Greatest Alchemist? Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Countermeasure meeting


Having finished the highway from Wedgefort to Lomaria’s fortress, we returned to our mansion in Volton.
I had Sophia and the others gather to talk about the fluctuation of magic power that happened when we were almost done with the highway construction.

「Sophia, Maria, Laeva, Marnie, I want you to swear to never tell anyone what I’m about to say.」
「Certainly. I am Takumi’s slave, I would not disobey Takumi-sama’s wishes.」
「That’s right. Sophia-san and I are the same.」

Regarding Sophia and Maria, I trust that they wouldn’t betray me even if I release them from slavery.

「Me too, I am much too indebted to Takumi-sama that it couldn’t be put into words, so I would never tell anyone. I wouldn’t talk even if I am tortured.」
「No, if you’re tortured, you can talk.」

I retorted Laeva’s extreme remark. I want her to take care of herself more than keep the secret.

「I am the only one that isn’t a slave of MasterHusband. Therefore, may I ask you to make me your slave too, Takumi-sama?」
「No no no, you don’t owe me anything so you will not become a slave.」

I could see from Marnie’s eyes that her request wasn’t a joke. It looked like she said it in earnest.

「No, Takumi-sama, I don’t think it is bad. Marnie-san is a Rabbitkin. The Rabbitkin is a race prized by nobles and wealthy merchants as pet slaves. It appears that the Rabbitkin, whom are lacking in combat ability as Beastkin, are largely targeted in slave hunts. Despite the law and the doctrine of the Genesis faith prohibiting the discrimination and illegal slavery of Beastkin, and there are a few in this country and at Lomaria Kingdom, I believe that becoming Takumi’s slave is an option to guarantee Marnie’s safety.」

Sophia jumped in with that recommendation. Injuring or stealing another’s slave without reason. This is apparently a crime sentenceable with severe punishment even if one is a noble.

「I think that until Takumi-sama has the influence and power to go even against a high-ranking noble, this is necessary.」
「But Maria, if I had to say, then I’d want to set everyone free though. Of course, that is under the assumption that everyone would be at my side just as we are now.」

For the time being, I had everyone give up on the matter with Marnie becoming a slave so we could continue the discussion.

「When we were almost done with the highway construction just recently, everyone sensed the fluctuation of magic power, right? Has an occurrence like that happened until now?」

Everyone exchanged glances at my question and shook their heads.

「No. I am but a fledgling that hasn’t yet lived for 100 years, but I imagine that an occurrence like that has never happened until now.」

If the elf Sophia says that then I’m sure that was the hero summoning done by the Divine Empire of Sydnia.

「What I’m gonna talk about from here on might sound preposterous and unbelievable, but I’d like you to listen to everything first, and then decide.」

I started talking about my arrival to this world from the very beginning.
I was a human living in a world completely different from this one, where monsters didn’t exist and had no magic.
Dragged into the hero summoning and losing my body, Goddess Norn had picked me up and brought me to her sanctuary.
After that, I received artisanal skills from Goddess Norn, and descended to Mildgard in Goddess Norn’s specially made body 3 years prior to the summoning.
Thereafter, I came to Volton town from Bohd Village. Sophia, Maria, and Kaede know what happened after that.

「Wha?! So Takumi-sama was a divine messenger sent by Goddess Norn-sama?!」

Sophia barely gave a response and the other three were speechless and wide-eyed in surprise.

「The hero summoning itself is impermissible to Norn-sama, so she made it so that it would never activate again.」
「No doubt. For a summoning magic to cause a fluctuation of magic power that could be sensed far distanced from Sydnia, just how much of a negative influence it would be to this world, I don’t know.」
「Hold up, Sophia-san, didn’t you accept that way too fast?」
「T-that’s right! He’s Norn-sama’s messenger, you know!?」

Maria and Laeva have rebooted already, but Marnie hasn’t come back yet.

「No, Marnie and Laeva. I received artisanal abilities from Goddess Norn with the intention of living peacefully in this world. Norn-sama even said that she doesn’t mind me living as I please. Leaving that aside, Sydnia summoning heroes is a problem in itself.」
「………… It is, indeed.」

Sophia seems to have understood what I wanted to say.
In this world, it is easy to understand that there is no enemy to mankind like those known as a Demon LordMaou. The Mazoku are simply a race just like Humans and Elves are. Controlling monsters………, it doesn’t happen. Rather, Mazoku are a harmless race that live in small groups.
With all that, what is the meaning in expressly summoning heroes? The cost of using forbidden magic just to exterminate monsters doesn’t fit.

「They intend to start a war with other countries, don’t they?」
「Fighting power of a scale to start a war is impossible no matter how many heroes there are. I think it’s about terrorism, but…………」
「A Light God Faith propaganda?」
「Possibly. There would likely be a number of people that would be deceive by the jarring words of heroes.」
「The radical zealots of the Light God Faith seem to love singing to the tune of a holy war, too.」

I felt really displeased with the likelihood of what Sophia said turning into reality being high.

Even on Earth, be it in the past and present, there’s been no end to strife related to religion. Especially when the number of people lessens, the more radical they become.

「I have no intention of concerning myself with war and religion, but I have a debt of gratitude towards Goddess Norn who had given me a second life. Above all, Margrave Volton and His Majesty are here and have warmly received someone like myself into the country. I don’t want this country to be laid to waste.」
「That’s right, we don’t have to be in the forefront, but I want us to do what we can.」

I have the strength so it’s not that big a deal, but I wouldn’t just stay silent and watch if everybody’s peaceful lives were threatened either.
But what will Sydnia do? Basically taking a waiting stance is vexing.

「If I can, I don’t want to fight people from the same place as me though.」

It is likely that Japanese youth were summoned. I just wish that those Japanese, summoned as heroes, would act rationally.

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