Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Studying for the first time in 10-ish years

When I entered the Golden Wheat Pavilion, a calm voice greeted me.

「Welcome to the Golden Wheat Pavilion, will you be dining? Or lodging?」

The one who greeted me is a kind-looking human woman in her mid-30’s. Is she the landlady of this inn?

「Papeck-san told me of this place when I asked for a recommendation. May I please stay 10 days for the time being?」
「Oh, a referral from the president of the the Papeck Company. A night in a single room with meals in the morning and in the evening will be 5 silver coins.」

One night’s stay with meals included costs around 5000 yen huh. I don’t really understand the prices in this world but this is cheap.

「So that will be 50 silver coins. By depositing 1 gold coin, if you prolong your stay then it would be deducted from that.」

I handed over 1 gold coin to the landlady.

「Thank you, I will hold on to it. Could you please to add your name into the inn registry?」

I filled out my name onto the registry that the landlady held out. The landlady’s name is Maura-san, and it seems that she and her husband manage the Golden Wheat Pavilion.

「So it’s Takumi-sama. Your room will be number 205 on the second floor.」

I took the key and went to my room.
The room has a bed and a small closet, it’s small but it has a clean feel to it so it’s a good room.


Lying in bed, I sighed loudly.
Kaede came crawling out of my overcoat.

「Kaede, wanna eat?」
『Want, eat』

Cutting up some monster meat for Kaede, I served it on a large plate I made for its use, then put on the floor,
I took off my overcoat then hung it in the closet, and unfastened the armored boar leather armor. I applied the purifying magic, Purification, on the leather armor and everything I had on my body, then stored them in my Item Box.
Woops, I also applied Purification on the bed.

Incidentally, even if the purifying magic, Purification, isn’t chanted as 『Purification』 , the magic formula can still be invoked. After all, if it’s chantless, then the image is everything. When I asked Papeck-san about purifying magic, it seemed that the purifying magic that the priests used only purified undead and miasma. He said that it is unable to clean dirt the way I use it. I think this is because of the preconception and image. As far as my current self is concerned, purifying magic is a useful magic that I can’t give up.

Having Kaede house-sit, I ate dinner on the first floor. There were no complex dishes in Bohd Village, but this being a large town, dishes that used various spices were served, and it was very delicious.

I was able to sleep last night.
I finished eating breakfast on the first floor, and I’m going to the library, which is my primary reason for coming to this town.
I asked Maura-san where the library is, and walked towards it.

A building with a solemn presence could be seen after walking 10 minutes on foot.

Kaede is not staying at the inn. In fact, my Time-Space magic skill level finally increased to 3, so I became able to use a magic that doesn’t demand much of a tamer, called Subspace.
This magic called Subspace is different from the inside of the Item Box, but the flow of time inside is the same as the outer world and living things can enter it; Its capacity is also dependent on the user. It is similar to Storage Magic but it is a completely different magic.

Storage Magic is a downgrade of the Item Box. Magic power is necessary when depositing or withdrawing items, and a large amount of magic power is necessary when the storage space is first created. It is said that a normal user can create a storage space up to around the size of a 6 tatami room.
The magic power required when opening Subspace is little, but it’s at a level where it can be ignored when natural magic power recovery is taken into consideration. The magic power it takes when the space is first created is identical, but that cost is much cheaper. Incidentally, the size of the space Kaede is currently in is as wide as 4 baseball stadiums combined.

Kaede’s thoughts concerning the interior of the space is that it’s filled with my magic power and that it was cozy.

At the Library’s reception desk, I paid for the establishment fee and the insurance fee. These seem to be for the cost of the maintenance of valuable books and library management cost.

「I have received 30 silver coins. 20 silver coins will be returned at the time of your departure.」

Expensive. The usage fee is 10,000 yen.
They said that because the books are collected to be appended, if the book is dirtied, the 20 silver will not be returned so they sincerely ask that it be handled carefully.
Un, I’ll handle it carefully even if they didn’t say so.

When I entered the library, it had a collection of books that wouldn’t lose to a library in Japan, and the aged leather-bound books had a profound feeling to it.

Because searching blindly seemed unreasonable, I quickly gave up searching by myself and asked the librarian for books related to magic circles and alchemy.

「There’s surprisingly few.」

  • Complete Collection of Magic Circles
  • Complete Collection on Magic Circle Deconstruction
  • Introduction to Alchemy
  • Illustrated Reference Book of Ancient Magic Letters and Symbols

From the vast collection of books in the library, there were only 4 books on what I had requested. While there was a fairly large number of books relating to spell casting, it seems that matters relating to alchemy and magic circles were minor fields of research.
If I had to say, then this is why. By relying on items discovered in ancient ruins and dungeons, the current situation on magic devices will not improve.


「(I see. Deconstruction, Extraction, Reconstruction, Synthesis. The analysis of an alchemy magic circle can be done.)」

Alchemy magic circles can be deciphered. If it’s like this then arranging might also be possible.

「(Automatic Size Adjustment is a complex magic huh; Size alteration, how fantasy-like; Self Repair is a light and time-space attribute so it’s a rare enchantment. Enhanced Agility and Strong Slash are wind attribute, Enhanced Strength and Enhanced Attack are fire attribute. I see, I see. I understand the general method, so if it’s like this, I might be able to Enchant without a magic circle.)」

I wondered why these simple and easily understandable magic circles for Alchemy and Bestowal Magic are obsolete. Although I was thinking this, I realized later on that the reason I could say this was because the Goddess Norn-sama had gifted me the ability to understand all languages of this world. In actuality, the people of this world have yet to decipher the characters and magic circles of the age of the ancient magic civilization. This was something I had not yet realized at this time.

I continued reading the books, even forgetting to eat lunch. Buying parchment and a pen from the library, I kept taking memos and, by the end of the the day, I was able to obtain the necessary information.

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  1. well the reason purification is different is because of efficiency.
    his purification do a lot of extra work which require insane amount of MP, while the priest for efficient narrow down the focus of the spell.
    kinda like cleaning when the instruction is to clean the table instead of a whole house the effort require is different
    The MC had the blessing so he can afford it but regular dude nope nada cant live with that… this remind me of a certain EXPLOSION maniac… can only use that one spell a day !!!


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