished Laeva and Kaede’s equipment with Laeva’s help. Although I say Laeva can do it, she has to pour her magic power into 『Decomposition』 『Extraction』 『Synthesis』 magic circles to support her when she makes mithril and adamantite alloys though. Laeva’s magic power is definitely lacking. But even so, Laeva keeps at it while drinking mana potions.

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  1. “to be an evolved being like Kaede had experienced twice” -> {to evolve, like Kaede had experienced twice} ~ probably

    Poor Takumi, being made to learn some super legendary martial art skill. Getting so many girls means danger, so he needs it, but even so, having to fight a battle crazy old man, I pity him. Now then, I wonder about Tsubaki, what kind of monster will she evolve into.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!


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