Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Being Pampered

Having been confronted with a thieves’ attack, which in a sense is a royal road template, the (mental) damage I received from killing a person for the first time was not as big as I thought it would be, rather, it shocked me.
It’s not that I’m completely composed after having just killed a person, but my mind had accepted it as inevitable, and I was shocked at myself.

Now if I had to say how I am right now, I am being praised and pampered by Sophia and Maria inside the carriage.
It seems they thought that I was terribly shocked by having killed people for the first time.
I am not against being pampered completely by Sophia and Maria. More like, I’m even ogling and flirting with them.
It should have been Maria’s first time murdering as well but it seems that worrying for me calmed her down. I wonder if it turned out okay in the end.

Even in the middle ages in Japan, there were probably thieves and brigands around during the warring states period, it wouldn’t change very much to daimyos and powerful families even if they banded together. Reflecting on that, this world might not be that unusual. A world where no one competes for prosperity doesn’t exist. This is shown by human history.

Thieves are suppression targets, wanted dead or alive, and you would not be charged for killing them. There are a variety of people who become thieves. Fallen adventurers, fallen mercenaries, farmers living in famine. Knowing that, I think that there are two types of thieves, people who were swept along by the ease of it and people who enjoy criminal acts.
It is because of the those types of people that it seemed absurd that I was even troubled.
If the entirety of the people of this world had an opportunity to to learn a standardized education, the circumstances would likely change a little, because there are many people who fell to thievery that can’t read or write. At least, I think they might be able learn a kind of job.

「(Huh? In this blood-thirsty world, wouldn’t being an artisan while having a slow life be impossible?)」

Well, just being able to flirt with Sophia and Maria is good enough. It’s not my job to think about the hard stuff, that’s the job of feudal lords and kings.

Doganbo-san completely ignored our flirting in the carriage. He probably just had no interest though.

On the second day after the thieves’ attack, we returned to Volton.

Without delay, we headed to the Adventurers Guild and when Hans-san spotted us, we were beckoned over and taken to the place they store materials.

「For starters, please take out the Treant wood.」
「Yes, I’ll put them here.」

I piled up the 10 that Heath-san left to us and the 15 that we subjugated there.

「Also, there is an Elder Treant, but I want to keep materials for that though.」
「An Elder Treant came out?! That was difficult, wasn’t it. If it’s possible, I would like you leave some of it to the guild.」

As a result of the negotiations, half would be sold to the Guild. Half of that large tree is enough for me, and because the guild would buy it for a larger sum than I had expected, I had no problem with it.

「Thank you, Takumi-kun. With this, we will somehow manage till the the Black Buffalo season is over.」

Then I was promoted to D rank.

「Takumi-sama, you have forgotten the report regarding the thieves.」

I completely forgot about it until Sophia mentioned it.
Did my mind want to forget about it?

「What, thieves appeared?」

I reported the scale of the thieves, the location of the attack, and how they were dealt with afterwards to Hans-san.

「So, you retrieved the guild cards. The guild will examine those, and you will be compensated upon inspection. But with this, Takumi-kun will become a D ranked adventurer both in name and reality.」

I received the designated request rewards, and we separated from Doganbo-san at the guild and headed home. Doganbo-san parted with us after promising to refine mithril and adamantite the day after tomorrow.

The three of us sauntered around town while buying ingredients and then returned home.

Having returned home, Maria prepared dinner while I prepared the bath.

「Maria, want some help?」
「Yes, then Takumi-sama, please take care of the soup.」
「………… I’m sorry, you two.」

As Maria and I were standing in the kitchen, Sophia hung her head, seemingly apologetic. Sophia is an elf and is the eldest among us, yet she can’t cook at all. Whether the women of lower ranking nobles can cook or not, I do not know, but since Sophia is my guard, I told her that we can cook so it’s alright.

After enjoying dinner and playing with Kaede around the table, it’s time for a pleasurable bath.

「Takumi-sama, it’s embarrassing so please don’t stare too much.」
「That’s right. You’re staring too intently.」

I entered the bath earlier and waited, then Sophia and Maria entered the bath naked.
The embarrassed two tried covering up with their hands and went by me as they said so, but my response had already been decided.


At their beauty which seemingly embodied the beauty of this world, my excitement was at its peak and it’s like my blood was boiling.
Thanks to that, I was able to get over the suppression of thieves. It doesn’t matter, ……I’m just a pervert, after all.

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Translator’s Note:

Sorry if it seemed really …rough reading that. Half the time, the sentences in the raw just didn’t match each other. I tried my best to make it more sensible. But I’m really bad with the flirting stuff. It all just makes me cringe. lol Anyway, thank you for reading!

Edit: I was able to reword some lines to make things a bit smoother.

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  1. Well as long as i don’t have see something what makes me think that it mtl then i am happy(of course I prefer if everything is good quality). I know that it isn’t easy to translate i am thankful to you for your hard work on these stories

  2. I’m no good with flirting stuff either… Especially things about the MC just openly being a pervert and ‘openly’ flirting around in the carriage… Somehow I just remember all the pieces o’S. that appear in some other novels.

  3. At the very least, I think they could learn a kind of job.

    As someone who was unemployed for a few months I find this sentence insulting. I wasn’t jobless because I was unwilling (though it’s true that my laziness was on the way).

  4. “is a the royal road template” -> {is a/the royal road template}/{is a template of the royal road}

    Well, I guess getting over killing humans by having fun with the girls is an old but gold way.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation by the way! God bless you!

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