Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Takumi is summoned by a Noble

The day after the goblin subjugation, I intended to train my Artisan and Magic skills for some time, but that plan was suddenly derailed.

Early in the morning of the day after I made magic invocation medium rings for Sophia, Maria, and I, Papeck-san visited the mansion.
This was the first time this happened, so I had a bad feeling, however, I could only sigh and listen to him talk.

「Takumi-sama, I have a request for an audience from Lord Godwin von Volton.
Lord Volton is His Excellency Margrave Volton who governing this town. Takumi-sama, you might have already seen it, Margrave Volton-sama is the benevolent feudal lord who has laid out the good governance of our present day. It is also thanks to the feudal lord that Moulin Slavery Company where you bought your slaves have the stance that they do.」

It hasn’t been long since I arrived at this town, but even in that short time, I could see that.

「Why does the feudal lord want to an audience with me?」
「Of course it is because of the toilet attached with a purifying magic device and the timed purifying magic device, Takumi-sama. As a matter of fact, even though construction of the factory for cheaper toilets is progressing at a quick pace, the toilets attached with a purifying magic device have already spread to the wealthy people in Volton. At the same time, the septic tanks of the sewers are being installed with the purifying magic device.

These several days, have you noticed that the smell in the Volton has improved? Moreover, Takumi-sama also has the rights of the hand pump. The hand pump is already a product that is being manufactured and distributed at two locations, here at Volton and at Bohd Village.」

Ah, I overdid things too suddenly.

「Well, I don’t think you do not need to be too concerned.. He simply wants to meet the excellent artisan, Takumi-sama, to be acquainted with you this time.」

Haa, I’ve instantly become depressed.
After all, I of lower-middle class around 40-ish years old already experience mental strain from meeting with the managing director and the company president. To say nothing of a noble. And isn’t a margrave a high ranking noble? He’s not a duke or royalty, but that doesn’t make a difference to me.

「Please be at ease. I will be with you during the audience.」

Papeck-san gave a follow up upon seeing my worried expression but……………

I had Kaede enter the subspace, and I asked Papeck-san “how this? how that?” as it had been decided that he would bring me to the castle in the heart of Volton where the feudal lord resides.

「It will be alright, Takumi-sama. I will be by your side.」
「That’s right. Maria will also be with you too.」
「My oh my, to be loved this much by your slaves in such a short amount of time, it is as I had anticipated from you.」

Haha, to be encouraged by girls…………….

Before long, I could see a castle befitting a town of adventurers.

「It looks like a large fortress.」
「As expected of Takumi-sama. As a matter of fact, Volton Castle here was a fortress in the forefront. Building a fortress town with that fortress at its center was the beginning of the town of Volton.」

Papeck-san gave an explanation to my mutterings of my impression of the castle. That’s right, it’s not because it was unmannerly.

The castle has a moat filled with water that surrounds it, and the drawbridge is lowered to allow entry.

「The drawbridge is now left lowered. That is because there have been no large wars in over 50 years.」
「That was the war between Triaria Kingdom and Yggurle, wasn’t it.」

If I’m not mistaken, that war was the impetus for Sophia falling into slavery.

「Yes, that war was triggered by the foolish nobles of Triaria Kingdom. To obtain beautiful and handsome elves who can use powerful Spirit magic, they instigated the central figures of the country to start a war. Valkyra Kingdom was located in between the two countries and was greatly affected by it, however, I heard that they entered into diplomatic relations with Yggurle Kingdom and had some skirmishes with Triaria Kingdom.」

The war appeared to have come to a close when Triaria Kingdom, who had to maintain its long supply line, abandoned its invasion, however, it seems that the war is not over and no peace treaty has been signed.

「So then, in a manner of speaking, we are still at war?」
「Neither a ceasefire nor reconciliation have been carried out, therefore, that is how it is.」

So somehow the Divine Empire of Sydnia isn’t the only one that is good-for-nothing.
I glanced at Sophia, but even though we’re talking about the war that caused her to become a slave, it doesn’t look like she particularly minds it. I wonder if the day Sophia tells us the reason why she can’t return to her country and had to be sold as a slave will come.

「Since that war, there have been no other large-scale wars, so the drawbridge has been left lowered.」

A guard stationed in front of the bridge stopped the carriage.

「I am Papeck, the president of the Papeck Company. Today, I have come to guide the alchemist, Takumi-dono, at the request of the lord.」
「Please wait for a moment.」

A guard stationed at the gate ran to confirm.
From those brisk movements, I could sense that the soldiers of Margrave Volton are thorough with their training.

「I have received confirmation. Please move the carriage this way.」

We alighted from the carriage at the entryway of the castle and were guided by a soldier to a waiting room for guests.

In the room with quality furnishing that wasn’t at all gaudy, we drank tea that was clearly made from first class tea leaves while waited for the appointed time.

「Today, the audience will not be an official one but rather a personal one, therefore, I believe it would be fine for you to not be too nervous. Besides, there will be no problem given that Takumi-sama treats everyone in a polite manner.」

Certainly even Sophia and Maria who are my slaves have a favorable impression of me who treats them the same. It seems that they would not be in the same room, much less the same table, if this were in Triaria Kingdom or the Divine Empire of Sydnia.

The door was knocked on and opened by an elderly maid who entered the room.

「Thank you for waiting. Master has finished his preparations, I shall guide you.」
「Thank you.」

Papeck-san stood up and I followed.
Guided through the hallway with thick carpeting, we threw down the gauntlet at the audience with the Lord.

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  1. Error:

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    I asked Papeck-san how this how that as it had been decided -> I asked Papeck-san how this now that as it had been decided

    Seems the author is getting sloppy again. There is no reaction from Papeck when he seen Sophia fully recovered from her disabilities, though he was aware that Takumi was capable to restore her lost limbs.

    Thanks for the treat.

    • Thanks, I’ll fix it in a bit!

      The 2nd one is sort of correct in the way that it’s “how this? and how that?” as in he kept asking a lot of questions. I might add a few symbols to make it clearer.

  2. … isn’t his identity suppose to be secret? he break his own rule rather quickly … kinda like begging the politician to abuse and make use of him!


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