Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 17

Chapter 17: The Town of Volton 2

The Adventurers Guild building is 3 stories high and even has a wide frontage.
Following behind Heath-san, Lyle-san, and Bogah-san, I entered the guild.
The interior of the Adventurers Guild is spacious, with the left side having 3 counters each with a staff member acting as receptionists; The right side is a restobar, and it’s just past noon so there were very few people there at the moment.

Heath-san walked briskly to the reception desk, while Lyle-san and Bogah-san went to the bar.
I trailed after Heath-san to one of the counters.

「Hey, I’m reporting the completion of a request.」
「Oh, Heath. It’s the escort request by Papeck Company, isn’t it?」

There was a line at the beautiful receptionist, so Heath-san lined up in the shorter queue at the counter a male receptionist attended to.
When his turn came, Heath-san reported and handed over the proof of completion of Papeck-san’s request to the receptionist.

「Yes, it has been validated. Would you like to deposit the rewards to your card, as per usual?」
「Yeah, in the card please.」

Heath-san presented 3 business card-sized cards to the receptionist.

「Very well, the rewards have been deposited. Thank you for your hard work.」

The guild staff returned the cards to Heath-san.

「Also, this is a separate matter. This here is Takumi, I’d like you to help him register as an adventurer and register his familiar.」
「Well then, Takumi-sama, please fill out the necessary forms. And where is your familiar? Hiiih!

Seeing what was stuck on my torso when I had spread my overcoat, the guild receptionist let out a small shriek.

「Ah, I apologize for startling you. This is what I have to fill out, right?」

Fumu, name, age, job, preferred weapon huh……………, writing anything is fine, isn’t it? It’s not like this information will be used when joining someone’s party.
For my name, just Takumi should be fine.
For job, Alchemist seems questionable so would Mage be good?
For preferred weapon………… a Mage with a spear would be weird so leaving it blank would be better?

「Is this fine?」
「……Well, there are some who only fill out their name so there is no problem. Well then, pour some magic power into this magic device or a drop of blood please.」
「Yes, will this be fine?」

When I touched the specified area and poured magic power, a card came out of the magic device.

Guild Card
Name : Takumi
Age : 15
Job : Mage

Rank : H
Title : None
0 G

Looking at the guild card, the written information is very simple.

「The Adventurers Guild’s rules and explanation will beー」
「Ah, we’ve taken care of the explanation」
「I understand, then onto the familiar registration.」

Heath-san interrupted the male receptionist.[1]

Since we had a lot of time inside the carriage from Bohd Village, I listened to the explanation about the Adventurers Guild.
There are 11 ranks, from H – SSS. Points are determined by the request, and the rank is raised when enough points have been accumulated. You can accept requests up to one rank higher than your rank. Promotion to D Rank requires a battle exam. In addition, so as to not be used simply as an proof of identity, if an H Ranked does not at least accept 1 request per month, the guild card will be rendered invalid. 1 every 2 months for G Rank, 1 every 3 months for F Rank, 1 every 6 months for E Rank, 1 every year for D Rank, and C Rank and above are no longer bound by that regulation.
Well, I’ll be careful so my guild card isn’t invalidated.

While I was recalling that, the guild receptionist brought some sort of magic device close to Kaede and was measuring something. I wonder if it was a magic device to measure Kaede’s magic power.

「Alright, the familiar has been registered into Takumi-sama’s card with this. Please confirm.」

Like he said, there was a Killer Spider Familiar entry written on the presented card that wasn’t there before.

Guild Card

Name: Takumi
Job: Mage

Rank: H
Title: None
Familiar: Killer Spider
0 G

「With this, Takumi-sama’s registration at the Adventurers Guild has finished successfully. Since Takumi-sama is currently H Rank, you are required to accept no less than 1 request per month. It hasn’t been long since Takumi-sama had reached adulthood, so I recommend permanent requests such as collecting medicinal plants.」
「Umm, are medicinal plants already on hand not allowed?」

There are a lot of Hirukuku Grass, Kurupopo Grass, Maryl Grass, York Grass that haven’t been made into potions stored in my item box.

「That’s alright. Hirukuku Grass and Kurupopo Grass are permanent requests at 5 bunches for 2 silver coins, Maryl Grass is a common G Rank request at 5 bunches for 5 silver coins.」

Well then, I wonder how much is within the acceptable range. If it’s 5 bunches each, would handing over 50 each be good?

「Then, these please.」

Pretended to take it out from the leather bag I got from Norn-sama, I withdrew 50 of each medicinal plant from the Item Box. I took out 10 sets of 5 bunches.

「………………ha! I, I’ll count them immediately.」

The male guild staff was stunned by the amount of medicinal plants I took out. It seems it really was too much.

「These Hirukuku grass, Kurupopo grass, and Maryl grass are satisfactory since they all certainly look like they’ve just been freshly picked. It is 20 silver coins for 10 sets of 5 bunches of Hirukuku grass, 20 silver coins for 10 sets of 5 bunches of Kurupopo grass, and 50 silver coins for 10 sets of 5 bunches of Maryl grass. It will be 90 silver coins in total. Would depositing the payment to your card be fine?」

Recovering immediately, Guild receptionist-san quickly finished checking their quality and calculated the fee.
The adventurers guild card is able to record the rewards into it. Since this is usable in almost all stores and inns, it isn’t necessary to carry around heavy coins.
Given that I had the money that I received from Goddess Norn-sama on hand, I asked for the payment to be deposited into my card.

I handed over my card and waited for the request completion and payment processing to finish.

「Okay, the completion of the request has been validated. With this, Takumi-sama has been promoted to F Rank.」
「Eh? I only registered at the guild just now, you know.」

Isn’t it weird to be promoted 2 ranks higher all of a sudden?

「No, originally, H Rank would be promoted after completing 10 requests of the same rank. So Takumi-sama was raised to G Rank. Then there is the common request for Maryl grass, but because this is an F Rank request, it is considered the completion of a request 1 rank higher than yours, thus you have been promoted to F Rank.」

I don’t really get it, but it’s 1 request every three months for F Rank, isn’t it. If that’s the case then this is fine.

「I understand.」

I received the guild card that has been revised to F Rank.

「Ou, that took a while. This is our stop. Papeck-san is waiting outside.」
「Heath-san, thank you very much.」

I bowed to Heath-san and said goodbye, waved my hand at Lyle-san and Bogah-san, and hurried out of the guild to where Papeck-san was waiting.

Papeck-san was waiting for me to come out.

「Now then, I’ll guide you to my company. Please come on board.」

I sat beside Papeck-san and he operated his carriage, driving towards the center of Volton.

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  1. This line isn’t actually in the raw but smoother this way.[↩]

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  1. “For preferred weapon………… a Mage with a spear would be weird so leaving it blank would be better?”

    Clearly the author has not played tales of the abyss.


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