Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Takumi’s Departure

Lined up by the road close to the gate of Bohd Village was the entirety of the villagers.

As for me, in order to camouflage the boar leather armor and gauntlets and Kelpie boots on top of the Spider Silk shirt and cargo pants that I was wearing, I put on a plain-looking overcoat.

And snuggling up beside me, growing up to around 50 cm from measuring just its torso, is Kaede.

With Kaede and I actively hunting in the forest, we raised our level. Thanks to that, Kaede got bigger, legs included.

Bobon-san says that while there are some largely-built species that exceed 10 meters within the monster spider family, since Kaede is of the assassination species that stealthily uses poison to kill, it seems it’s the type that will not grow too much.

Vanga-san and Martha-san approached, hugging me tightly.

「You had better come show yourself here again.」
「That’s right, because Takumi-kun is kind of like our child already.」
「Thank you very much. I will definitely come back someday.」

「「Take caaare~~!」」
「「Come back again~!」」

「Ou! Polish your skills!」

Ban, Bobon-san urging me on with a pat on the back, I walked towards the peddler’s carriage.

「Everyone! Though it was for a short while! Thank you very much!!」
「「「「「「Take caaaare~~!!」」」」」」

Holding in the tears, I hurried to the peddler’s carriage.
I believe that my first encounter since coming to Mildgard being with good people and parting with them is an experience I likely wouldn’t ever have in Japan where people’s relationships were faint.

Having boarded the peddler’s carriage and taking the seat beside the coachman, I continued to wave as the carriage began to move. The villagers waved their hands until I was out of sight.

「Takumi-sama you are very much loved in Bohd Village, aren’t you? I’ve been coming and going to Bohd Village for many years but……………」

The one who called out to me is the peddler controlling the carriage from the coachman’s seat, Papeck-san. Papeck-san a man with a prominent stomach in his 40’s or 50’s.
Vanga-san had asked Papeck-san if he could give me a ride until town, to which Papeck-san readily agreed to.

Also, this might have also been influenced by the fact that Bobon-san sold some of the materials from the Huge Armored Boar to Papeck-san.

「It’s true, we’ve done a few escorts to Bohd Village, but it’s like Takumi-dono is part of the family to the villagers there.」
「Papeck-san and Heath-san, please address me casually as Takumi. I am but a greenhorn who’s only recently become an adult, after all.」
「Hyahyahyahya, that’s ‘cus Heath stinks like an old man.」
「What did you just say?! Lyle, you’re the same age as me though!」

The one speaking from inside the carriage is an adventurer escort, Heath-san. He has short blonde hair, is almost 2 meters tall and has burly muscles, a battle axe-wielding Warrior. I was surprised to hear his age though. He looked like he was still in his mid-twenties. While I looked surprised, the one who made fun of Heath-san was Lyle-san. A long red haired bow-wielding Scout. He looks like an effeminate man but he’s likely very skilled. And one more person, the silent skinhead bald , Bogah-san is a giant even larger than Heath-san, wielding a large shield and mace. He is probably the “tank” of the party. These three are the members of the C ranked Adventurer party 『Lion’s Fang』, the escorts that Papeck-san often comes with to Bohd Village, it seems.

「Still, in the short time since I last came to Bohd village, it was surprising to see that the village has changed completely.」
「Well, it’s a development. Since I was very well under their care, even if was just a little bit, I did it for sake of the villagers.」

When I first arrived at Bohd Village, there was only a crude fence that surrounded that village. That can now be called defensive walls. A 2 meters high, 30 cm thick stone wall enclosing the village. Furthermore, with the likelihood of the village growing larger in the future, the defensive wall was built much wider. A moat has been dug outside of the wall, and while it borders the abandoned village, it doesn’t seem to be visible.

This was something I made as part of my Earth Magic training, wanting to make it even a little bit safer for the kids.

Also, though it would sooner or later be exposed, a hand pump was installed in the village water well. The pump that Bobon-san and I made together was installed inside one of the two water wells of the village, but if a merchant or a tax collector were to discover such a groundbreaking invention it might become troublesome for me, so a new water well with a pump installed was dug up in a hard to notice place.
And then Papeck-san noticed that the attires of the village housewives were made of spider silk, but since I had introduced Kaede, I couldn’t hide it.

「Also, Takumi-sama, how many Basic Potions do you have left stocked?」
「Since the potion bottles I have are limited, excluding the ones for my personal use, I have around 100 pieces of each potion right now.」

Since potions were also made everytime I made potion bottles, I made a fair amount, but these were reserves for the village which were entrusted to Vanga-san.
When I’m staying in the village, illnesses and injuries could be healed with potions or recovery magic, but I can’t say the same for when I’m gone, so I supported them as much as I could. Though I think it’s hypocritical if it’s only to the extent where my hands can reach, but it is natural to favor those who have treated me kindly.

「Would it be possible to buy all of those?」
「If there is no issue related to rights then I don’t mind.」
「Since potions and the like can be bought from any Magician Guild, Pharmacist Guild, Commerce Guild, Adventurers Guild, there will be no issue selling it to me.」

From Papeck-san’s explanation, it seems that the recipes for standard potions are monopolized by the Pharmacist Guild and Magician Guild, and one must register to either guild to be taught the recipes and practice to make potions.
In my case, knowing the recipe thanks to Appraisal EX, I produce it using alchemy, improving its quality. Papeck-san said that the kinds of potions I made exceeded the limits of basic potions so similar ones could not be made by the Pharmacist Guild or the Magician Guild. It appears that since the method and recipe would be recognized as my original, there would be no problem selling to Papeck-san or the Adventurers Guild.
Incidentally, it seems that Papeck-san also has the Appraisal Skill, but it is different from my unique skill Appraisal EX, since it can only find out up to the description of people and items. Appraisal is ineffective at finding out the composition of medicine and its recipe.
Papeck-san had appraised the potions I left in the village and was surprised by its effectiveness, and by all means wanted to buy some from me, even if just a small amount.

「Then, would you be willing to sell everything to me?」
「Yes, that would be alright.」
「Well then, how does 10 silver coins a piece for Basic Heal potions, 10 silver for Basic Stamina Potion as well, and 50 silver for Basic Mana Potion sound?」
「Eh? Isn’t that expensive? These are basic potions, you know.」

Heal Potion and Stamina potions were 10,000 yen each? Mana potions at 50,000yen? I couldn’t believe my ears at Papeck-san’s suggested prices.

「This is not at all expensive. Rather, since Takumi-sama is nameless, I’m sorry but what I’m offering is a bit cheap.」
「That’s right Takumi, hearing that although it’s basic grade, it’s of the highest quality, if the amount it restores comes close to intermediate potions, its selling price would be many times that price.」
「Yeah, it’s as Heath says, Takumi. Because, to us adventurers, potions are our lifeline. There’s no one here who would die because of stinginess.」
「There you have it, it will be 70 gold coins for everything. The trade of merchandise and money will be at my shop in the town of Volton, please.」

I couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.
In this world where you can live off of 1 gold coin for month, to suddenly have 70 gold coins. That is equivalent to 7 million in Japanese Yen.
Harvesting the medicinal plants, collecting the materials for the potions bottles, creating the bottles, and, of course, brewing the potions inside were all done by me. So isn’t this almost pure profit?
Though, since it’s medicine that can heal injuries at once, it’s inevitable that prices are high, I suppose.
Also, it seems that the Huge Armored Boar materials from Bobon-san were bought at a very high price, I couldn’t say I have more.

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  1. This is repetitive, but some more corrections, sorry for the bother:
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    “shield and mace he is” -> {shield and mace. He is}/{shield and mace so he is}
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    Nice profit, but some details mentioned here seem to ‘flag’ problems with the guilds. Well, if everyone is friendly, that would be boring. We need some idiots to play the villain.
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  2. Solid first arc I’d give it an 8 outa 10. Purely because it doesn’t have any conflict besides the boar.

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